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The core objective of SocialPRO clubs is to educate, impart knowledge & skills on various disciplines of social media to the university students and faculty. These clubs will also provide companies with a talent pool of graduates with a solid understanding of new media to help fix the knowledge gap in the corporate world. These clubs will also enhance collaboration between universities, exchange of ideas among the students and the industry and nurture creativity because students shall be exposed to the limitless possibilities online and learn how to tap into that potential therein. SocialPRO clubs will help university students refine their business ideas and find a high-potential commercial opportunity, gather resources such as talent and capital, figure out how to sell and market the idea and manage rapid growth. How? All the key partners they need for their start up ideas are on social networking sites. SocialPRO clubs will also create a platform that will enhance product and consumer engagement through creativity and innovation. The faculty will also benefit from these clubs as they’ll learn how to create and share digital content in various formats with the students across platforms thus ease content sharing and make learning more fun!

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SocialPRO Clubs Featured in Varsity Focus

  1. 1. UoN receives grant to renovateTaifa Hall
  2. 2. VarsityFocus Our Vision A world-class university committed to scholarly excellence. Our Mission To provide quality university education and training and to embody the aspirations of the Kenyan people and the global community through creation, preservation, integration, transmission and utilization of knowledge. Our Core Values • freedom of thought and expression; • innovativeness and creativity; • good corporate governance; • team spirit and teamwork; • professionalism; • quality customer service; • responsible corporate citizenship and strong social responsibility; • respect for and conservation of the environment.
  3. 3. s VarsityFocus VarsityFocus Published By Office of the Vice-Chancellor Public Relations Department University of Nairobi contents P Box 30197 - 00100 Nairobi .O. Tel: 020 - 020-318262 Ext 28263 Telefax: 020 2246369 Email: Copyright profile University of Nairobi, 2012 All rights reserved Editor State of the Tropics: Charles E. Sikulu Life shorter in the Sub-Editor tropics Njeri Muhoro Contributors The launch of a Regional Surgical Skills Centre Mariam Wachera Maina Wallace Chwalla Webuye H.O.D at UoN Nzilani Muhia Joseph Thuku Ireri Kinyua Chinese to help build Centre for Photography Seismological Training David M. Syuki Charles Muriuki and Research Creative Design outbox communications School of Journalism +254-020-2317477 to collaborate with China Communication University VF DEC 2012 1
  4. 4. VarsityFocus EDITORIAL A year full of many achievements O ur final edition of others, have either formally Secretary General, Ban Ki the 2012 Varsity signed memorandum of Moon, while three School Focus highlights understanding or began of Business students were some of the recent activities collaboration talks with named worthy Google of the last quarter of this UoN. Ambassadors, for seizing year and in a nutshell, the opportunity to use The University also hosted reflects on some o f the technology to promote local and foreign dignitaries major accomplishments. sustainable development. in intellectual discourse This year we recorded The Women Student with students and staff. the highest ever number Welfare Association The President of Ford of graduates from the (WOSWA) through the Foundation, Antony Louis University of Nairobi - the Chairperson Nzilani Muia, Ubiñas, the Chief Justice, 47th and 48 congregations participated in regional Dr. Willy Mutunga and have released over 13,000 forums which advocate representatives from the degree and diploma for faster development by On this front, UN, IMF and World Bank integrating women into key holders into the job market, Universities have interacted with the highlighting the strategic decision making positions UoN Community in recentfrom the US, UK, importance of University of times. The Ford Foundation in grassroots organizations Nairobi in providing quality and at a national level. China, South human resources to drive President, while giving his The Psychology Club in talk also announced a grant Africa, Uganda the country towards the of USD 500,000 to refurbish conjunction with other and Sudan attainment of the Kenya Taifa Hall and modernize stakeholders, engaged Vision 2030. in corporate social among others it to suit the academic responsibility activities by The University has also activities it has become have either increased collaborations synonymous with. helping needy children in Kawangware, through formally signed with leading international Students on their part have counseling and mentorship. universities to raisememorandum of resources that will aid been active in participating These and other stories in international forums and understanding research, student and staff constitute our 2012 final engaging in innovative edition of the Varsity Focus. or began exchange and scholarships ventures. Wallace Chwalla, I hope you enjoy reading it. among others. On this collaboration front, Universities from the an engineering student, Do not hesitate to give us was privileged to share your feedback. talks with UoN. US, UK, China, South Africa, a forum with the UN Uganda and Sudan, among Charles E. Sikulu2 VF DEC 2012
