Managing diversity


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How to manager diversity in your organisation

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Managing diversity

  1. 1. ManagingDiversityPresented by:V.V.Ramya8th October, 2012
  2. 2. Diversity Diversity is generally defined asAcknowledging, understanding,accepting, valuing and celebratingdifferences among people with respect toage, class, ethnic, gender, physical andmental ability, race, spiritual practicesand public assistance status.
  3. 3. Diversity in thought process Let us find out … what is this?
  4. 4. Diversity in thought process
  5. 5. Diversity in thought process
  6. 6. Diversity in thought process Well, things are not always as they appear… We need to look at the actual picturebehind the visible one … Want to see HOW ???
  7. 7. Diversity in thought process
  8. 8. Diversity in thought process Did you consider the real & big picturewhile considering your choice of card? This happens most of the time since wealways tend to think of our own objectivesand miss out the big picture. Conclusion: Don’t just HEAR what the person says butLISTEN and UNDERDSTAND his point ofview…
  9. 9. Diversity in thought process For this: We need to diversify our horizon Diversity is not just about age, race, ability… It ACTUALLY lies in our thinking process …your thought process.
  10. 10. Dimensions of Diversity
  11. 11. Managing Diversity
  12. 12. Managing Diversity Defined as “Planning and implementingorganisational systems and practices tomanage people so that the potentialadvantages of diversity are maximisedwhile its potential disadvantages areminimised.”
  13. 13. Diversity as an Asset Stimulates creativity Better service to regional customers Better problem solving Greater system flexibility Effective & Happy work-force
  14. 14. Workforce Diversity:Gender Women earning are less than 2/3rd of theearnings of Men. Women hold only 12% of corporate officeposition.
  15. 15. Workforce Diversity:Religion India: A multi cultural country Accommodation for Religious beliefs Providing flexible timing for holy days Posting holy days for different religion inthe company calendar.
  16. 16. Challenges in ManagingDiversity Individual Vs Group fairness Resistance to change Resentment Interpersonal conflicts Retention Backlash Competition for Opportunity
  17. 17. Ideas to Manage Diversity Create an inclusive environment Communicate commitment to all staff Involve all when designing a program Avoid stereotyping Equal Employment Create Employee-Resource groups
  18. 18. Managing diversity Create Events and get together onspecial occasions Employ a diversity manager