Prezentacija za ZŠEM na engleskom 24.09.2012


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Prezentacija na ZŠEM održana 24.09.2012

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Prezentacija za ZŠEM na engleskom 24.09.2012

  1. 1. Internet:The revolution in communication and marketing escape d.o.o.
  2. 2. Why I’m here today?1. To show you my view of internet2. To explain where&why money is invested3. To change your view on internet when you wake up tomorrow.4. To persuade you to learn more about and5. To present you the newest trendsActually, to be honest:I’m here today because Dominik invited me
  3. 3. .the begining First Arpanet connection: 29. October 1969 between Charley Kline at UCLA and Bill Duvall at Stanford. @mvarga
  4. 4. .the first domain/website: 15.03.1985. Today: more than 2 mil domains are added monthly @mvarga
  5. 5. .domainsare virtualproperty Using Domains to find a job: Branimir Bračun Marija Pranjić
  6. 6. .internet changed our life “...The amount of information on the web is really exploding. They say that from the beginning of human history all the way up thru 2003 you took all the information that has ever been recorded, you take all the books that have been written, all the films that’s been produced, that’s about 40 egzabytes of information that was produced in all human history up to 2003. This year (2011) the World is producing about 800 egzabytes of information... and all that lines up on the web...”, DENIS WOODSIDE, SOURCE: @mvarga
  7. 7. .internet influences retail ....Over $155 billion worth of consumer goods was purchased online in the U.S. in 2009, yet a far larger portion of offline sales were influenced by online research, according to a March report from Forrester Research. Forrester estimates that $917 billion worth of retail sales last year were “web- influenced,” with online and web-influenced offline sales combined accounting for 42% of total retail sales. That percentage will grow to 53% by 2014, when the web will influence $1.4 trillion worth of in-store sales..... Source: @mvarga
  8. 8. .internet is the playground for IM Internet marketing is part of the NEW MARKETING! “..I define Old Marketing as the act of interrupting masses of people with ads about average products. New Marketing leverages scarce attention and creates interactions among communities with similar interests…” Seth Godin, Meatball Sundae “…In normal marketing, we do research and bidding and guessing and demographic / psychographic / behavior targeting and so much more just to guess when to interrupt people with a message about our brand. Utility marketing is about delivering such incredible value that you simply become part of your audiences life! Mobile platforms present an opportunity to achieve every marketers dream: right message at the right time to the right person at the right place. But they do demand that we forget traditional unimaginative ways of creating experiences and delivering value like relying on shouting/guessing. The opportunity has not exploded yet, but we are approaching that moment…” Avinash Kaushik, @mvarga
  9. 9. .internet marketing investments. Google ~ 40mlrdU$, Facebook ~ 4mlrdU$ @mvarga
  10. 10. 1. SEARCH
  11. 11. .search sem is a SERP activity sem = seo + sea (ppc) SEA (PPC) SEO
  12. 12. .serp (Search Engine Results Page)Yahoo’s SERP was more relevant because people decided about your relevancefor a certain search query but they could not handle the fast increase of # web-sites.‘...if you are not in Yahoo Web Directory, you can wait a long time before you appear in Yahoo SERPS....ifyou have a business website you will have to pay $299 dollars annually to remain inside Yahoo WebDirectory...’ (source: march 2010.Google uses a mathematical algorithm for his SERP. They call it natural or organicorder...there are several hundred ranking factors in the algorithm and each areweighted differently, there are more than 500 changes annually, there are more than20000 tests of the algorithm undertaken by several hundred engineers...’ (source: August 2011. @mvarga
  13. 13. .seo – the core of natural order SEO or search engine optimization is a process of continuous improving your web site to achieve a better position in SERP. This improvement is technical but can change the structure of data on the web-site. A very good starter guide is at: SEO is a long term activity with no guaranty because 200 factors (and changing) is against you, including all the others behind you. SEM is crucial for your visibility! @mvarga
  14. 14. .ppc or Google AdWords Ian Ayres: “…Even small statistical datasets are more accurate than human prediction…” PPC SEO Using AdWords to find a job: Alec Brownstein
  15. 15. .control your competition How to get there? SEA SEO
  16. 16. .position (visits) @mvarga
  17. 17. .position (Per Visit value) @mvarga
  18. 18. 2. DISPLAY
  19. 19. .display/banner/contextual/RMA ads @mvarga
  20. 20. .display adsYour ads show upif the content ofthe web-page isrelevant to yourkeywords and toyour ads.
  21. 21. .RMA – Rich media ads: Rich media YoY (2011) +66%. Prediction: 50% of banner ads will be RMA in 2015. Rich media ad IKEA /watch?v=XwPHlp8OK70&list=PLA570C901AB66E15F&context=C379777eADOEgsToPDskLAk-ewp_4vHKyqPtydISA7 @mvarga
  22. 22. .segmentation & remarketing +300% sales @mvarga
  23. 23. 3. MOBILE
  24. 24. .it started in 1973. @mvarga
  25. 25. .mobile internet traffic
  26. 26. .SOLOMO: social – locale- mobile @mvarga
  27. 27. .# of users @mvarga
  28. 28. .# of devices @mvarga
  29. 29. .mobile is always close to users @mvarga
  30. 30. .this is not (y)our future share&list=PLA570C901AB66E15F
  31. 31. .it’s going on already! @mvarga
  32. 32. 4. SOCIAL
