Capabilities and Pricing 2013


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Capabilities and Pricing 2013

  1. 1. Mike Vidikan I Innovaro I mobile 202-669-8055 I email: Innovaro’s Trends & Foresight practice specializes in the integration of foresight, strategy, and innovation, to help organizations understand and influence the future, and find pathways to growth. Through our subscription and custom research services, our clients gain a deep understanding of the driving forces shaping the future, get insights about new market opportunities, and gain the long-range perspective required for strategy and planning activities. Understand and Influence the Future
  2. 2. 2 Foresight Research Subscription - $15-25K for 12 months access Overview: We provide organizations with the ability to track the most pressing trends impacting their industry through two subscription based research streams, Global Lifestyles and Technology Foresight. Global Lifestyles delivers powerful insights on the future of consumer life. It illuminates not only how consumers’ lives are changing but also why—providing a deep understanding of the underlying drivers of consumer trends. Technology Foresight delivers insights about how new technologies will shape the future business environment, allowing clients to get beyond the churn of daily tech headlines to view technology from a strategic point of view. Main Characteristics  Breadth: Recognizing that future opportunities and threats will most likely come from outside one’s immediate industry/category, we look broadly at changes in consumer life and technology.  Rigor: Our research is written to be scannable and easily digestible by busy professionals. We synthesize dozens of sources but go far beyond the surface analysis offered by many trend- spotting services.  Time Horizon: We look out 2-25 years, but always “walk back to today” to provide actionable implications in every analysis so you can make more effective decisions today. Deliverables  New research published weekly – approx. 40-50 GL & 40-50 TF reports per year.  Access to 10 years of archives – immediate access to 1,300 reports on a wide range of topics.  Special Research Series - Recent topics included: 21st Century Cities, New Dimensions of Consumer Life, Families in Flux, and Technology Trajectories.  2 Tiers - $15K for 1-2 users, $25K for unlimited enterprise access
  3. 3. 3 Top Trends and Issues studies –$40-60K, 4-6 weeks There’s too much information out there. Organizations need to separate the signal from the noise. Through a collaborative process, Innovaro helps clients identify, understand, and prioritize the trends with the greatest potential for impact to brand, category, consumer segment, or industry. Clients are then better equipped to set priorities and strategies and to communicate a common message about trends across the organization. Sample Project One of the largest trade associations in the United States hired us to identify social and demographic trends, regulatory changes, economic issues, environmental developments, and emerging technologies that could impact and disrupt their industry and member’s businesses. Key deliverables included: 1. A trend scan that resulted in an inventory of 200+ trends/issues using our knowledgebase, desk research, expert interviews, client insights, etc. 2. A prioritized list of top issues gleaned from a collaborative ranking process 3. A set of foresight briefs that analyzed the top emerging issues, explained why it is growing in importance, and supported with evidence from inside and outside the industry 4. Recommended courses of action including an analysis of how the issues and trends may reshape the client’s operating environment with specific focus on business implications, opportunities, and threats The client emerged from this process with a clear understanding of the emerging trends and issues that they will face in the next decade. We also delivered a variety of specific courses of action to address each individual issue. The client was better equipped to set priorities and strategies and to communicate a common message across the organization.
  4. 4. 4 “Future of…” studies – Approx. $60-80K, 6-8 weeks These studies explore the future of an industry, category, consumer segments, or key technology. Clients gain a clear understanding of the most probable trajectories for the future, possible wildcard alternatives, and key opportunities and implications for their organization. They are then positioned to move from foresight… to insight… to action. Sample Project Working for the consumer insight and innovation group of a well-known pet care company, Innovaro explored important trends and “weak signals” that will impact pets, pet owners, and pet care through the year 2020. Key deliverables included: 1. A trend scan that resulted in an inventory of over 150 consumer, technology, and pet-specific trends 2. A set of 20 hypotheses about the future of petcare; each represented a plausible future based on the intersection of various trends and weak signals, as well as on existing pet-category dynamics 3. A set of 12 consumer need states that may emerge or grow more important in the future 4. Implication and opportunity analysis for each of the hypotheses and need states Results were delivered in both PowerPoint and poster format to help the client communicate with key internal constituents. At the end of the project, the client was better equipped to identify product development and strategic opportunities that lie ahead.
