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Dear Patrons,

Greetings on behalf-of Sri Padhmam & our Principal Consultant & Trainer Mr. A V Manivannan !
The Share & Care e-magazine for the month of December 2012 reaches you now. Best performing participants covers this time --
· Preethi – Chennai,

· Wheels India ( TVS ) , Chennai,

· CRI Pumps, Coimbatore

The other interesting features are –

1. Article on “How to improve Talents?” by Mr.Lena Tamilvanan

2. Management thought

3. History of Computers

4. Health Care – Mudras

5. Inspiration – In & around

6. Number game in Statistics ( A different exercise ) &

7. Announcement on Process FMEA training program in Chennai

Please go through the attachment and keep writing to us ! For all your specific feedback and enquiries you may mail us to
With best wishes,
M Latha, Partner
For further Details visit our website
Thank you..

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Share & Care December 2012

  1. 1. Electronic Magazine fromSri Padhmam Consultancy & Training e-mail : Website : December 2012 “What a person’s mind can conceive & believe, it can achieve…” A V Manivannan Principal Consultant & Trainer 1
  2. 2. Inside…. 1. Best Performers during various Training programs 2. “How to improve Talent”? - article by Mr.Lena Tamilvanan 3. Management thought - 2Contents of this month 4. The History of Computers – Article by Mr. S Sathishkumar 5. Health care : Mudras new 6. Inspirations in & around 7. Number Game in Statistics – A different exercise A V Manivannan 8. Announcement on Process FMEA Training program Principal Consultant & Trainer Sri Padhmam Consultancy & Training Website : Chennai & Pondicherry Cell : 094428 92185 2 Share & Care – Dec 2012
  3. 3. Preethi Home Appliances Chennai Mr. K Sham Suresh Facilitated byBest Performers Mr. P K Sitaraman Mr. D Arulmozhi Varman & Mr. R Vinoth Kumar Process FMEA 3 Share & Care – Dec 2012
  4. 4. Wheels India ( TVS ) Chennai Mr. D Loganathan of Wheels India Facilitated byBest Performers Mr. K Saravanan Mr. K Shanmugavel of Axles India & Mr. S Prasanna Venkatesh of Wheels India MSA 4 Share & Care – Dec 2012
  5. 5. Wheels India ( TVS ) Chennai Mr. R Srinivasan Facilitated by Mr. S JeevaBest Performers Mr. K Saravanan Mr. T Mohana Vasu Mr. S Prasanna Venkatesh & Ms. Vidhya Dhanapal Q C Tools 5 Share & Care – Dec 2012
  6. 6. C R I Pumps Coimbatore Mr. T Selvaraj Mr. G Kuzhanthai Velu Facilitated byBest Performers Mr. R Shyam Sundar Mr. K M Muthukumar Mr. P Saravana Kumar Mr. T Udhayakumar APQP & PPAP 6 Share & Care – Dec 2012
  7. 7. How to Improve Talent ? – By Mr. Lena Tamilvanan Lena Tamilvanan’s - Gist in English Initiated by : M Latha 7 Share & Care – Dec 2012
  8. 8. Part 9 Work and Happiness How to cultivate ‘Interest’ within us ? • Interest should not sleep in mind.How to Improve Talent ? • It should activate the mind. • It must Involve ourselves each and every second of the day happily and usefully. • Develop your thinking power. • If you indulge in a work do not always think about the profits alone. • Analyze other aspects of our health,comfort with respect to work that you choose. • Proper aim in the work is very important. • This avoids the feeling of hatredness and dullness in work. 8 Share & Care – Dec 2012
  9. 9. Work and Happiness • Boost your interest in the work through flawless zeal. • Contenment in the work gives you true happiness. • This happiness along with the interest keeps your spirit up.How to Improve Talent ? • This high spirit transforms our goals or aims into action. • Just as a fruit ripens enthusiasm ripens as a result of burning desire. • It urges to cross the hurdles of life and enforces to the victory path. • This feeling of enthusiasm not only strengthens oneself, it also instigates the minds of others. • Postement of work is avoided. • Interet keeps your body and mind young. 9 Share & Care – Dec 2012
  10. 10. Work and Happiness What happens when a person is not enthusiastic? • His mind weakens. • He cannot come up in life. • He is unable to withstand any obstacle or opposition.How to Improve Talent ? • He cannot win over the difficult situations. What should be done then? • One should admire & get inspiration from the enthusiastic persons. • They should come forward to change themselves to become better. Will continue….. 10 Share & Care – Dec 2012
