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This presentation is about Barnes and Noble inc. and it also include comparison of barnes & noble with amazon .com. This presentation is prepared by Superior university students on business school.

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Barnes & Nobel

  1. 1. Group Introduction<br /><ul><li>Muzzammil Ali
  2. 2. MuzamilJamshed
  3. 3. Usman Butt
  4. 4. UsmanNazir
  5. 5. Moinud Din
  6. 6. Moin
  7. 7. Rizwana
  8. 8. Nadia
  9. 9. Muddasir
  10. 10. Mustaq</li></ul>BARNES & NOBEL<br />
  11. 11. BARNES & Nobel<br />CONTENTS<br /><ul><li>How it is started? / History
  12. 12. Business Model
  13. 13. Success or Critical Factor
  14. 14. Challenges</li></ul>BARNES & NOBEL<br />
  15. 15. Introduction of Barnes & Nobel<br />Barnes & Noble, Inc. is the largest book retailer in the United States,operating mainly through its Barnes & Noble Booksellers chain of bookstores headquartered in lower Fifth Avenue in Manhattan.<br />WEBSITE: (consumer site) site)<br />BARNES & NOBEL<br />
  16. 16. History of Barnes & Nobel<br />Barnes & Noble originated in 1873 when Charles Barnes opened a book-printing business in Wheaton,Illinois.<br />The first true bookstore was set up by his son, William, in partnership with G. Clifford Noble, in 1917 in New York City.<br />The business was purchased in 1971 by Leonard Riggio.<br />As of May 21, 2009, the company operated 777 stores in all 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia.<br />Barnes & Noble continued to expand throughout the 1980s, and in 1987 purchased B. Dalton Bookseller from Dayton Hudson. <br />The acquisition of 797 bookstores turned the company into a nationwide retailer, and is today the second-largest online bookseller in the United States .<br />BARNES & NOBEL<br />
  17. 17. MAIN BUSINESS<br />Retail Stores: 89% of net sales: A vast and deep selection of book titles with an experienced bookselling staff and , comfortable and spacious atmosphere.  They also offer a comprehensive inventory of music and DVDs. Enhancing the stores’ appeal as destinations are with cafés through arrangement with Starbucks.<br />Internet Retailing 9% of net sales: Today, the Barnes & website serves as the company’s largest store, enabling customers to order any book any time from anywhere.  With more than one million unique titles, the site’s standing inventory is the largest of any bookseller online.  Customers also have access through Barnes & to millions of used and out-of-print book titles from a network of authorized book dealers, as well as a vast selection of music CDs and DVDs.<br />BARNES & NOBEL<br />
  18. 18. MAIN BUSINESS (Cont…)<br />Publishing: One of the most exciting developments has been the growth of our own publishing program, which offers books not found elsewhere at prices not matched anywhere.  With the addition of Sterling Publishing, which the company acquired in January 2003, Barnes & Noble has publishing or distribution rights to nearly 10,000 titles. <br />E-Books: In March 2009, Barnes & Noble acquired Fictionwise, a leader in the eBookmarketplace.  In July 2009, Barnes & Noble launched the world&apos;s largest eBookstore as part of its overall digital strategy.<br />BARNES & NOBEL<br />
  19. 19. Book section at Barnes and Noble<br />To buy books at Barnes and Noble, customers have eight options to search a book:<br />Search: Barnes and Noble provides search form for its customers. They can choose to search from: Title of Book, Author&apos;s Last Name, Author&apos;s First Name, Keywords, Price, Format, Subjects, <br />Browse Subjects: Barnes and Noble provides variety subjects for its customers to choose from such as Computer, Art, and so on.<br />Recommended: In this section is a recommended books from Barnes and Noble<br />Gifts: Gift Center has many selections of the books for everyone from adult to children.<br />BARNES & NOBEL<br />
  20. 20. (CONT…)<br />Computer Books: Barnes and noble offers wide range of selections in computer section.<br />Kids: You can search Kids&apos; Books by age and by various categories that Barnes and noble provides.<br />Bestsellers: Every week Barnes and Noble will announce top 100 best selling title also top ten for 27 subject areas.<br />Out of Print: Barnes and Noble have over six million out-of-print, used and rare books. <br />BARNES & NOBEL<br />
  21. 21. BARNES & NOBEL<br />
  22. 22. BARNES & NOBEL<br />
  23. 23. BARNES & NOBEL<br />
  24. 24. BARNES & NOBEL<br />
  25. 25. BARNES & NOBEL<br />
  26. 26. Purchasing process<br />After customers are satisfy and ready to buy a book, they will have two options. For the first time of purchasing, customers have to create account with Barnes and Noble. It will ask basic information:<br />Your name<br />Your address and mailing address<br />Credit card information<br />Your email address and your desire password<br />BARNES & NOBEL<br />
