How to build SharePoint 2013 Killer Apps


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This slidedeck was used during my session at the SharePoint Connections 2012 conference at 20 November in Amsterdam. The presentation is about how to build great applications using the new technologies introduced in SharePoint 2013.

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How to build SharePoint 2013 Killer Apps

  1. 1. How to create SharePoint 2013 Apps that everybody loves Maarten Visser
  2. 2. whoami ondertitelInternet websites since 1994Intranet portals since 1998SharePoint since 2000 @mvisser Consultant / Architect Cloud / Collaboration
  4. 4. What tools to use? END USER POWER USER CASUAL HARDCORE DEVELOPER DEVELOPERWeb UI / Designer / Access P2 P1 Services P3 Visual Studio P4 NAPA
  5. 5. Agenda
  6. 6. Agenda• What are great SharePoint Apps? • What are killer apps? • Apps vs Content• How to build Apps in SharePoint 2013 – SharePoint 2013 Apps – Access Services – Search driven Apps• Q&A
  7. 7. What are SharePoint Killer Apps? ondertitel • Create Traffic to your intranet or extranet (portal) • Makes your organization more successful • Make people more productive • Filll organisational needs…
  8. 8. What are Killer Apps?ondertitel SharePoint solutions which gets users Enthusiastic!And which are adopted quickly
  9. 9. ondertitel Apps vs Content
  10. 10. ondertitel Content
  11. 11. ondertitel Apps
  12. 12. A good Apps is… ondertitel• Easy to use• Easy to navigate• Easy to integrate• Easy to grow in to [basic to advanced features]• ….
  13. 13. So what is a killer app?• A great app without great content is worthless• A bad app with great content is valuable!• A great app with great content is a killer app!
  14. 14. Who should like it? ondertitel• Secretaries• Collaboration Junkies• (Project) Managers• Project sponsor
  15. 15. What do secretaries like? ondertitel • Secretaries • Social Stuff • Time savers! • Easy Sharing
  16. 16. Examples ondertitel • Company Phonebook / Facebook • Video‟s of events • Note boards
  17. 17. Community Portal
  18. 18. Expertise search alsoreturns relevant authoreddocuments
  19. 19. What do Collab Junkies like? ondertitel • Collaboration Junkies • Reduce E-mail • Data aggregation • Destroy the fileserver!
  20. 20. Examples ondertitel • Document Center & Knowledge bases • Project (Collaboration) sites • Offline Collaboration [SkyDrive Pro!]
  21. 21. Document Center4-12-2012
  22. 22. Create knowledge management portals with auto- generated contentTaxonomicnavigation boundto term set inmetadata termstore
  23. 23. Click ‘SYNC’ to synchronize document libraries for offline accessSpecify wheresynchronizeddocuments will golocally
  24. 24. Always stay in sync withSkyDrive Pro
  25. 25. What do managers like? ondertitel • Organize Stuff • Dashboards • Control
  26. 26. Timeline view oftasks
  27. 27. Examples ondertitel • Expense / Purchase Requets Workflow • Business Intelligence Sites Rollup of tasks, including workflow tasks
  28. 28. How to build Apps in SharePoint 2013?
  29. 29. How to build Killer Apps in SharePoint 2013?– SharePoint Apps– Access Services Apps– Search driven Apps
  30. 30. Apps for Office and SharePoint
  31. 31. SP2013 Common App Architecture APP Web Server Host Browser Host 3rd Party ServicesOther Devices & Clients Server APIs Client APIs Office SharePoint & Exchange Client Server
  32. 32. Apps for SharePoint• Use the full power of SharePoint – Lists, Doc Libs, Workflow, Event Receivers, BCS, etc.• App Shapes Immersive App Part Custom Action
  33. 33. SharePoint App• PROS – The sky cloud is the limit – Relatively easy to integrate with external systems – Easy to deploy• CONS – Upfront Design required – Developer skills required – Might become a complex solution to support
  34. 34. Access“Loved by End Users and Power Users” “Hated by IT Pro‟s and Developers” .mdb
  35. 35. Access mission
  36. 36. Where is the data stored? SharePoint Online SharePoint On Prem Windows Azure SQL Server On Prem
  37. 37. Quickly create business value with browser-based apps. Quickly create Your Access app Control your apps custom apps for the automatically looks front-end in web that help run gorgeous and easy to SharePoint with your business or navigate thanks to Office 365 and back- department. No app the new "App end data stored in development Experience". SQL. knowledge is needed!• App Templates & Table Templates • “App Experience” without coding • SharePoint permissions with it Office 365 or on-premise server• Maintain existing desktop databases & import data • Related Items & Autocomplete • Windows Azure SQL Database or controls make data entry easy SQL Server back-end• Apps for SharePoint in a browser • Drill-thru to details
  38. 38. User Interface Model 2. Choose view 5. Add and save items1. Choose table 3. Search and filter 4. Edit items
  39. 39. User Interface Model - Customizations Add Views Add Buttons Add Tables& Change Icons Change Fields Edit Layout
  40. 40. UI Macros
  41. 41. Data Macros
  42. 42. Linking to SharePoint Lists
  43. 43. Backup, Packaging, and Publishing
  44. 44. Access Services Apps• PROS – Quickly build [structured] data driven apps – By far the best way ever to manage Access Solutions! – Easy to deploy• CONS – Transferring an existing app to a developer might be challenging – Has to overcome a bad reputation by IT Pro‟s and Devs
  45. 45. Major investments in SP Search!
  46. 46. Developer‟s view of search HTTP Query File Pipeline SharesSharePoint Profiles Content PipelineExchangeLotusNotesDocumentum Custom
  47. 47. Building BlocksAnalogous to federated locations or scopes [also filter on file or content type!]Alters query under given conditions [Best Bets!]Determines how results are displayed [Display templates!]
  48. 48. [No code] Development Options
  49. 49. SharePoint Search Apps
  50. 50. Windows 8 Apps
  51. 51. Search Driven Apps• PROS – Perfect solution for Content aggregation! – No more „Site [Collection] scope‟ limitations – Easy to setup using the Query builder• CONS – There might be a small delay in seeing the latest results • Use CQWP in the case where this is needed
  52. 52. Final Tips ondertitel• Pick your tools wisely.• Think about the content that employees love!• Create apps that stimulate Input• Build sexy and simple Interfaces• All SharePoint Intranets need al least 3 Killer Apps (for the 3 most important organizational personas)
  53. 53. Q&A
  54. 54. Next Sessions? Room B Room C [this room]