  5. 5. VICE-CHANCELLOR VarsityFocusMaintaining International LinksI n 2012, the University of Nairobi took up a fundamental part of Prof. George A.O. Magoha, Vice Chancellor its business, whichis to maintain and forgeprogrammes and links The outcome of such linkswith universities and otherinstitutions worldwide. This was sharing expertise,year, the university entered professionalism and commonover 15 new international experiences and solutions tocollaborative arrangements. problemsEducation with aninternational component is security, engineering, A third exciting andnecessary to equip students architecture, economics, major collaborationwith knowledge and skills and the arts. For instance, link is that with theto survive and grow in a Lanzhou University, China, Chinese Earthquakecompetitive labour market. is working with teams in the Administration, and the (USHEPiA) AdvisoryMost links and collaboration areas of dry land agriculture department of geology. Committee Meeting, heldactivities included and new agricultural Under the MoU, there will in October 2012, at ourinstitutional capacity technologies. be, the establishment of University and with partnersbuilding (staff training and An example of a major a Centre for Seismological drawn from :Universitiesdevelopment, infrastructure, and very international Training and Research in of Botswana, Cape Town,equipment and donations of collaboration is the link East Africa. The Centre will Dar es Salaam, Nairobi,consumable) collaborative project with University of be the base for expanding Zambia, Zimbabwe,research, book donations, Witwatersrand in South the four seismic stations Makerere University andjoint publications, journals, Africa, which is centred on running in Kenya and Jomo Kenyatta University ofinternational and local components of teaching, will also serve to train Agriculture and Technology,conferences, workshops, research and community international and local noted that since itsseminars, symposium, engagement in public postgraduate students in inception, 52 persons hadcontribution to the world of health, engineering, social order to increase the human been awarded, colloquia etc. sciences and palaeontology. resource base in earthquake A further eight fellowsAgain through such links, mitigation technology and are on the completionacademic members of staff Another example of a major research. list, indicating that higherand students have avenues ongoing collaboration education in Africa is project is that between It is not in doubt thatthrough which to further being impacted on. The the School of Business promoting collaborationstheir research activities and Progromme sponsors, The and the Switzerland and links has strengthenedat the same time jointly Rockefeller Foundation, Management Centre, which the institutional andsource for funds in order to the Carnegie Corporation aims at strengthening human capacity inpromote research activities’, and the Andrew W Mellon training and applied African universities.institutional capacity Foundation have indeed research at PhD level, We are delighted thatbuilding and exchange of done a wonderful job with with online programmes the University Science,publications and journals. funding of fellowships in in Entrepreneurship and Humanities and EngineeringSome of the areas identified the humanities and social Human Resource Capital. Partnerships in Africainclude agriculture, food sciences. VF DEC 2012 3
  6. 6. VarsityFocus RESEARCHState of the Tropics: Life shorterin the tropicsA world-wide initiative to define the challenges facingthe peoples of the tropicswas launched by 13 leadingresearch institutions across12 countries. The groupreleased an early insightof its planned State of theTropics Report with detailsof why life expectancy islower in the region than inthe rest of the world.The full report to bepublished next year willshed light on the criticalimportance of the people on UoN among 13 institutions involved in theissues of the tropical world,and contribute to efforts study of life in the tropicsto improve the lives of thepeoples of the Tropics and University and the Nanyang Technological University; Infant mortality in thetheir environment. tropics fell from 161 deaths • Organisation for Tropical Studies, Costa Rican hub;The 13 institutions involved • University of Copenhagen, Denmark; per 1000 live births toare: 58 over the same period. • University of Hawaii – Manoa – USA;• University of Nairobi, However in the rest of the • University of Papua New Guinea; world it is 33 and the rate Kenya; • University of the South Pacific, Fiji; and, of improvement has been• Escuela Superior • Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas da Amazônia, Brazil. greater. Politiécnica del Litorial, Ecuador; According to Professor George Magoha, Vice Chancellor of As a general rule, regions• James Cook University, the University of Nairobi, the facts and figures relating to life that have experienced large Australia; expectancy in the Tropics show significant improvements over falls in the absolute infant• Liverpool School of the past 60 years. But there is still a substantial gap between mortality rate also report Tropical Medicine, the Tropics and the rest of the world. large improvements in life England; expectancy. The insight reveals that life expectancy in the Tropics has• Mahidol University, increased by 22.8 years to 64.4 years between 1950 and 2010 “The exception is Central Thailand; and the gap between the life expectancy of women and men & Southern Africa, where• Singapore’s National has widened in favor of women over the same period. although infant mortality 4 VF DEC 2012
  7. 7. RESEARCH VarsityFocus expectancy; Central and Southern Africa extreme include: poverty; poor Madagascar reported the educational largest improvement in life outcomes; expectancy between 1950- environmental 55 and 2005-10, increasing degradation; by 29.1 years to be 65.8 and, in some years in 2005-10, with large cases, political reductions in both infant and economic and adult mortality rates. instability. The key objective Life expectancy in of the project Zimbabwe declined by is to enable two years over the period, a better to be 46.6 years in 2005- understanding 10. Zimbabwe was the of the tropical only nation in the world world, the key to record a decline in life challenges of expectancy. In regional the region as terms, Zimbabwe has a low well as the infant mortality rate, but a opportunities very high adult mortality it provides. rate (it is the highest in the world). In 2008 more than Professor half the deaths in Zimbabwe Magoha said were related to HIV/ AIDSrates have fallen significantly, lives in the Tropics and this that in Africa, the reality (again, the highest rate inhigh mortality rates in the is likely to be close to 50 per was that there was still a the world).non-infant population, cent by 2050. The region considerable health ‘deficit’largely related to HIV/ generates around 20 per relative to other regions of Of the ten nations with theAIDS, have constrained cent of global economic the world.