Irelands - Guide To Selling


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Outlines our Sales Service and our company profile.

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Irelands - Guide To Selling

  1. 1. Your guide to Selling your Property
  2. 2. ContentsWelcome to Irelands Page 3Why Choose Irelands Page 4Selling your property Page 5-7 - Timing - Presentation - Pricing - Methods of Sale - Your choice of agentThe Marketing Mix Page 8 - 9 - Photography - Signage - Online Marketing - Brochures - Print Advertising - Home Showings - Open HomesMarketing Plan Example Page 10Your Notes Page 11
  3. 3. W Welcome to IrelandsBuying or selling your home is one of the most important decisions you’ll make and in today’s demandingmarketplace, getting the right advice is vital to achieving the best result for you.At Irelands, our team of specialist real estate and property management consultants offer expert advice oneverything to do with property. From buying and selling to renting and investing, no stone has been leftunturned to help you make the best decisions for you and your property.Irelands is a name you can trust. With a 28 year history in Canterbury Real Estate, we have a long standingreputation for service, individual attention and local knowledge.When you deal with us, you’ll receive: Commitment to getting the best price for your property. Dedication to selling your property in the shortest possible time. Innovative marketing to attract as many potential buyers as possible. Regular feedback and follow-up to keep you informed every step of the way. Integrity and strict ethical standards so you can rely on our consistently high level of service. Teamwork; we will work with you and always be available to support you during the marketing of your property. Experience; with over 60 years combined experience in property, our team has specialist expertise in buying and selling all types of property. Exceptional after sales service and on-going market, property and investment advice. C Communication is the keyto ensuring your buying or selling experience is enjoyable and rewarding. At Irelands, we care about youand your property needs and are committed to your success and complete satisfaction. 3
  4. 4. Why choose IrelandsIrelands Real Estate Agents and Property Managers is an independent, locally owned and operated RealEstate Company based in Canterbury.Our range of residential property services includes residential sales, appraisals, auctions, tenders, propertymanagement and property investment advice. We also have specialist project experience having marketedsubdivisions, townhouse developments, rural and hospitality properties.Over 80%* of buyers purchase their homes through licensed real estate agents so your choice of agent canaffect how fast your property sells and the price you will get for it.By choosing Irelands, you can expect: Simplicity Our philosophy is simple; to sell your property at the best possible price while making the sales process enjoyable and rewarding for you. Personal care We provide the personal, professional touch of dedicated agents backed by a specialist residential property team. Experience With over 60 years combined experience in property, our team is highly skilled in buying and selling all types of property. Innovative marketing Our marketing is tailored to your needs and budget and designed for effective promotion of your property. Negotiating the best deal Our agents are experienced negotiators; committed to achieving the best result for you. Networking We network with buyers, sellers, renters, landlords and property investors to connect your property to purchasers everywhere. Communication Our service is built on great communication. We keep you informed throughout the sales process and beyond. Technology First class technology allows us to closely match buyers and sellers and expose your property to buyers nationally and around the world through online and conventional marketing. Best Practice We are licensed with the Real Estate Agents Authority, a member of the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand and practice best standards of Professional Conduct and Client Care.* Data extrapolated from: McDonagh, John, Senior Lecturer Property Group, Lincoln University, NZ; Trends in the Use of the Internet for Marketing Residential Real Estate in New Zealand 4
