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Provigo Dacoria v-Storage appliance powered by Datacore.

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Dacoria overview englisch

  1. 1. tec-SHEETtranstec solution sata sheetProvigo DacoriaV-Storage ApplianceEnterprise Storage Management High availabilitymade easy made easy made easy
  2. 2. ProvigoDPROVIGO DacoriaacoriaSeServer based on the latest version of the Sanymphony-v software from Datacore, the transtec provigo Dacoria is a turnkey solution for storage virtualisation. the provigo Dacoria can be installed in no time and facilitates the operation of a central storage system in a modern it infrastructure thanks to its intelligent features.
  3. 3. InhaltEnterprise Storage made easy turnkey Solution thin provisioning High speed caching Storage virtualisation ... made easy Storage virtualisation as a logical development of the virtu- alisation of dynamic it landscapes was, until recently, only vaai witnessed in the enterprise environment. intelligent reporting options ntegration in monitoring solutions thanks to the provigo Dacoria family, storage virtualisation is real-time analysis now available as a preconfigured turnkey solution for SMbs. the online snapshots provigo Dacoria v-storage appliance can be used as a single system or in a cluster with synchronous mirroring. preconfigu-Management made easy ration allows a fast installation of a high-availability solution intuitive management interface which delivers all of the features of a modern storage solution. vcenter integration central management Enterprise Storage ... made easyHigh availability made easy Features such as thin provisioning, high speed caching, trans- Synchronous mirroring parent failover and failback are the basic foundation of this transparenter failover und failback storage virtualisation. extensive analysis and reporting options read/write snapshots for test scenarios allow real-time analyses of the environment’s status and perfor- mance and also allow trend analysis for future planning . provigo Dacoria | 3
  4. 4. A seamless integration into VMware or the Microsoft System The management interface provides a continuous overview ofCentre with plug-ins facilitates the operation of the PROVIGO the system’s status and the connected application servers.Dacoria. The system can make virtual disks accessible tophysical computers with all open operating systems as well as High availability ... made easyto virtual systems running under standard server hypervisors. High availability is a permanent challenge to dynamicallyCopy-on-write snapshots can be created at any time for a fast changing IT infrastructures. The PROVIGO Dacoria V-Storagerestore of damaged file systems or following data loss for Appliance in the HA array assists the setup of a high-availabilitybackup. SNMP monitoring supports integration into centralised storage infrastructure without requiring any substantial know-monitoring systems. Autonomous e-mail notification in the how about storage protocols. As a HA solution, the transtecevent of error enhances IT security. PROVIGO DACORIA protects applications from scheduled or unscheduled shutdowns of standard components by ensuring continuous access to virtual disks. Hard disk modifications areManagement ... made easy mirrored synchronously via storage nodes in various fire zonesThe complexity of storage virtualisation must not be reflected in to ensure that they are not exposed to the same hazards in thethe system’s management. A centralised management console building. This means that nodes, hard disk subsystems, channelssimilar to the Vcenter from VMware, allows for an intuitive, fast and other components in the productive environment can beconfiguration of the transtec PROVIGO Dacoria. The interface deactivated, upgraded, extended and replaced without havingcan be customised to individual requirements and supports the to shut down applications or scheduling downtimes. Snapshotsadministrator with context menus and assistants. The expert allow application or OS updates to be tested in an isolated testuser can also configure many other features with the drag and environment before they are installed in the operating envi-drop function. The user also has access to a help function that ronment. This can also considerably enhance an environment’sincludes comprehensive descriptions and answers. uptime.4 | PROVIGO Dacoria
  5. 5. PROVIGO Dacoria | 5
  6. 6. transtec ... makes it easyA reliable partner is essential if you want a professionalIT infrastructure. transtec’s extensive experience as a General features and hardwaremanufacturer in the storage virtualisation environmentand the company’s engineering know-how guarantee atechnically superior and tried-and-tested solution that PROVIGO Dacoria Modellübersichtmeets the highest standards in terms of performance, The transtec PROVIGO Dacoria comprises two basis models with 3.5“stability and scalability. Thanks to an individual preconfi- or 2.5“ SAS hard disks. The configuration and technology used in theguration, the transtec PROVIGO Dacoria can be installed hard disks allows the systems to be divided into three sub-categoriesin a matter of no time. If support is required, certified transtec Dacoria entry Editionengineers are available for fast and efficient trouble- transtec Dacoria capacityshooting. With the transtec 360 Professional Services, transtec Dacoria performancecertified specialists are on hand with their know-how andexperience to assist you with migrations and installati- Storage Virtualisierungons and ensure a seamless integration of new systems Virtual disk poolinginto your environment. The company’s comprehensive High speed cachingknow-how in the production, support and application of Thin provisioningstorage solutions makes transtec a reliable partner for Synchronous mirroringthe PROVIGO Dacoria V-Storage Appliance. GUI centralised management iSCSI Snapshot Storage migration pass-through disks vCenter plug-in Certified for Microsoft Windows Linux VMware Hyper-V Citrix AIX Solaris HP-UX MAX OS-X6 | PROVIGO Dacoria
  7. 7. Entry Capacity Perfor- 5 TB 10 TB 15 TB 20 TB 12 Bay 24 Bay HA Systeme- mance synchroner SpiegelPVMA3212F8R1 x x xPVDC12CA1A x x xPVDC12PF1A x x xPVDC12PF2A x x xPVDC24EN1A x x xPVDC24CA1A x x xPVDC24PF1A x x xPVDC24PF2A x x xPVDCHA12EN1A x x xPVDCHA12CA1A x x xPVDCHA12PF1A x x xPVDCHA12PF2A x x xPVDCHA24CA1A x x xPVDCHA24CA1A x x xPVDCHA24PF2A x x xPVDCHA24PF2A x x x PROVIGO Dacoria | 7
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