  33. 33. .social Social media interactions grow almost quadratic. In the real life some interactions are not being used. The number of connections is according to Metcalfe’s law: n (n-1) Connections = 2 The number of interactions is twice the number of connections because 1 connection can support 2 interactions A => B and B => A. If the number of connections (n) is very big the number of interactions is almost n 229 October 10.30pm...a computer was Two phones have one connection bur two a second computer.... Twelve years 5 phones have 10 connections and 20 interactions.later...there were still only 213 computers on the 12 phones have 66 connections and 132‘...on New Years Day 1994...there were an estimated 623 websites. In total. On the whole internet....’ @mvarga
  34. 34. .facebook @mvarga
  35. 35. .facebook ads vs. Google AdWords Google AdWords Facebook Difference F/G Budget: 331,17 kn 47,39 € 103,58% Ad impressions 317.739 4.300.145 1353,36% # clicks 240 1.339 557,92% AVG CPC 1,38 kn 0,29 kn 21,01% CTR (only display ads) 0,04 0,03 75,00% @mvarga
  36. 36. .twitter @mvarga
  37. 37. .linkedIN @mvarga
  38. 38. .who is using LinekedIN Using FB + LN to find a job: Steven Severn @mvarga
  39. 39. .pinterest – new kid on the block An Overnight Success Four Years In The Making Read more: 05-01/tech/31511284_1_google-users- investors-facebook#ixzz25bKoVYRc
  40. 40. .the 6 biggest social networks @mvarga
  41. 41. .bad scores are important! @mvarga
  42. 42. . now the oldies get social % of population on social network 2005 2008 2009 2010908070605040302010 0 18-29 30-49 50-64 65+ Age @mvarga
  43. 43. . social networks are used for ...IZVOR: What Do People Ask Their Social Networks, and Why? A Survey Study of Status Message Q&A Behavior, Meredith Ringel Morris, Jaime Teevan, Microsoft Research Redmond, WA, USA; Katrina Panovich Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cambridge, MA, USA , December 2010 @mvarga
  44. 44. .new jobs – community managers.....The problem is when you are not a big company. If you have less than 30-50,000 fans, your social activity is not big enough to justify a full-time position. While you still need to post something every day, the number of questions and responses you get is not likely to take up 8 hours of your time.... IZVOR: @mvarga
  45. 45. 5. VIDEO
  46. 46. .video1. The second largest search enginein the world2. YouTube was founded in February2005 and has become the go-to sitefor video on the web. One hour ofvideo is uploaded to YouTube everysecond3. It’s a free sevices that has morethan views dailySOURCE: GoogleblogDont get mad, get YouTube @mvarga
  47. 47. .11 Viral YouTube advises [1/2] Wow! Good videos do one thing really well: they surprise us. Great viral media shocks us with the unexpected. Yowza! A cardinal rule of advertising is that sex sells. Humor and sports are somewhat universal…sex touches everyone. Pow! It also seems that destroying things touches all of us in some ways. Acts of destruction or implied violence makes us keep watching. Groove! Music, like sex, can be another way to broaden the appeal of a viral ad. Music is a way to grab a hold of your attention and not let go. Ooooh! Spots that include fantastic elements that astound us and stimulate our sense of wonder also work well. Touch. A common element of great drama or comedy is its ability to connect with you, the viewer, because of your ability to picture yourself in that same situation. Walt Disney was a great believer in this, counseling his animators that "comedy, to be appreciated, must have contact with the audience… there must be a familiar, sub-conscious association." We laugh or cry at things on the screen because those things connect with us by stirring up emotions weve already felt. Great viral media does the same thing by making us feel connected to the action on the screen. @mvarga
  48. 48. .11 Viral YouTube advises [2/2] Nudge nudge, Maybe its just a product of our postmodern era but successful viral media is self-aware. It doesnt try to be something its not: it wink wink: lets us in on the joke. Peek. People love to see "behind the scenes." Sometimes the "behind the scenes“ stuff can even become a part of the spot itself: Give people a peek behind the curtain to get them hooked. Oooohhhh! Spectacle sells. Bigger is usually better. Doing something huge, something that nobody could do in their homes is a great way of grabbing attention. Awwwwww! One element that imbues almost all of successful spots is the kindness with which they treat their subjects and their audiences. While "people being idiots and grievously injuring themselves" videos do have their appeal, that appeal is limited to a relatively small segment of the population. Time! Be careful with the length of your video! Somewhere the speed is still dial-up and it need ages to download. The time frame is shorter and shorter. Former 5-8 minutes are today 30s to 2 min. Using YT to find a job: @mvarga Miguel Durão
  49. 49. .importance of smm? Example 1: Rolling Rock - 15 % increase sales (look all the other media used also!!!): commercial: Example 2: We have a company-policy and don’t care about SMM: How much did it cost? Answer: Example 3: We have learned from United Airlines: Example 4: Best ad targeting : @mvarga
  50. 50. .last slide: trends Online Ad Spend to Overtake TV by 2016 Mobile ads will overtake social ads and email marketing already this year (2011) Social media will grow relatively slowly …By 2016, advertisers will spend $77 billion on interactive marketing — as much as they do on television today. Search marketing, display advertising, mobile marketing, email marketing, and social media will grow to 26% of all advertising spend as they are embedded in the marketing mix... 50 @mvarga
  51. 51. Thank you!Send questions to: miroslav.escape@gmail.comPlease read some articles on: http://www.escapestudio.hrYou can find me very @mvarga