  5. 5. Se Selling Your PropertyThe preparation you put into getting your propertyready for sale can be the difference between gettingan “average” price and a “great” price. Whatever yourmotivation for selling, it’s important to understand thefactors that influence the outcome of any sale.These factors are: Timing Methods of sale Presentation Your choice of agent Pricing The marketing mix Ti TimingThere are always people looking for homes, regardless of market conditions and time of year.Spring is often considered the best time to sell as the warmer weather brings out more potential buyers.However, more sellers put their homes on the market during Spring so there is more competition. Winteroften means fewer buyers and fewer homes to choose from but buyers are usually more focusedon purchasing. P PresentationFirst impressions are lasting. Potential buyers will judge your property by the way it looks online, inadvertisements, at open homes or even just on a drive-by.A tidy, well-presented house entices buyers to view your property. Some simple ways to give your homereal street appeal include:De-Clutter Clear out anything you haven’t used for more than a year. Buyers will open closets and cupboards so make sure these are tidy and well organised. Remove books, knick-knacks, rubbish and unnecessary items so your home looks roomy and unclutteredMake your home sparkle Clean your home and windows inside and out until it gleams Replace knobs and handles on drawers and cupboards. Fix leaky faucets, doors that don’t close properly and holes in walls If the interior looks tired and dated, consider repainting using neutral colours to appeal to a broad range of people Clean out cobwebs, gutters and downpipes. Clear out your garage so it looks spacious and clean Mow lawns, repair broken fences, trim hedge and tidy up the gardenFor more tips on how to turn your property from “okay” to “wow”, talk to your agent because firstimpressions count. 5
  6. 6. P PricingResearch shows that your house will attractthe largest number of potential buyers in thefirst 30 days. An overpriced house attractsfewer buyers and takes longer to sell.An under priced house leaves buyerswondering what is wrong with it. So ifyour property is priced to suit the marketright from the start, you have the best chanceto get the best price and multiple offers.Home AppraisalAt Irelands, we’ll help you determine the realistic marketvalue of your home through a home or property appraisal.The appraisal includes: An analysis of market conditions. An inspection of your property to identify the features and benefits that will help to sell your home. A comparative assessment of your property’s value based on recent sales in your local area. Market statistics and intelligence available to us in-house and via the Real Estate Institute, Quotable Value and Terralink. M Methods of SaleThere are many ways to sell your home. The majority of property sales in New Zealand are by fixed pricehowever there is also by negotiation over, no price, tender or auction.As the method of sale should be the one you feel most comfortable with, a good agent will help youidentify the best method of sale for your home and situation.Fixed Price/Sale by Private TreatyThis is when your property is placed on the market at a price nominated by you, after consultation withyour agent. Fixed price attracts only buyers in your price range and makes negotiating easier for thebuyer.On the downside, as buyers know what your best price is, they may try to negotiate a lower purchaseprice. This is where the experience of your chosen agent becomes very important. Anyone can show ahouse; good agents sell houses.By negotiation overThis is when your property is advertised with a price and an invite for ‘enquiries over’ (or other similarterms). By not fixing an upper price limit, this method of sale can maximise the sale price by allowing amargin for a premium without overpricing your property.On the downside, with by negotiation over there is no closing date for offers. This can reduce buyerurgency as there is no pressure to make a decision by a fixed sale date. 6
  7. 7. No PriceThis method may attract more buyers, can maximise the sale price of your home and allows for negotia-tion. It also removes barriers to inspection by buyers and usually has a higher rate of success within ashorter time period.Removing the price barrier encourages buyers to focus on the features and benefits of your propertyrather than the price. When buyers fall in love with a house, they are more likely to offer the best price.Auction and Tender can help you get the best result from a no price strategy. Auction Auction combines no price selling and high profile marketing for maximum market coverage. It signals to the market that the vendor is serious about selling and that buyers need to view the property with some urgency or they could miss out. Our experience has shown this to be a successful method of selling, delivering the opportunity for a premium price through competitive bidding and a fixed sale date. At Irelands, we have excellent auction rooms and can handle your for sale by auction in-house or on-site. Our auctioneer will advise you on which is best for your property. Auctions, however, are not suited for all properties. Your agent will discuss your property’s suitability with our auctioneer so you get the best advice. Tender Tenders are similar to auctions, combining no price and high profile marketing within a defined time limit. The main difference is that there is no open bidding. Tenders are delivered in sealed envelopes giving you the opportunity to accept or decline the best offers received prior to or on the specified date. Y Your choice of agentA professional licensed sales agent with strong local market knowledge, great