Best Advices In Life

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  • Congratulations great work !!! .. Thanks for sharing ! The motivation and inspiration, build a better world, share common values, promote world peace,are a few goals of 'GREAT CAUSE and JUST CAUSES' Group. (au sens large du terme) Very nice... Great work ! !Thanks for sharing,. Best regards . Bernard (France)
    Do not hesitate to reference your slideshows on the group ''GREAT CAUSES and JUST CAUSES '. Thank
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  • Congratulations, great work, beautiful images with excelent message. Hugs, Carmen María.
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  • lovely photos with very good advices.
    i enjoy watching your slides,thank you
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  • Dear Mihaela: Beautiful presentation, nice quotes, well done slideshow
    Kisses from Perú
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  • Many thanks for your slideshow and thoughts!
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  • 1. Surround yourself with people who have dreams, desire and ambition; they’ll help you push for and realise your own.
  • 2. Never lose your hope, even if you lose all else.
  • 3. Nothing is impossible unless you accept it as
  • 4. The more positive you are, the more positive others are towards to
  • 5. A good attitude will always make a bad situation
  • 6. Never complain about anything that you can change.
  • 7. Great things won't happen every day but every day has the potential to
  • 8. Believe in your ideas and actions; follow them through without
  • 9. Others will believe in you if you believe in yourself.
  • 10. Do what you want to do; not with doing what others want you to
  • 11. Stop thinking about what is happening to you; start thinking about what you can make happen.
  • 12. Everything you do won't be a success but you'll be a success if you keep trying
  • 13. The difference between winning and losing is trying again after you lose.
  • 14. Be available and offer assistance when you’re up as well asking for
  • 15. Think before you speak; give thought to the consequence s of your
  • 16. Always be willing to learn from other people; from what they say and what they
  • 17. Love and you’ll be loved; laugh and you’ll be laughed with.
  • 18. Accept change and be prepared to change yourself.
  • 19. Whatever you need to enjoy your life is more important than anything else in your
  • 20. It’s up to you how you measure success (love, family, money, belongings, experiences etc.).