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Official Pressmart Corporate Presentation

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Pressmart Corporate Presentation

  1. 1. Social -Mobile -Cloud Company
  2. 2. Immediate Online Impact&New Revenue StreamsAre you looking for an
  3. 3. Pressmart gives you the cloud platformfor all your trends Where you could findhuge impact with void risk.
  4. 4. Monetize Cloud HostingAnalyticsSocial MediaExperience Global reachWe Leads You To
  5. 5. 57Countries.33 Languages.Our Reach….
  6. 6. We were bornCloud in 2006Mobile andSocial in 2012Reborn
  7. 7. Solutions
  8. 8. SolutionsMobile Apps E-Replica MOCA
  9. 9. Mobile AppsNative apps for iPad and AndroidMobile publishing has emerged as the most powerfulplatform out there, more powerful than even the web.Quickly and easily publish your content on iPads, iPhonesand Android devices. Choose between replica formatand dynamic content format.Browser AppsApp experience on browserAllow the tablet and iPhone users to view your publicationon their devices in same-as-print format. Its awesomeapp-like user interface is engaging and rich in experience.1. Mobile Applications
  10. 10. Digital edition of your magazine / newspaperPublish your newspaper and magazine online and top it up with rich media for aninteractive experience.Paid subscriptions and additional ad properties ensure extra revenues.* Tap readers worldwide with Search Engine Friendly capability.* Increase revenue through Paid Subscriptions and Ads.* Reduces long distance delivery cost.* Understand your readers better through granular analytics.* Improve Editorial efficiency with easy access to Back Issues.* Monetize Back Issues through Paid Subscriptions.* Increases your ABC and BPA certified circulation.* Re-purpose your content using standard XML of your publication.2. eReplica
  11. 11. Uploadyour presspagesDeliver your onlinereaders in minutesServeSubscriptionsor sell adsHow weUnfold your digital publication ?
  12. 12. Paradigm Shift in Education• Touches all constituents (parents, students, teachers, admin, publishers)• made 15 Kgs to 494 gm• Expect Process Changes• Change management is key!Innovative Technology Features• Theft recovery• Backup & Recovery• Battery Life• GPS based Location• Role Based Security• Dense WIFI, Power Backup• .And lots more3. MOCA
  13. 13. * No IT expertise needed for setup or maintenance.* Advanced publishing capabilities for a low monthly fee. No license fee. No hidden costs.* Free feature updates with no dependence on IT.* Create a 360-degree online experience with Add-on Modules.* Zero go-to-market time.* Faster ROI with embedded marketing and monetization tools.* SLA-backed security, availability, reliability and scalability.* No exit barrier. 100% content export and backup utilities.* Repurpose content with seamless integration with Pressmart eReplica products.4. ePortal
  14. 14. Our Services
  15. 15. Pressmart is a Consulting Partner under Amazon Web Serviceswhich means that we have a profound knowledge of AmazonWeb Services and thus making us capable of assisting ourcustomers needs. We are able to help companies of all sizes tobuild new software or migrate already existing software to aninfrastructure in the cloud.Our’s capabilities, provedPressmart for high quality with a focus on business outcomes forour customers.Cloud Practices
  16. 16. Pressmart, a leading Analytics services provideroffers solutions that can help organizationscapitalize on the transformational potential of BigData and derive actionable insights from theirdata.Our business domain expertise coupled with richtechnical competencies enable us to define a BigData strategy for your organization, integrate BigData into your overall IT roadmap, architect andimplement a solution and empower your business.Big Data Analytics
  17. 17. Chatter is a social collaborationtool that makes it easy to shareideas, documents and morewith coworkers.Google Apps is a cloud-basedproductivity suite that helps youand your team connect and getwork done from anywhere on anydevice. Its simple to setup, useand manage, allowing you towork smarter and focus on whatreally matters.Office 365 enables yourorganization to build acloud adoption strategywhile maintaining a familiaruser experience and robustsecurity features.We have expert consultants …Big Data Analytics
  18. 18. We develop, we deploy…. you GROWPressmart provides an easy to use, reliable, flexible core for all of your mobile applicationdevelopment projects.Get started in minutes, without worrying about spinning up servers and databases and preserveall the essential backend services you need. With technologies like node.js and Rest basedservices, platforms like Sencha, Titanium and Corona you get the benefits of a fully featuredbackend in a robust, scalable cloud based platform. Our expertise in NoSQL databases likeMongo DB, Cassandra and Couchbase will enable you to scale as per demand.Mobile Application Practices
  19. 19. Pressmart has not only established itself as one of the best social media cloud company ,but also a consultancy in India.Pressmart is providing efficient employees to various clients across Retail, IT, Telecom,Consumer, Financial Services, Engineering, Pharmaceuticals and Real Estate sectors.Consultancy Services
  20. 20. Pressmart Media LimitedUnited States980 Roosevelt, Suite 200,Irvine, CA – 92620T : +1 (949) 214 4407India8-2-268/R/5,Banjara Hills,Road No2, Hyderabad - 34, APT : +91 (40) 6612 4000E : sales@pressmart.comW :