communication skills, and apowerful marketing and sales strategy will sell your property faster and get the results you want.Other benefits of using an agent to sell your property include: Many buyers prefer to deal with an agent rather than negotiating directly with the vendor Only agents can advertise in many of the most popular real estate publications Agent activities are regulated by legislation so they are familiar with all legal, disclosure and paperwork requirements Your agent has a clear, fiduciary duty; they are your agent not the buyer’s agent and must act in your best interests at all times.At Irelands, you are working withexperienced, well qualified agentswho have access to a wide rangeof market and marketinginformation and are supportedby an excellent managementand administrative team. 7
  8. 8. T Marketing Mix TheYou can’t sell a secret so that’s why we useproven marketing strategies to showcase yourhome and attract potential buyers to yourproperty. Once your property is listed withIrelands, we’ll develop a tailored marketingplan to create the maximum interest andhighest profile possible within youragreed budget.Our Marketing StrategiesPhotographyGood photos showing the best features ofyour home are vital for the successfulpromotion of your property. You alsoneed great pictures that present well onthe net. We recommend arranging aprofessional photographer, we exclusivelyuse Open to View Photography.Signage at your propertyYour 24/7 sales person; your sign tells potential buyers that your house is for sale. They can then makeimmediate contact with your agent.Online MarketingYour property is listed and promoted online at Irelands and New Zealand‘s most searched real estatewebsites. Individually these sites are good. Collectively they are great; our most powerful marketing tool!Irelands website property listings Exclusive to IrelandsOpen2view website Exclusive to Licensed AgentsRealenz website Exclusive to Licensed AgentsThe Realtor Exclusive to Licensed AgentsTrademe Property Listings website 8
  9. 9. Brochures and Direct Mailing Just Listed Flyers delivered to your local area Promotion of your property to the Irelands’ client and property investor database Promotion of your property to your sales consultant’s client database Irelands Office Window Display Cards Print Advertising Your marketing investment will focus on the most read real estate publications. The Realtor The Property Press The Press Home Showings We try, wherever possible, to schedule private showings of your home with at least 2 hours notice in advance. We will also advise you of any interest and/or feedback after each showing. Your agent will discuss viewing arrangements with you when listing your property.Open Homes Promoted through signage, advertisements and flyers posted in the local area All open home visitors are given an Open Home Flyer on your property once they have signed the open home register Security is important to you and us. We will discuss security with you at the time of listing. Marketing Plans and Vendor Reports If requested, we provide regular feedback so you have a record of all home showings, open homes, past and current advertising schedules, copies of all ads plus feedback and responses from potential buyers Media Monitoring We regularly monitor the effectiveness of all marketing mediums so we can make most accurate recommendations to give your property the best profile in the marketplace. Marketing Investment It is important that your marketing investment is used where it is going to be the most effective. Your agent will guide you on the most effective use of your investment and the payment options available. Any funding uncommitted at the time of sale will be refunded back to you; guaranteed. 9
  10. 10. Marketing Plan ExampleHere’s an example of an Irelands 4 week Auction marketing plan designed to generate maximum interestand market coverage. Week One: on: Internet Listings z rd erected Feature Signboa www.opentoview.c erials e Marketing Mat Brochures, Profil .nz ssic Photography ‘Open2View’ Cla rtorial Feature The Press Adve z Page Feature The Realtor Full Open Day Feature Property Press T m Inspection ea Vendor Report Week Three: Week Two: istings istings Internet L Internet L wcase Fe ature The Re altor Sho ase Feature ature or Showc Press Fe The Realt Property lumn double co ature T he Press Press Fe ture Property colour fea mn Open Day ouble colu Th e Press d ture eport colour fea Vendor R Open Day Week Four: eport istings Vendor R Internet L age Quarter P Th e Realtor minder uction Re Th e Press A 10
  11. 11. NNotes
  12. 12. About IrelandsCommunication is the key to offeringyou a hassle-free and profitable renting,buying or selling experience.When you deal with us, youll receive: Personal, professional attention P Innovative marketing In Regular reviews and feedback R Exceptional after sales service E Integrity and strict ethical standards 307 Durham Street, Christchurch, NZ P: (03) 377 2090 F: (03) 377 2096 E: W: Ireland Property Management Ltd Licensed under the Real Estate Agents Act 2008