“Greater national lowest life expectancy inoverall improvements in output and is home to some and international efforts 2005-10, seven are in thelife expectancy,” Professor 80 per cent of the world’s are necessary to improve tropical region of Central &Magoha said. biodiversity. However, the the health, living conditions Southern Africa. resources to sustain larger and security of the tropicalProfessor Sandra Harding, It is intended that the State populations and economic African population,”the Vice Chancellor of of the Tropics Report will be growth are imposing ever-Australia’s James Cook Life expectancy in Kenya published every five years increasing pressures.University which initiated has increased by 12.7 with a annual State of thethe State of the Tropics Issues of concern include years to 55.0, a modest Tropics paper focusing on aproject, said that over relatively poor health improvement relative to key issue.the past half-century, the outcomes, with more than the region, where lifeTropics has emerged as an one billion people suffering expectancy increased byincreasingly critical region. from tropical diseases, 16.0 years to 52.8.More than 40 percent of unacceptable levels of infant Other findings relative tothe world’s population now mortality and reduced life VF DEC 2012 5
  8. 8. VarsityFocus RESEARCH surgery, general surgery, gynecology, orthopedics, general practice, theatre nursing and other disciplines at basic, intermediate and advanced levels. The course will be led by a faculty made up of renowned local and international experts. Speaking during the Launch ceremony, Ag Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Peter Mbithi, said that the Centre is a welcome addition to enhancing medical practice in Africa and is also a perfect example of Industry/Public cooperation. Prof. Mbithi pledged the full support of the University to ensure that the Centre’s operations are not derailed.The launch of a regional The Chairman of NSSC, Prof. J. O. Mulimba,Surgical Skills Centre thanked the University of Nairobi, Johnson & Johnson and Philips Healthcare TechnologiesA new surgical skills ceremony presided over by skills amongst medical centre has been the Acting Vice-Chancellor, practitioners in the Sub- The Centre will established at the Prof. Peter Mbithi. Saharan Africa. Indeed,University of Nairobi to offer recent studies indicate address the Located at UON’straining in the region. The Chiromo Campus in the that these countries have acute shortageNairobi Surgical Skills Centre less than one surgeon(NSSC), a joint initiative Department of Anatomy, per 100,000 people, of specialist the state-of-the-art facilitybetween the University of will impart practical surgical which is below the WHO skills amongstNairobi, Johnson & Johnson experience among health recommendation of one medicaland Philips Healthcare surgeon per 5000 people.Technologies, was officially care professionals in Kenya practitioners and Sub-Saharan Africa. NSSC will provide alaunched in November, The Centre will address the wide range of skills in in the Sub-2012, at the University acute shortage of specialist open and laparoscopic Saharan Africa.of Nairobi, in a colourful 6 VF DEC 2012
  9. 9. ALUMNI VarsityFocusfor ensuring the successfulestablishment of the UoN alumnus named ‘Hero of Chemistry’Centre, while Mr. SteveBrockie, General Manager,Johnson & Johnson, Sub-Saharan Africa said that Dthe Centre is part of the r. George Njoroge, a scientific Award for Professional Achievement incompany’s commitment researcher based in Indiana, United Industry and the Thomas Alva Edisonto support professional States, was recently inducted into Patent Award for emerging in Sub-Saharan the coveted scientific ‘Hall of Fame’, when Varsity Focus congratulatesAfrica and that it will he was named the 2012 Hero of Chemistry, Dr. Njoroge and his team on thishelp advance the skills of by the American Chemical Society (ACS), the care professionals world’s largest scientific the region. Besides The honors come in the wake ofproviding the physical the discovery and development of thefacility, the partnership will Hepatitis C drug Victrelis by Njoroge andsee the University acquire a team of scientists working at the globaland prepare cadavers pharmaceutical firm, Merck Researchand source local faculty. Laboratories. The drug, which is the first oralJohnson & Johnson will Hepatitis C virus protease approved by theprovide equipment to FDA, has been approved in 43 countries,facilitate training, ensure and is in the market in 23 of these countries.availability of cadavers andprovide external staff. Njoroge, an alumnus of the University of Nairobi, graduated with a first class honors Also present during in Organic Chemistry, and pursued furtherthe launch ceremony studies graduating with a PhD in Organicwere: Mr. Mukesh Mehta, Chemistry from Case Western ReserveGroup Managing Director, University, Cleveland, Ohio in 1985. InPhillips Pharma Group 1988, Njoroge joined the Schering-Ploughof Companies, Prof. Corporation (SPRI), as a researcher andBernard Aduda, Principal, focused on the design and synthesis of orallyCollege of Biological and bio-available small molecules for treatmentPhysical Sciences, Prof. of viral diseases and cancer.J.O. Mulimba, NSSC BoardChairman, and Dr. Chris A prolific scholar, Njoroge has publishedSamkange, President, extensively in professional journals onCollege of Surgeons in East, synthetic organic chemistry and drugCentral and Southern Africa design. To his credit he has authored and(COSECSA). Also present co-authored more than 120 scientificwere representatives from publications and been granted 78 US patents.the Ministry of Medical Further, Njoroge is a recipient of numerousServices and Kenyatta awards including the meritorious EmeraldNational Hospital. VF DEC 2012 7