  5. 5. 5 Foresight-Inspired “WhiteSpace” – Approx. $70-100K, 10-12 weeks These projects use a trend and foresight perspective to identify pathways to future growth. Clients emerge from these projects with a set of 10–12 “whitespace” opportunities, each representing an emerging or potential area of consumer / market need, and supporting trends evidence from Innovaro’s consumer and technology trend knowledgebase. Sample Project Innovaro identified a set of 12 whitespace opportunities for the Market & Competitive Intelligence unit at a global chemical company. Each whitespace provided clear opportunities for growth outside the firm’s existing business units, a time-to-market horizon of 5-10 years, and a global market size of at least $1 billion by 2020. Key deliverables included: 1. A trend scan that resulted in an inventory of 150+ consumer, technology, and market trends 2. A consumers values scan of key consumer value shifts 3. A set of 12 whitespace opportunities based on the trend and values scan 4. A deeper analysis of 5 of the whitespaces chosen by the client which: • defined the opportunity and provided evidence of its validity based on the trend and value scan • analyzed current market maturity and forecasts for market potential through 2020 • analyzed the current and potential value chain as the market evolves • and explored opportunities, risks, and challenges associated with pursuing this market The client emerged from the process with several opportunities that were not previously on their radar and they had clear, actionable insights to present a case to their executives to push for further research & development in one of these areas.
  6. 6. 6 Workshops, Trend Days, Speaker Presentations We help companies explore the future in a live, interactive setting. Innovaro designs and conducts future-focused workshops that help bring the future to life. We contribute content to these events from our consumer and technology trend knowledgebase; lead and co-lead events using our experienced facilitators/ futurists; design and produce event collateral such as posters, trend cards, and “artifacts from the future”; and capture workshop output in post-event reports. Ways we participate:  Co-design the process for the event to ensure it meets internal goals and pushes the group to think about the future  Contribute content to the event from our internal knowledgebase  Co-lead the event using one of our experienced facilitators / futurists  Design and deliver event collateral such as posters, trendcards, artifacts, etc. to ensure that we bring the trends to life and that it is an interactive and immersive event  Capture workshop output and deliver a post-event PPT or document Sample Project For a well-known pet care company we put together a Trends Day and Trend Exploration Event. We developed the event framework, draft inventory of trends for collaborative working session, presentation, group exercises, and facilitated discussions. The final document served as a foundation for on-going trend and foresight work, a tool for building organizational awareness, and a guide for further trend exploration. Pricing ranges - $2,500 for a speaking presentation, $10K for contributing content, $30-50K for all of the above
  7. 7. 7 Communication and Design Services Innovaro helps bring trends to life within our client organizations by building awareness of trends and educating internal constituents, fostering deeper conversations about the future, and helping executives visualize the future. Posters Professionally designed and illustrated posters provide a unique vehicle for delivering trend- related content for workshops, innovation spaces, and other venues. Working for world-leading brands, Innovaro has created large wall posters for interactive and immersive events. They are often housed in the company’s innovation spaces following the events.
  8. 8. 8 Trend Maps and Timelines Poster-sized maps and timelines with custom illustrations, photographs, data tables, and charts are an effective way to communicate a POV on established and emerging trends. Innovaro helped a global consumer electronics firm identify emerging tech usage trends and mapped them on a timeline (2006-2015) to uncover changes in behavior and future opportunity hotspots. The map provides a clear tool for identifying and communicating opportunities and priorities throughout the organization. Our team identified key US trends impacting the US toy and game market and mapped them on a timeline (2006-2016), according to their relevance to the five US generations. Map elements were hyperlinked to supporting reports, indicators, etc. It helped solidify the organizational view on generational trends and was used to explore NPD opportunities in ideation sessions.
  9. 9. 9 Events and Futures Rooms Events and futures rooms put people in face-to-face contact with trend and foresight material in an interactive and visual way. Events and Futures Rooms give teams the opportunity to learn about trends in an interactive and visual manner. They can touch and inspect artifacts and see how the trends are coming to life in the market today. These spaces invite discussion and ideation among team members. Electronic Newsletters and Trend Cards Build excitement and awareness about the trends shaping your organization’s future through a professionally designed, monthly HTML email newsletter or series of trend cards. Innovaro has ghost-written email and printed newsletters for a variety of global retailers and CPG firms. Trend cards are often used to deliver trend information to users in easy-to-digest pieces.
  10. 10. 10 Whether you are looking to build a world class foresight capacity from the ground up or need help with occasional supplementary research, we can help. We appreciate the opportunity to submit this capabilities presentation. To discuss these matters further, please contact: Mike Vidikan, Account Executive Mobile 202-669-8055 Email: Chris Carbone, Director Mobile 703-408-5831 Email: