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M O B I U S Presentation


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  • Question 1:Liked the materials selected by the librarianLiked the incorporation of images, made the guides more invitingLiked the easy to use contact informationLiked the tabs and the variety of contentQuestion 2: Would like to see more images usedWould like direct links to articles in database (possibly through RefShare)Would like to see more information on primary vs. secondary sources and scholarly vs. popular sourcesQuestion 3: If they used the guide regularly, they found the guide to be very usefulLiked that the students had someone else beside the professor to turn to for assistanceFelt the quality of the presentations was greater due to the guideQuestion 4:Resounding yes!
  • Question 1:Start with Google or Google ScholarUse the library's catalogMine bibliographies of books found in catalog or used in classGoes straight to databases they are familiar with (Jstor, Project Muse, Academic Search Premier)Question 2:Find Articles (4 votes) Find Books (3 votes) Websites & Blogs (2 votes)Question 3:More tips for doing research, i.e., using the Library Catalog and database searching Quick style guides for writing papers, citation formats, information about RefWorks, and explanations of differing types of articlesWould like to see more basic information on guidesWould like the star ratings to be explained on the guideWould like to see a tab on how to search (simple vs. keyword, scholarly vs. popular)Would like a hovering description of subtabsQuestion 4: Want more course guides Want BI sessions Understand that faculty adoption is key to creating and using a guide Feels there should be more promotion of guides (via Facebook, emails to majors, posters in library) Feel like these guides can make their lives easier
  • Add more basic information to guides (citing sources, primary vs. secondary sources, scholarly vs. popular sources, using databases, catalog searching Continue adding RSS feeds (especially for journals TOCs), perhaps remove podcasts Remove Popular Guides listing (consider adding Featured Guides)
  • Transcript

    • 1. LibGuides: Your Research Guide for the 21st Century
      Assessment of Research Guides
      Jaleh Fazelian
      Melissa Vetter
      Washington University in St. Louis
    • 2. Page Hit Comparisons
      Web-based Subject Guides vs. LibGuides Research Guides
      Data supplied by LibGuides Administrators analyzed via WebTrends software
      Random sample of 10 guides
      Sample period: September 15 - November 30 of 2007 and 2008
    • 3.
    • 4.
    • 5. Contributing Factors
      A link to guides better situated on newly redesigned Libraries Home page
      Promotion of LibGuides on Café plasma screens
      Distributed guide URLs at Orientation
      New librarians in certain subject areas
      Subject librarians distributed guide information
      Subject librarians put links to guides in Email signature line
    • 6. Faculty Interviews
      Five faculty members
      Guide Usage
      All five had previously used course guides
    • 7. Faculty Interview Questions
      What features of the guide do you think work best?
      Are there elements of the guide that you would like to see added or changed?
      Do you find the guide to be useful? In general, do you find the guide is working well as an enhancement to the course? If so, how?
      Would you like course guides for other courses you teach?
    • 8. Graduate and Undergraduate Student Interviews
      Four graduate students
      Five undergraduate students
      Guide Usage
      Four had previously used guides
      Five had never used guides
    • 9. Student Interview Questions
      What research methods do you use to find the articles and books you use for your assignments?
      Looking at the tabs, which tabs do you think hold the most relevant information? Please tell me the top three most relevant/helpful tabs.
      What information would you put on this guide to make it more useful/helpful for your research?
      Would you like to have a guide for your course here? If so, were there classes in the past where you think a course guide would have helped you?
    • 10. Guide Comparisons
      Graduate Student responses:
      • Popular guides not helpful
      • 11. Tags not especially useful to them
      • 12. Liked alphabetical arrangement
      • 13. Would like to see all librarians names listed
      instead of featured ones only
      Undergraduate Student Responses:
      • Popular guides got mixed results
      • 14. Interested in tag cloud
      • 15. Liked alphabetical arrangement
      • 16. Would like more information about librarians
      and how to contact them
    • 17. Guide Comparisons
      Undergraduate Student Responses:
      • Most liked the pop-up feature of the page
      • 18. Liked seeing the related guides without
      having to go to a new page
      • Several interested in the tag cloud page
      Graduate Student responses:
      • All think that pop-ups would be useful
      • 19. All like discipline categories
      • 20. Find by Name listing is useful
      • 21. Site needs a search bar
    • Guide Comparisons
      Graduate Student responses:
      • Some like the Get Help box, others think this
      should live on Library website
      • Some like the tabs, while others believe they
      are not helpful and categories are too large
      Undergraduate Student Responses:
      • Most found this page to be aesthetically pleasing
      • 22. Often could not find guide content without our
      prompting them to look at the tabs
      • Some liked the breakdown of larger subjects
    • Responding to AssessmentLessons Learned
      • Students encouraged offering more in-class instruction sessions
      explaining uses/benefits of particular guides
      • Faculty adoption is key to making a guide successful and well used
      • 23. Students thought an email sent to all majors, minors, and graduate
      students could go a long way in educating them about the guides
      • Students and faculty encouraged us to create more course guides
      • 24. Featured Author on Home page was confusing – Implemented
      change from Featured Author to Featured Librarian
    • 25. Responding to AssessmentChanges to Consider
      On the Research Guides Home page – 
      Add Reference Help Desk hours
      Add new or highlighted resources
      Remove Popular Guides listing
      Suggest adding IM chat boxes to all guides
      Add librarian’s contact information on all pages of guides
      Add more basic information to guides
      Continue adding RSS feeds (consider removing podcasts)
      Consider having Basic guides and Advanced guides for some subjects
    • 26. For More Information
      Jaleh Fazelian
      Melissa Vetter