  10. 10. VarsityFocus PROFILEMeet the legendary Mathematics in 1966 at Allahabad, and again in Physics at the same UniversityMathematician in 1968, and graduated with a PhD in Mathematics in 1971 from Benares Hindu University. Pokhariyal was able to submit his DS.c work from NairobiI and he was examined and awarded the t is a fine afternoon do you need from an organization? degree from Benares University in 1988. You must always in life show you in November, with appreciation for an entity that does not A devote Hindu, Pokhariyal traces birds chattering, ignore you, and this is what will make his humility and discipline to thechirping, and your life so much more important. inspiration and support that his parentsstudents briskly Prof. Pokhariyal was born over gave; his father was a popular advocatemoving along the sixty years ago in India; the former and freedom fighter and indeed his uncle and four brothers have followedcorridors. Inside Uttrra-Pradesh state, his family’s home that line. He was tutored by Prof. tiny but cozy overlooked the Himalayan range, Uttra- S. Mishra whom he describes as acubicle, Ganesh kand, his home town, is at the foot heels of the Himalayas and is a religious philosopher and scientist extraordinaire.Prasad Pokhariyal pilgrimage state for Hindus. Again, In Kenya he has continued to drawis extolling on the the state also has an institution that inspiration from Samuel Kinyanjui - his landlord whom he says is a peacefulvirtues of discipline, trains Islamic philosophers at Devband. man, he only comes to the housecommitment and Pokhariyal remembers his early life when invited. He makes life easy.hard work. growing up in the hills. “Life was tough, we walked everywhere, that hard life It is intriguing that, rising from the G. P or Pokhariyal as he tells me, is . line of law, Pokhariyal would chose always gives you a humbling effect.Professor of Applied Mathematics at the mathematics as a course of study. The huge mountain always in frontUniversity of Nairobi and unlike what Quickly, he assures me that his desire reminds you, making you appreciate theyou expect from a don of surliness, to study mathematics stems from high heavens and the creation of God, andcold eyes and a perpetual, I have been school where he was a mathematics the environment reminds you that youmisused bowed shoulder, Pokhariyal and physics scholar-the general theory should never dare challenge the a happy man. I am happy, I like the of relativity (Eistein theory) is actually This was always a lesson in humility.scholarly environment and the best based on logic “I tell my students Pokhariyal studied Physics, that math’s is the most logical andpart of this is the fact that whatever Chemistry and Mathematics for his the simplest discipline because it is selfsuggestion or what I get to put across degree at Allahabad University; verifying -you immediately know if youis taken and implemented. What else he pursued a master’s course in are going on the right track. You 8 VF DEC 2012
  11. 11. PROFILE VarsityFocusdo not need anybody to verify the pathfor you”. According to Pokhariyal, maths According to Pokhariyal, math’s matches with mythology; mans-energymatches with mythology; mans-energyrelationship, is akin to the body and soul relationship, is akin to the body and soulrelationship and it matches mortal andimmortal. It is therefore important for relationship and it matches mortal andstudents of mathematics to realize thatthe discipline streamlines your thought immortal.process to have logic and that istransformed into your life and becomesmore or less in your habits. This makesyour life easy and smooth. Pokhariyal has been living in Nairobiand has worked for the University forthe last thirty eight years, and he hasnever wavered from continuing to workhere “you do not live in a country for38 years if you do not have mutualliking and respect. My interactionshave been enjoyable indeed, when Imeet ordinary Kenyans and theyidentify me as mwalimu at theUniversity, immediate affectionthreads are sewn, this makeslife fantastically enrichingoutside the University” After graduatingwith his master’sdegree, ProfPokhariyal taughtat BenaresHinduUniversity.Thetraditionat VF DEC 2012 9
  12. 12. VarsityFocus PROFILE city, the dazzle of life complicates and makes them so emotional that it will take time for them to catch up. Now given that mathematics and English were core and they used to be given in the two year period of form five/six, we now have to prepare them in the first semester, but it is not only the system of 8/4/4, there is perhaps aBenares was that one could get a problem, with mathematic’s standards Pokhariyal taught at KUC betweenresearch position and still teach. What and moral aspects of teachers globally, 1974 and 1979, he started teaching atdrew him to Benares however was that teachers seem to lack dedication, they UON proper in 1976, at the time forhis supervisor, Prof. Mishra, shifted to have not made the effort to teach the Faculty of Engineering, where heBenares. “When he approached Mishra mathematics and in the spirit of taking taught the geometry course. In 1978,to supervise him for his PhD, destiny shortcuts inculcate a spirit of hatred for he was offered a full time position atmatched so much with what his father, the discipline. I do not see any reason Chiromo and finally joined the UONwho had studied at Benares wanted why girls and boys cannot do well in on 1st April 1979. “When I joined theme for me. My father was very happy math’s and physics. I know that in high University, remuneration was okay; ourwith me. He had been given an offer school, teachers tell girls that math’s students were so good that we wereto join the philosophy department, but and physics are not for them. proud to be associated with them. Iopted to look after family property. believe that the same holds today, that The conversation is heating up, Pokhariyal taught at Benares in any part of the world our students and Prof. Pokhariyal gives me what is abetween 1968 and 1970 and was would do well. If we are mean enough new thread, that training of teachers isenlisted on a post doctoral research to give them a B+, they get A+ at not adequate in terms of the teachingposition, where he also helped junior Harvard and Stanford. Again when I methodology and the subject content.research fellows. In 1970, he saw an joined we had fairly good interaction “Mathematics should be approachedadvert in the “Nature magazine. “I with global academic institutions with its possible applications shown tosimply applied and was offered a job in through external examination, staff was the students, for instance, mathematicsthe University. I was born in a big state fairly international. has a fantastic application in every‘Utter Pradesh, and was supposed to discipline, once this is injected in every So tell me, I ask, where did thejoin politics by consensus of the people. students mind, that hatred will go rain hit us? Frankly, a misnomerBut my father persuaded me and the down. We should capture students was introduced with the shift tocommunity to allow me to first earn at the catchment level at high school. 