  27. 27. Purchasing process (Cont…)<br />Registered customers will have two alternatives to purchase the book at Barnes and Noble. <br />Regular method “Add to my cart”: Customers can reserve the book in their shopping cart and go back to shop more. When customers add a new book to their shopping cart, they will be asked for quantity they want. After finish this process customers can choose to go back to shop or check out. Customers can also remove their selection at anytime they want.<br />Express Lane: This is an option for customers who want to buy fast. With this method, customers will be asked their email address and their password. And next, their information, mailing address and credit card number will be shown on screen. After customers verify all information, it will process to check out.<br />BARNES & NOBEL<br />
  28. 28. Benefit from Buy book online<br />On-line bookstore has changed the way we buy a book. <br />Unlike physical bookstore, on-line bookstore has services online 24 hours per day and 7 days per week. <br />Availability of buying a book from anywhere and anytime is an outstanding point. <br />In addition, technology makes searching and finding the book more easy and faster than traditional way. <br />Unlike physical bookstore, on on-line bookstore web site, we will have many options to help you find your book. <br />Best of all, we don’t have to step out off our house.<br />BARNES & NOBEL<br />
  29. 29. Success Factor<br />Amazon has first achieved dominance in the online book retail industry by the first mover advantage, while Barnes and Noble has achieved some competitive advantage. <br />As Barnes and Noble comes from an established brick and mortar company with sufficient brand name, marketing and financial backing. <br />Additionally, Barnes and Noble has an established clientele from its brick and mortar stores. <br />Barnes and Noble plays up its authority as the No. 1 Bookseller in the United States with an established clientele for their physical book stores.<br />BARNES & NOBEL<br />
  30. 30. SWOT Analysis B&N <br />BARNES & NOBEL<br />
  31. 31. COMPARISON<br />AMAZON.COM<br />BARNES & NOBEL<br />Year Founded: 1995<br />The principal activity of the Amazon,com, Inc consists of retailing in books, music, DVDs, videos, consumer electronics, toys, camera and photo items.<br />Amazon is the first mover. Started selling books in July 1995, music in June 1998, and other items subsequently.<br />Free shipping on orders over $25; personalized recommendations based on past purchases<br />Orders over $25 ship free to continental U.S. addresses<br />Year Founded: 1917<br />The principal activities of the Barnes & Noble Group are the sale of books through superstore strategy, mall strategy and its publishing and mail order business<br />Best feature: No waiting for purchase to arrive in the mail; cafés, well-established distribution channel i.e. superstores.<br />The Barnes & Noble membership, for an annual fee of $25<br />Shipping is free on most orders over $25.<br />BARNES & NOBEL<br />
  32. 32. COMPARISON (Cont…)<br />AMAZON.COM<br />BARNES & NOBEL<br /><ul><li> is recognized as an online leader in CRM</li></ul>Sends purchase recommendations via <br /> e-mail to cultivate repeat buyers<br />Return books and music CDs purchased at Barnes & to any Barnes & Noble store and receive merchandise store credits.<br />Large inventory and distribution center to support current operations<br />BARNES & NOBEL<br />
  33. 33. and Barnes and Noble Comparison in Prices<br />BARNES & NOBEL<br />
  34. 34. BARNES & NOBEL<br />
  35. 35. BARNES & NOBEL<br />
  36. 36. Challenges<br />Barnes and Noble was late to enter the Internet market.<br />This delay in going online turned out to be a mistake as Barnes and Noble lost a large percentage of the newly evolving market segment that wanted the convenience of shopping online.<br />The other mistake that Barnes & Noble made was, they kept the online arm of their company separate from their bricks and mortar business, thus failing to utilize the edge they already had in the industry via their superstores.<br /> Customers that wanted the convenience of ordering a book online and picking it up from the nearest store would have just as easily switched over from purchasing from Amazon.<br />There is a fairly large difference in the price discount offered by Barnes & Noble as opposed to This discount is not offered at Barnes and Noble bookstores. <br />BARNES & NOBEL<br />
  37. 37. References:<br /><ul><li> Inc., Company profile’s
  38. 38.
  39. 39.
  40. 40.
  41. 41.</li></ul> <br />BARNES & NOBEL<br />