Intro to Crowdstorming at NYU Stern School
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Intro to Crowdstorming at NYU Stern School






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  • Add colaboratorie to logo – priority 2
  • + the examples that showed how we might reorganize
  • + we don’t really think about skype anymore+
  • + how profound is the impact?+ newspaper impact…craigslist set things in motion by removing classifieds revenues for many newspapers+
  • 50% of innovation now comes from outside P&GAvailable in English, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese and Portugeuse
  • 50% of innovation now comes from outside P&GAvailable in English, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese and Portugeuse
  • + what exactly are we talking about?+ most organizations depend on some combination of these resources+ the most interesting thing is that e are changing how we get access to these resource+ lower cost devices + broadband + marketplaces + analytics + reputation --- dramatically lowering cost of getting access
  • now we have an explosion of buzzwords and this is how I think they fit together
  • + first contest – nobody made it+ second – most finished + winner is the basis for…
  • Add colaboratorie to logo – priority 2
  • Add colaboratorie to logo – priority 2

Intro to Crowdstorming at NYU Stern School Intro to Crowdstorming at NYU Stern School Presentation Transcript

  • Innovation from very large scale idea search and evaluation Shaun Abrahamson @shaunabe
  • contextcrowdstorming cases
  • “Re-Imagination of NearlyEverything – Powered by NewDevices, Connectivity + UI +Beauty”“Magnitude of upcomingchange will be stunning”– Mary Meeker, partner KPCB ~ 50% of this disruptions is from crowds
  • 2001 2003 2005 2000 19951991 2000 2004 19962001 1999
  • Simultaneous Skype Users [a way of looking at the capacity of the network] 35,000,000 30,000,000 Number of Users 25,000,000 20,000,000 15,000,000 10,000,000 5,000,000 0 Date Source: Skype Journal.Less than a decade to transform the economics
  • Source: Mary Meeker presentation at All things D. Peer production FTW
  • “Not invented here” to“Proudly found elsewhere”
  • 1999 2012And it is not just “technology”.
  • Influence Capital Assets Labor DataThe crowd as the gateway to critical resources
  • Open Innovation, Co-Creation, Peer Production Sharing, Commenting, Reviewing Big Data, Collective Intelligence Influence Capital Assets Labor* Data* often focused on innovation
  • 1895 ChicagoTimes-HeraldContest
  • The winning entry –the Duryeaautomobile
  • 2005. Same ideawith DOD + robots
  • Driven by LocalMotors
  • Driven by LM Client -DARPA
  • Driven by LMCommunity
  • What is driving this change?
  • Ronald Coase, Nobel Economist “Given that production could be carried on without any organization that is, firms at all, why and under what conditions should we expect firms to emerge?” About 75 years ago“Transaction Cost”Reduction
  • Alex F. Osborn (the O in BBDO, inventor of brainstorming) “when it comes to thinking, let’s try to act as if we were two people – at one time, a thinker upper, a producer of ideas; at another, a weigher of ideas” About 65 years agoOrders of magnitudeprocess scale changes
  • Brand + IP + Confidentiality
  • Brand + IP + Confidentiality
  • The RightQuestion
  • + working with + can we build on + can we asklocal governments + can we find the success of + can we make it customers to helpon recycling additional partners programs like My easier to reuse us to encourage by looking to our Starbuck Idea? cups and reduce behavior changes? customers?+ working with cup the need for (designers,manufacturers on recycling? + can we reward engineers,recycling cup “good” behavior? marketers, artists,materials + can we make it analysts, etc) easier to recycle?+ working withleading academicinstitutions to findnew solutions + can we efficiently generate awareness and ultimately participation? The Right Question
  • The Right The RightQuestion Question
  • The RightIncentives
  • The RightIncentives
  • The Coalition
  • The Coalition
  • RecruitingParticipants
  • 1st 2nd 3rd 5thBalloons Found 10 9 8 8MEGASMoney x x xGood x x xMeaning x x x xEcosystemTeam size 5 8 1 10Network size 5,000 1,000 50,000* 80,000**Existing network? no no yes yes
  • EncourageResults
  • The other network thatFrom Paul Baran, " On Distributed Communications:MEMORANDUM: RM-3420-PR," AUGUST 1964, the evolved thisRand Corporation way
  • MonitoringParticipation
  • Retention after 1 year (%)MonitoringParticipation Active Editors
  • MonitoringParticipation
  • MonitoringParticipation
  • Picking The Best
  • Picking The Best
  • Picking TheBest
  • META
  • Recognize him? What about the device?
  • In the fictional Star Trek universe, a tricorder is amultifunction hand-held device used for sensorscanning, data analysis, and recording data.The medical tricorder is used by doctors to help diagnosediseases and collect bodily information about a patient.The word "tricorder" is "tri-" and "recorder", referring to thedevices three scanning functions: GEO (geological), MET(meteorological), and BIO (biological).Source - Wikipedia
  • A challenge to turn science fiction into reality
  • Long timeline to enable development of real prototypes
  • Large % from submitting ideas that are voted on by community + Quirky
  • Partners ensure distribution which provides more incentives to
  • Crowdstorming Shaun Abrahamson November 13, 2012 @shaunabe