8/44. The challenge introduced isand utilize my professional capacity. I At the School of Mathematics, there that the fresher’s were not preparedguess if I was still in India, and given is an out-reach progromme that mentally and academically to take upthe turmoil in Utter Pradesh, I would be goes to schools to demonstrate. One independent study. The lights in thein jail.” methodology for teaching that works10 VF DEC 2012
  13. 13. PROFILE VarsityFocus entrepreneur and has a sharp maths education can be successful in their venture, they immediately see the consequence of numbers, margin of profit, appraisal of investment risks and probability”. Pokhariyal is married to Mohini and she has played a big role in his life. To be honest, I don’t worry how my house is arranged. She arranges my clothes daily. Her management leaves me with enough time to interact between my students and colleagues. Mohini actually pushes me, she remembers my diary and allows me to work. We have two children; the elder son Shuvranshi did electrical engineering at the University of Nairobi and works forwell is group study. Methodology question on the tip of my tongue, Intel. Our second son Devesh, studiedshould boost morale, upraise uptake, what openings exist for someone aerospace engineering in Arizona, hedesign strategy that the weakest of who has done mathematics, is biting. has a master’s degree in aerospacestudent’s can understand and pass. “You see, says Pokhariyal, in the late engineering, and an MBA from Thunder 1970, Price Water house etc.” became world. He is a fairly top manager at Kenya is not doing badly on the Rockwell Collins, the company that convinced that BSc mathematicsworld map of maths. Prof Pokhariyal develops stimulators for defense and graduates are trainable for economics,observes that our students are civilian use in Virginia, USA. My children business, accounting, economics etc.comparable to any other in the world. are Kenyan and are fluent Kiswahili The mathematics branch of actuarialThe degree of the UON is globally speakers and were raised as Kenyan. sciences has drawn students and getsrecognised, for instance when my son them jobs in the insurance sector. Pokhariyal is very athletic, tall, atwanted to apply for a green card, they Industrial maths is designed to suit the 5.11, he is not stooped. He does 45asked for his course outline in electrical needs of the sector with mathematics minutes of yoga and exercises everyengineering, and they scrutinized the tools, while biometry is designed morning. He has played soccer in highoutline and pronounced it globally to train researchers in the area of school and at university, tennis andcompetitive. International exposure, biomedical and medicine research. chess.initiatives in teaching, seminars, Indeed, social statistics at master’s levelconferences for enhancing PhD’s and Pokhariyal observes that if by Gods is for any discipline, it is essential inpublication can also assist the University grace, he has breath to give and the research and health disciplines whereto regain its old glory. The interaction University wants him to continue he data is being analysed. Some of the topwith international experts and the will do so, mentoring, and supervising. employees of mathematics students areglobal community is imperative. He has cleared 5 students to graduate Kenya Bureau of Statistics, Central Bank, The tradition at the University Ministry of Finance, Kenya Airways and with PhD, next year he may have 6/7of Nairobi is one of: identify good those requiring operations research PhD students. “ I believe that if youstudents; nurturing them is a tried specializations. devote all your effort to train andtradition that cements relationships. improve the quality of the children of “I tell students that one of the the nation, then the almighty takes careThis is the tradition set by the late most important aspects of maths is of yours”.Morris Alala, George Saitoti, etc. The that anyone who wants to be an VF DEC 2012 11
  14. 14. VarsityFocus LINKSChinese to help build Centre forSeismological Training and ResearchP lans are underway for the establishment of a Centre forSeismological Training andResearch in East Africa, tobe based at the Collegeof Biological and PhysicalSciences (CBPS), andsupported by the ChineseEarthquake Administration. This was first revealedduring a courtesy callby a delegation fromthe Chinese EarthquakeAdministration on the ViceChancellor, represented by The leader of the Chinese delegation, Mr. Chen Jianmin, Dr. Gladys Kianji and Prof. Isaac Mbeche.Prof Isaac Mbeche, DeputyVice Chancellor, Student international and local the development of a This link will also createAffairs, in September, postgraduate students in comprehensive proposal will greater understanding2012. During the courtesy order to increase the human be critical for broadening between the peoples ofcall, a memorandum of resource base in earthquake the area of research, training both countries and broadenunderstanding was signed mitigation technology and and student sponsorship and deepen cooperation inand equipment, books and research. under the present MOU. other fields. The University,USD 10,000 donated to the Further, he noted that on its part, will adhere to During the courtesyDepartment