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My Personal Brand...In A Nutshell
My Personal Brand...In A Nutshell
My Personal Brand...In A Nutshell
My Personal Brand...In A Nutshell
My Personal Brand...In A Nutshell
My Personal Brand...In A Nutshell
My Personal Brand...In A Nutshell
My Personal Brand...In A Nutshell
My Personal Brand...In A Nutshell
My Personal Brand...In A Nutshell
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My Personal Brand...In A Nutshell


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Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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  • 1. My Personal Brand Plan …In A Nutshell Megan Vickell
  • 2. I use my resourcefulness, creativity and public speaking skills to help fitness, entertainment and community organizations communicate their key message to clients. PERSONAL STATEMENT
  • 3. Goals
    • To develop an authentic personal brand while maintaining an honest and true depiction of myself.
    • To increase my online presence.
    • To obtain an internship with a company whose values align with physical fitness, entertainment and community events.
    • To continuously re-evaluate my personal brand as I evolve.
    • To narrow down a specific target audience.
  • 4. Objectives
    • To have over 200 followers on Twitter by the end of the summer semester.
    • Join two public relations associations and attend four networking events before September, 2010.
    • Develop a unique and instantly recognizable brand by contributing to my blog once a week.
    • To volunteer with at least 2 organizations with the next 6 months.
    • To perform 3 information interviews with companies whose values are aligned with fitness, entertainment or community events.
  • 5. Resourceful Creative Problem Solver Healthy lifestyle Entertainment Personable Organized On-the-go Adapatable FITNESS Motivated Thorough Funny Dance Music Events KEY MESSAGES Community
  • 6. SWOT
    • Strong education background in business.
    • Good work ethic.
    • Passionate and knowledgeable about health, wellness and physical fitness.
    • Lack public relations industry experience.
    • Limited experience with social media applications and online branding.
    • My writing style is simple and concise, but not unique enough.
    • There is demand from employers to develop an online presence.
    • Volunteer opportunities are available to gain experience in public relations.
    • Network opportunities are available to make connections, explore career interests and gain industry information.
    • Competition from other personal brands make it difficult to stand out.
    • Competition from other PR students for internship placements and job opportunities.
    • My target audience is too general and may appear to lack specific direction.
    • Develop my personal brand through various social media applications LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.
    • Expand my network in the public relations industry and with, entertainment, fitness and community organizations.
    • Volunteer with organizations whose values are centered on healthy lifestyles, entertainment and community events.
    • Reassess my brand plan on a regular basis.
  • 8. TACTICS
    • Networking: join CPRS and IABC, and attend networking events.
    • Gain Experience: find volunteer opportunities through Humber instructors, Charity Village and City of Toronto (and eventually CPRS/IABC).
    • Blogging: blog more frequently to help develop my own distinct voice.
    • Information Interview: conduct information interviews with companies that have similar health, wellness, entertainment and community values.
    • Specific Target Audience: research companies within the domain of fitness, entertainment and community events and begin to narrow my target audience.
    • Develop Personal Brand: subscribe, read and comment on more personal branding blogs: Anna Farmery “The Engaged Brand”, David Sandusky “Your Individual Brand” and John Moore “Brand Autopsy”.
    • Twitter: seek-out and follow Twitter groups, organizations and PR professionals focusing on fitness, entertainment and community.
    • Mentor: connect with my mentor on a quarterly basis to re-evaluate and develop my personal brand.
  • 9. CHANNELS LinkedIn Megan Vickell Twitter Megan_Vickell Blogspot Ning Megan Vickell Facebook Megan Vickell
  • 10. CRITCLE PATH Deadlines * Update blog four times per month
    • Obtain 200 followers on Twitter
    • Attend networking event (4 of 4)
    August 30, 2010*
    • Volunteer with organization (2 of 2)
    • Conduct information interview (3 of 3)
    July 31, 2010*
    • Subscribe to two more personal branding blogs
    • Attend networking event (3 of 4)
    June 30, 2010* Attend networking event (2 of 4) Conduct information interview (2 of 3) May 31, 2010*
    • Obtain 100 followers on Twitter
    • Volunteer with organization (1 of 2 )
    April 30, 2010*
    • Attend networking event ( 1 of 4)
    • Conduct information interview (1 of 3)
    May 31, 2010*
    • Update resume on LinkedIn
    • Deadline to subscribe to CPRS and IABC
    • Begin researching target audiences
    April 30, 2010*
    • Subscribe to two personal branding blogs
    • Update LinkedIn profile
    March 31, 2010*