Super Bowl Emotions - a social media study by MutualMind


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The next in our MindMeld study series, this study reviews social posts describing the commercials running during the Super Bowl, and viewers' emotional reactions to them. Who won the evening? Who was talked about the most? Which ad made viewers cry, laugh or get mad? Find out the answers to all of those questions - and more - here.

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Super Bowl Emotions - a social media study by MutualMind

  1. 1. MindMeld Report: Super Bowl Emotions For more information about MutualMind or this study, contact us at:
  2. 2. Executive Summary • Budweiser owned the night overall, consistently leading Share of Voice during almost the entire game. • Doritos broke through with their crowdsourced ads, particularly as viewers reacted to the ones the brand chose to air. • Budweiser owned the tearjerker segment with their heartwarming commercial featuring an adorable puppy. • Movie trailers had low share of voice overall, but succeeded in generating statements of excitement. • Esurance’s call for tweets to win their prize money was effective, but failed to own Share of Voice overall. 2 Company Confidential
  3. 3. Introduction & Scope The Super Bowl is arguably the largest stage for U.S. advertisers available, and a huge opportunity for them to create experiences that kick off a new campaign, launch a new product, or miss the mark entirely. And, while buzz for each brand can be a measure of success, we wanted to get one level deeper. All of these ads are designed to create an emotional reaction, so what do viewers say about what they feel? This is the challenge we tackled, using the MutualMind platform to monitor the following advertisers during the big game: • • • • • • • • • • • Company Confidential Amazing Spiderman 2 • Audi • Axe Body Spray • Bank of America • Budwiser • Butterfinger • Captain America • Carmax • Cheerios • Chevrolet • Chobani • Coca-Cola Doritos Draft Day Esurance Go Daddy H&M Hyundai Intuit JCPenney Jaguar Kia • • • • • • • • • • • M&Ms Mercedes Benz Miller Lite Need for Speed Nissan Oikos (Dannon) Oreos PepsiCo RadioShack Squarespace Tide • • • • Toyota Transformers: Age of Extinction Volkswagen Wonderful Pistachios 3
  4. 4. Study Design • For each advertiser, we gathered brand mentions using a reasonable set of name variants, along with Super Bowl identifiers. For example, Audi was represented as: (audi OR #audi OR @audi) AND ("super bowl" OR superbowl OR #superbowl OR #sb48 OR "big game" OR biggame OR #biggame OR @superbowl) • We also applied a filter for commercial mentions only (using an AND Boolean clause), identifying the following keywords: (commercial OR #commercial OR commercials OR #commercials OR ad OR ads OR #ad OR #ads OR advertisement OR advertisements OR #advertisement OR #advertisements) • While this design does potentially exclude relevant mentions related to the event that simply don’t mention these terms, it gives us a clear focus of study and only captures conversations with explicit topical focus. 4 Company Confidential
  5. 5. Overview • There were 102,723 mentions captured for 2/2, peaking at a volume of 24,556 mentions per hour at 8pm CST. This comes to over 409 mentions per second. • As expected, volume was highly focused on Twitter (95% of total), with Facebook coming in next at 3%. Some of this is weighted by our use of hashtags in the original campaign query. 5 Company Confidential
  6. 6. Overview Aggregated Sentiment Breakdown by Channel 6 Company Confidential
  7. 7. Brand Breakdown
  8. 8. Volume Esurance Volume Skyrockets After Ad Airs Esurance’s #esurancesave30 campaign was directly architected to create social mentions, and showed strong success at the moment it aired. This spike quickly fell, however, as sweepstakes participants completed their entries. 8 Company Confidential
  9. 9. Share of Voice Budweiser Consistent; Doritos Spikes with Ads Budweiser maintained strong Share of Voice consistently throughout the big game, but Doritos showed clear spikes in volume (nearly overtaking Budweiser’s high mark) as their ads aired, which may be driven by the crowdsourced nature of those spots. 9 Company Confidential
  10. 10. Brand Breakdown: Budweiser Consistent Performance, Positive Sentiment Budweiser ads this year were extremely well received, setting extremely high marks for positive sentiment. They also led this year’s advertisers in Share of Voice throughout the event, showing their ability to translate on-air spots into online buzz. 10 Company Confidential
  11. 11. Brand Breakdown: Coca-Cola Consistent Performance, Positive Sentiment Coca-Cola’s ad drove extremely polarizing conversation, including a number of posts characterizing negative reactions to the spot’s multilingual nature. This caused a longer “hang time” of conversation after the ad aired, an unique behavior among brands analyzed in this report. 11 Company Confidential
  12. 12. Brand Breakdown: Doritos Strong Volume Spikes for Crowdsourced Ads Doritos generated uniquely significant spikes of conversation surrounding each of their ad spots, the latter of which drove them to a higher Share of Voice than Budweiser. A large number of positive comments came from viewers excited about which crowdsourced commercial was aired – this generated some negative reactions, too. 12 Company Confidential
  13. 13. Brand Breakdown: Bud Light “Up For Whatever” Polarizes Equally Bud Light’s candid “documentary” style generated a significant amount of conversation, but at an extremely polarizing rate – more than half the statements showed positive or negative sentiment. One tweet received over 560 retweets, saying Bud Light’s taste didn’t live up to its commercials. 13 Company Confidential
  14. 14. Brand Breakdown: Cheerios Strong Positive Success for Multi-racial Ad While the Cheerios ad also contained multiracial content like Coca-Cola’s, sentiment was overwhelmingly positive, without as much negative conversation counterweighting. Cheerios showed strong Share of Voice for its ad slot, but was beaten for that time period by Doritos. 14 Company Confidential
  15. 15. Emotional Analysis
  16. 16. Methodology Inspired by Robert Plutchik’s “Emotions Wheel”, we used Content Tags within the MutualMind platform to label conversations that signified the following emotions: • Crying / Sadness • Laughter • Excitement • Anger 16 Company Confidential
  17. 17. Crying Budweiser Puppy a Bona-fide Tearjerker Budweiser commercials made audiences cry with a heartwarming story about a puppy, and ran away with an unique moment for the evening. 17 Company Confidential
  18. 18. Laughing Doritos Wins; the Doberhuaha Very Memorable Laughter was the most distributed emotion across the brands, but Doritos won the largest share of laughs, particularly with their send-up of Matrix character Morpheus. 18 Company Confidential
  19. 19. Excitement Movie Trailers Fulfill Their Mission Movie trailers exist to create buzz about the movie, and they clearly met their mission, owning the excitement emotion, despite having low share of voice overall. 19 Company Confidential
  20. 20. Anger Coca-Cola Feels The Brunt of This Emotion Not only were people stating their anger about Coke’s commercial, many others retweeted or reported on those reactions, essentially spreading them further. 20 Company Confidential
  21. 21. About MutualMind Want to reach us? • • • • Founded in 2009; currently a 12 person team based in Addison, TX SaaS enterprise platform for collecting, analyzing and responding to social interactions Unique architecture built from the ground up for integration with OEM partners via whitelabel or our “fly-by-wire” API Recognized in Forbes as one of “the 5 companies you need to know” Analytics and Response Management workbench with intuitive, free-form segmentation and integrated sentiment analysis Real-time visualization of social conversations for the big screen with drag-and-drop editor and one-click deployment 21 Company Confidential