of Geology. the Chinese Earth quake the commitments outlined call, it was revealed According to Prof Administration attaches in the MOU and their that exchange of staffBarongo, of the Eastern great interest to links implementation. and joint research toAfrican Working Group, the with the department of enhance knowledge and Those present during theCentre will have a powerful geology in order to share research uptake will be courtesy call included Proflaboratory, equipped expertise, professionalism critical. The leader of the Bernard Aduda, Principalwith hard ware and other and common experiences Chinese delegation, Mr. CBPS, Dr Gladys Kianji oftools including a broad and solutions to problems. Chen Jianmin, noted that the East and South Africanband seismic unit. The Seismological WorkingCentre will be the base for Group, Deputy Directorexpanding the four seismic During the courtesy call, a memorandum CIPL, Prof Seth Mcligeyo andstations running in Kenya of understanding was signed and other academic staff fromand will also serve to train equipment, books and USD 10,000 CBPS. donated to the Department of Geology. 12 VF DEC 2012
  15. 15. AWARD VarsityFocus dentist. Prof. Kaimenyi has served in different leadership roles in various professional bodies including the Kenya Dental Association, the East and Southern Africa Section of the International Association for Dental Research and the Commonwealth Dental Association. Prof. Kaimenyi thanked PFA for the honour and his family and friends for supporting him. He said that he was committed to be in the category of people who have prepared to live to the letter and spirit of the Award and the Academy. He called on professional colleagues to work towards the greater good of the community. Dr. Pankaj Patel, Chairman, PFA Among those who witnessed Kenya, Prof. J.T. Kaimenyi and Prof. PGeorge Magoha, Vice Chancellor UoN. rof. Jacob Kaimenyi, Deputy the auspicious moment was Prof. Vice Chancellor (DVC), Academic Kaimenyi’s wife, Stella and their Affairs, was recently awarded daughter, Ann, Prof. Isaac Mbeche, the Honorary Fellowship of the Pierre DVC, Student Affairs, Prof. Lucy Fauchard Award (PFA) in a colourful Irungu, DVC, Research, Production and Extension, Prof. Isaac Kibwage, Prof. ceremony held in the Vice Chancellor’s Committee Room. Principal, College of Health Sciences and Prof. Enos Njeru, Principal, Kaimenyi The award, which was formally College of Humanities and Social presented by Dr. Pankaj Patel, Sciences. Representatives from the Chairman, PFA Kenya, is given to Kenya Dental Association, Ministry of awarded individuals who have made a valuable contribution to the advancement of Medical Services and the Association of Professional Societies in East Africa Honorary the art and science of dentistry. Prof. were also present. Everlyne Wagaiyu, Dean, School of Dental Sciences and a PFA Fellow, read PFA has also awarded scholarships to Fellowship the pledge and administered the oath three UoN dental students to assist to Prof. Kaimenyi. the young Kenyans to access university education in dental sciences. Speaking during the function, Prof. George Magoha, the Vice-Chancellor, Varsity Focus congratulates Prof. congratulated Prof. Kaimenyi for the Kaimenyi and wishes him success as achievement and described his deputy he strives to maintain and sustain his as an outstanding and committed contributions to dentistry. VF DEC 2012 13
  16. 16. VarsityFocus COLLABORATIONUON and Wits increase collaboration During the unique meeting, Information and Communication Technology, mining, financial education Wits and staff exchange were University, identified as some of the Director thematic areas for potential of Special collaboration. Projects, Oliver Seale, Prof. Present during the meeting Loyiso G. were : Prof. Lucy Irungu, Nongxa and the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Prof. George Research, Production and Magoha, Vice Extension, Prof. Peter Mbithi, Chancellor Deputy Vice-Chancellor, UoN. Administration and Finance, Prof. Prof. SimeonT he University of revealed during a meeting Magoha acknowledged the Mitema, Director, Centre for Nairobi (UoN) and between Prof. George importance of developing International Programmes the University of Magoha, Vice Chancellor, training programmes that and Links (CIPL), Dr. JamenWitwatersrand (Wits) UoN and Prof. Loyiso G. will contribute to the Were, Director, Schoolwill soon expand the Nongxa, in November 2012. nation’s sustainable growth. of Mathematics, amongscope of the existing He said that the University others. Prof. Nongxa Prof. Nongxa said thatcollaboration between has a long way to go was accompanied by the African universities need tothe two institutions, especially in research and Director of Special Projects, engage and participate inwhich includes research, development. Oliver Seale. developmental discussionsteaching and community on Africa, rather than, sitting African universities need to engage andengagement, public health, back as Ivory, social sciences participate in developmental discussions onand paleontology. This was In his remarks, Prof. AfricaLanzhou University delegation visits UoNA s part of the familiarization steps Presiding over a meeting on behalf with the LZU team in various areas towards the realization of the of the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Isaac including dry land agriculture and new objectives of the memorandum Mbeche, Deputy Vice Chancellor, agricultural technologies.of understanding (MOU) recently Student Affairs, welcomed the move In attendance was Prof. Jacobsigned between the University of saying that UoN’s strategic plan is clear Kaimenyi, Deputy Vice Chancellor,Nairobi (UoN) and Lanzhou University on partnerships and linkages. He said Academic Affairs, Prof. Agnes(LZU), China, a delegation from LZU that through such arrangements, both Mwang’ombe, Principal, CAVS, Prof.visited UoN in October, 2012, to firm institutions will benefit especially from Solomon Shibairo, Dean, Faculty ofup on the collaboration in agriculture each other’s areas of expertise. Agriculture, Prof. Simeon Mitema,related projects especially in research, The College of Agriculture and Director, Centre for Internationalstudents and staff exchange and Veterinary Sciences (CAVS) is working Programmes and Links, among VF DEC 2012
