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Deconstructing freebase
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Deconstructing freebase


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An overview of Freebase and their capabilities

An overview of Freebase and their capabilities

Published in: Technology
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  • 1. Deconstructing Freebase Manuel de la Villa Department of Information Technologies University of Huelva Medical-Miner Project Huelva 22/7/2010
  • 2. Deconstructing Freebase • What is it – A net? A tool? A kind of Data? wikipedia-turned- database? • The Schema, – domains, types, properties. Sources. • How it works • How can we use it – MQL, API, Acre, RDF Medical-Miner Project Huelva 22/7/2010
  • 3. What is it • Freebase is a large public database that collects three kinds of information: – data; – texts; and – media, that references… • …entities or topics (≈ 12 million). An entity is a unique single person, place, or thing. • A single concept or real-world thing. • A topic could also be called an entity, resource or element or thing, it is a fundamental unit in Freebase. • /common/topic • Each topic has a Guid or globally unique ID – – Medical-Miner Project Huelva 22/7/2010
  • 4. What is it (and II) • Freebase connects entities together as a graph, – defines its data structure as a set of nodes and a set of links that establish relationships between the nodes. • Most of our topics are associated with one or more types (such as people, places, books, films, etc) and may have additional properties like "date of birth" for a person or latitude and longitude for a location. These types and properties and related concepts are called Schema. Medical-Miner Project Huelva 22/7/2010
  • 5. The Schema • We use the term Schema to refer to the way Freebase's data is laid out or structured. In the Semantic web world, this is referred to as Ontology. • Schema in Freebase is expressed through Types and Properties. Types are grouped together in Domains. What is Schema? Schema describes how data in Freebase is structured. Schema is made by creating: Types, which define a particular kind of person, place or thing and contain Properties, which define the unique qualities of a type. William Shakespeare is a → type → Person has a → property → Date of Birth Medical-Miner Project Huelva 22/7/2010
  • 6. The Schema (II) Medical-Miner Project Huelva 22/7/2010
  • 7. The Schema (II) Medical-Miner Project Huelva 22/7/2010
  • 8. The Schema (II) Medical-Miner Project Huelva 22/7/2010
  • 9. The Schema (II) Medical-Miner Project Huelva 22/7/2010
  • 10. The Schema: Medicine Medical-Miner Project Huelva 22/7/2010
  • 11. Then… is an Ontology? • Yes and No, is a kind of Folksonomy… Medical-Miner Project Huelva 22/7/2010
  • 12. The sources • Wikipedia, ChefMoz, NNDB, MusicBrainz… • The Freebase community, with a 2.0 spirit, are: • data contributors, • schema builders, • data curators, • application developers, • and many others who use Freebase – Expert status – Augmentative edition • Creative Commons Attribution Licensing, which means that it's free for you to browse, query, copy, and even use the data in your own systems or software, even for commercial use; all we ask in return is that you mention that Medical-Miner Project Huelva 22/7/2010
  • 13. How can we use it… • As a reference or information source • Create interesting Views and Visualizations and share them with others • Embed Freebase data in your website • Use our API or Acre, our hosted app development platform, to build apps that use Freebase data • Download our Data dumps • Use Freebase's RDF for Semantic Web applications Medical-Miner Project Huelva 22/7/2010
  • 14. How can we use it… • Ways to use Freebase: – Use Freebase's Ids to uniquely identify entities anywhere on the web – Query Freebase's data using MQL – Build applications using our API or Acre, the hosted development platform Medical-Miner Project Huelva 22/7/2010
  • 15. MQL (Metaweb Query Language) •{"query" :{"type":"/music/artist","name":"U2","album":[]}} • Query Editor Medical-Miner Project Huelva 22/7/2010
  • 16. MQL (and II) Medical-Miner Project Huelva 22/7/2010
  • 17. Freebase API Freebase's API allows you: – to perform searches and queries against Freebase's data, or – to write data to Freebase. – There are Libraries available for many languages. Searching with Search API • The search API lets you do a fuzzily-matched search for a string that occurs in a topic's name, aliases, or description. Reading • The mqlread API is for doing structured queries against Freebase's schema. Writing • The mqlwrite API lets you write data to Freebase. Medical-Miner Project Huelva 22/7/2010
  • 18. Acre A hosted application development platform, Acre: • makes it easy to build and share Freebase applications. •It encapsulates many of the trickier steps (like OAuth access for writing to Freebase) and •lets you view other people's apps, clone them, modify them, and share your improvements. Medical-Miner Project Huelva 22/7/2010
  • 19. Applications… with Acre • Powerset (NLP search engine) • Fmdb • Freebase Sets Medical-Miner Project Huelva 22/7/2010
  • 20. RDF Medical-Miner Project Huelva 22/7/2010
  • 21. Summarizing "Freebase is the bridge between the bottom up vision of Web 2.0 collective intelligence and the more structured world of the semantic web." Tim O'Reilly Medical-Miner Project Huelva 22/7/2010