  11. 11. 2 It is quite possible for an organization to satisfy its customers and fail to satisfy the needs of the other stakeholders. Share & Care - November 2012 11
  12. 12. The History of Computers Part 8 S. Sathish kumar Cell : 099625 12280
  13. 13. Fourth generation 1971-Present• The microprocessor brought the fourth generation of computers,• Thousands of integrated circuits rebuilt onto a single silicon chip.• A silicon chip that contains a CPU.• In the world of personal computers,the terms microprocessor and CPU are used interchangeably.• At the heart of all personal computers and most workstations sits a microprocessor.• Microprocessors also control the logic of almost all digital devices, from clock radios to fuel-injection systems for automobiles.
  14. 14. • What in the first generation filled an entire room could now fit in the palm of the hand.• The Intel 4004chip, developed in 1971, located all the components of the computer - from the central processing unit and memory to input/output controls - on a single chip.• The CPU is the brains of the computer. Sometimes referred to simply as the processor or central processor, the CPU is where most calculations take place.• In terms of computing power, the CPU is the most important element of a computer system.• The CPU is housed in a single chip called a microprocessor.
  15. 15. Two typical components of a CPU are: 1. The arithmetic logic unit (ALU), which performs arithmetic and logical operations. 2. The control unit, which extracts instructions from memory and decodesIn 1981 IBM introduced and executes them, calling on the ALUits first computer forthe home user when necessary. • As these small computers became more powerful, they could be linked together to form networks, which eventually led to the development of the Internet. • Fourth generation computers also saw the development of GUIs, the mouse and In 1984 Apple introduced handheld devicesthe Macintosh Next Issue- Fifth Generation - Present and Beyond
  16. 16. Who is the inventor of Jaap Haartsen & Sven Mattisson, 1994 Lawrence E. Page & Sergey M. Brin, 1998
  17. 17. Health Care : Mudras mudras mudras mudras mudras mudras mudras Shunya Mudra( Mudra of emptiness ) Share & Care – Dec 2012 17
  18. 18. Shunya Mudra ( Mudra of Emptiness ) “Method “ Keep the middle finger at the mount of Venus and press it with thumb “Time duration“ One can practice it for 40 to 60 minutes daily until to be cured from the disease. “Specialty“ It reduces the dullness in our body “Benefits“ • It relieves an ear ache within 4 or 5 minutes * It is useful for the deaf and mentally challenged, but not for inborn ones. Courtesy : Mr.R Pradeep Kink, CQA, ELGI equipments, Coimbatore 18 Share & Care – Dec 2012
  19. 19. I nspiration n & arround are very happy to share certain observations, Which have inspired us, during our journey. Hope, this may inspire the readers too – in turn may attempt the same – as applicable !“Bouquet of this month” 19 Share & Care – Dec 2012
  20. 20. Wheels India (TVS ), Chennai I nspiration n & arround Safety shines ! • Lot of dedicated focus on SAFETY’ of the employees • Very nicely worded ‘SAFETY pledge’ is documented • SAFETY pledge’ has been made as a routine. • Every start of the shift / day / event, safety pledge is taken • Lot of Visuals on safety across the Factory. • So nice to watch and learn !“Bouquet of this month” • In a nut shell, safety shines so well ! 20 Share & Care – Dec 2012
  21. 21. Number Context / Clue For the details…. 30 min SPC Free 3 to 6 Control Charts download 125 min SPC What do you 1.33 min SPCNumber Game in Statistics 20 min SPC 90 & 95 % MSA understand 1.0 Correlation & MSA 5 & 25 SPC from these 5 or more MSA (-) 1 MSA & SPC 7 to 25 Control Charts Numbers ? 300 & / or 8 PPAP • SPC : Statistical Process Control • MSA : Measurement 2 Control Charts Systems Analysis & • PPAP : Production Part 1.67 min SPC Approval Process 21 Share & Care – Dec 2012
  22. 22. Training program on Process FMEA In ChennaiTraining program opportunity On 22nd December 2012 ( Saturday ) By Mr. A V Manivannan A very practical training for you ! Please contact Mr. Ragesh for further details. Mobile : 098402 99592 E-mail : 22 Share & Care – Dec 2012