  17. 17. COMMUNITY SERVICE VarsityFocusPsychologyStudents Volunteerto teach in slumsF ollowing the clarion What the club members call by His Excellency anticipated was that they the President Hon will only teach the pupilsMwai Kibaki for free how to read and write.primary education , many That was not to be so,children joined the schools these young children hadnearest their residence. psychosocial issues thatThese children were mostly required resolution. Pupilsdrawn from lowly homes; from classes 5,6,7and 8 hademployed as house helps, different reasons as to why Some of the pupils tutored by members of the Psychologyfrom single parent headed they were in school. Their Club.household, HIV/AIDS reasons reflected their familyinfected and affected and challenges. Some came tofrom dysfunctional families. school for the free meal offered by the Word FoodThe Psychology Club of Programme at lunch break,the University of Nairobi others enjoy escape fromcontacted the Kusoma sexual harassment or to atTu Foundation based at least sleep in class, free fromKawangware Primary School brutality at home and otherto volunteer as teachers child abuse related a reading intervention.This was taken positively The members foundby the Club members who that they have to offer Undaunted by the challenges of tutoring in slumcommute to the school counseling and guidance to conditions, members of the Club arrive for the afternoonduring their free time. The groups and to individuals session.chairman organized them as they have differentinto groups of five to ten psychological and social performance. The most but has a limited staff due tostudents to attend on issues. With the help of the important service that they the location of the school indifferent days of the week. Department of Psychology offer now is counseling a high risk area.They meet their travelling and the University of Nairobi services to the pupils andexpenses because the fraternity, the Club will raise The Club is seeking how their parent(s) to lift their selfFoundation is nonprofit funds in order to carry out a best the child can be esteem and help them copemaking. Run by a retired more detailed research that protected and saved from with daily life challenges.teacher from the United will reveal the cause and drug addiction and abuse The school has 1400 pupilsKingdom. effects of poor education by others. VF DEC 2012 15
  18. 18. VarsityFocus COLLABORATIONUoN and Reading discuss on collaboration meeting presided over by at the same time jointly Prof. Isaac Mbeche, Deputy source for funds with their Vice Chancellor, Student collaborators in order to Affairs, in October 2012, promote research activities, where different areas of institutional capacity collaboration were identified building and exchange of and discussed. publications and journals. According to Prof. Among some of the Steven Mithen, the Pro Vice areas identified include Chancellor of the University agriculture, food security, of Reading, the partnership engineering, architecture, between UoN and Reading economics, and the arts, T he University of will benefit from demand with possibilities forProf. Steven Mithen, thePro Vice Chancellor of Nairobi (UoN) has driven programmes that teaching and researchthe University of Reading entered into talks meet the international collaboration and exchangeand Prof. Isaac Mbeche, on collaboration with the market requirements. programmes. DetailedDeputy Vice Chancellor, University of Reading. This discussions on partnershipsStudent Affairs. While welcoming the was revealed during a and collaborations will initiative, Prof. Mbeche follow. said that programmes and “The partnership between UoN and reading linkages provide avenues The Reading delegation will benefit from demand driven programmes through which academic was on a one week visit of that meet the international market” members of staff and various institutions of higher students can further their learning in Africa, in a bid to requirements. research activities and identify new opportunities.School of Business to launch on-line coursesT he School of Business after the two schools Nzuve, the new method and convenient to all. (SOB) will launch two signed a memorandum of of delivery will increase Chairing the meeting, online postgraduate understanding to share admission of students to Prof. Isaac Mbeche,programmes through the academic resources and the School and accord Deputy Vice-Chancellor,support from Switzerland develop online programmes many prospective students Student Affairs, welcomedManagement Centre (SMC). at SOB. a chance to continue with the initiative by the two their education devoid The programmes The SOB will tap into schools and emphasized of barriers of distanceto be offered are the SMC expertise in developing the importance of and physical attendancedoctorate and masters and running relevant online collaborations, linkages requirements. By offeringin Entrepreneurship and programmes. According and partnerships in on-line courses, the SchoolHuman Resource Capital. to the Dean, School of developing capacities in will make the much neededThis initiative will be possible Business, Mr. Stephen modern institutions. He higher education accessible16 VF DEC 2012
  19. 19. COLLABORATION VarsityFocusSchool of Journalism enters into talkswith China Communication UniversityT he School of Journalism delegation, Prof. Liu Jinan, and Mass Communication invited UoN to participate in the recently entered into setting up of the African Mediadeliberations with a delegation Centre at the Communicationfrom the Communication University University of China, noting thatof China, to explore possibilities it would present stakeholdersof collaboration in the field of with a chance to create mutualcommunication, research and understanding in developmentstaff and student exchange. The projects.collaboration will also focus on Present during the meetingprojects aimed at promoting women was Prof. Jacob Kaimenyi, Deputyin communication. Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs, Speaking during the visit, Prof. Enos Njeru, Principal,Prof. Isaac Mbeche, Deputy Vice College of Humanities andChancellor, Student Affairs, noted Social Sciences, Dr. Wambui Kiai,that the University of Nairobi Director, School of Journalism andrecognizes that education with an Mass Communication, and character is necessary Simeon Mitema, Director, Centreto equip students with knowledge for International Programmes and Prof. Liu Jinan and Prof. Isaac Mbeche,and skills to survive and grow, Deputy Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs. a competitive labour market.The team leader of the Chinesechallenged the stakeholders to Gerald Schwaiger, the Businessshare experiences and resources Development Manager, benefit both parties and also This development will supportgrow beyond the School of the ongoing e-learning effortsBusiness. by the University through the Speaking on behalf of SMC Centre for Open and DistanceUniversity, the Deputy Vice- Learning and the e- LearningChancellor, Academic Affairs, Prof. Centre. In attendance was Prof.Ted Sun said the students will be Jacob Kaimenyi, the Deputy Vice-elevated to a world class level Chancellor, Academic Affairs, Prof.through the quality of on-line Enos Njeru, Principal, College ofeducation offered, developing Humanities and Social Sciencesappropriate programmes and Prof. Simeon Mitema, Director,and focusing on research. Centre for International Programmes Students research through WIFI facilitiesHe was accompanied by Dr. and Links (CIPL). availed at the campus. VF DEC 2012 17
  20. 20. VarsityFocus DISCOURSEFord Foundation to fund renovation ofTaifa HallT he University of Nairobi (UoN) has been awarded a grantof $ 500,000 to renovateand modernize the TaifaHall. This was revealed duringa public lecture by FordFoundation President LuisA. Ubiñas held at UoN lastmonth. The well attendedpublic lecture was partof the Foundation’s 50thanniversary in EasternAfrica celebrations and itis befitting that it was heldin Taifa Hall, famous as aplace of rich history withintellectual debates datingback to close to 40 years Ford Foundation President Luis Ubiñas with Vice-Chancellor, Prof. George Magoha.ago.In introductory remarks,Prof. George Magoha their rightful role as leaders was given. In total, Ford on rethinking socialofficially welcomed the rather than being used as Foundation has supported movements, and studentguests and audience to the pawns by politicians. He the University in various voices in governanceUniversity and challenged urged Kenyans to embrace activities to the tune of of higher educationthe guest speaker to speak the “I can make it” spirit USD 5 million. Among such institutions.freely to the attentive which calls for people to be activities include supporting The interaction whichaudience. active in choosing all their the School of Journalism was aired live on Citizen leaders. This echoes a call and Mass Communication While reflecting TV was moderated by Julie being made in all gatherings to hold conferences,on the five decades of Gichuru of Royal Media asking the educated to take and build capacity as aprogress, opportunities Services. Also present charge of how they will be centre of excellence inand challenges in Eastern was Chief Justice Dr. Willy governed. communication, mediaAfrica, President Ubiñas Mutunga, Ford Foundation training and practices. Itcommended Kenya for the The partnership Representative for Eastern has also supported thegreat strides the country has between the Foundation Africa, Maurice Makoloo and Institute for Developmentmade since independence. and the UoN dates back to top University of Nairobi Studies to conduct researchHe said that every Kenyan, 1962 when the first grant Management.young or old has a specialresponsibility to make this The partnership between the foundation and the UoN datescountry better and called back to 1962 when the first grant was given.upon the youth to take18 VF DEC 2012
  21. 21. DISCOURSE VarsityFocusWorld Students Summit for Sustainability 2012kicks off at UoNT he Taifa Hall was once requires governments to again the preferred promote the formulation choice of venue and implementationfor the official opening of strategies, policiesceremony of the World and programs forStudents Summit for the advancement ofSustainability 2012. The inclusive and sustainedfive-day Summit which economic developmenthad been organized through human resourceby the World Student development andCommunity for Sustainable technological innovation.Development (WSCSD) In this sense, education, Hon. James Orengo, Minister for Lands and Hon. Chirau Mwakwere,in partnership with the training and research are Minister for Environment and Mineral Resources arrive for the openingUniversity of Nairobi (UoN) key drivers of a Green session of the World Youth Forum for Sustainability.and UNEP’s Environmental Economy.” economy and sustainable entrepreneurship wasEducation and Training Unit The summit focussed development. held on the last day of the(EETU) was the first annual on developing a common summit.WSCSD summit to be held According to Nickson understanding of ain Africa. The theme of the Otieno, President, Speaking on behalf of green economy andsummit was “Students WSCSD, the aim of the the Vice Chancellor, Prof. how youth energy,leadership and innovation summit was to build the Jacob Kaimenyi, Deputy action and innovationtowards a green economy." students’ understanding Vice Chancellor- Academic could be harnessed for and enhance their actions Affairs congratulated the Opening the forum an enhanced impact in towards achieving a green students for dedicating theiron behalf of the Prime sustainable development. economy and to enhance time and energy on lookingMinister, Hon, James The summit topics were understanding of the green for solutions directedOrengo, Minister for energy, waste, water, food economy concept and towards environmentalLands congratulated and transport. Apart from increase action towards sustainability.students for hosting the keynote speeches, poster green entrepreneurshipforum and noted that “the presentations and group In attendance was by providing a platformtransition to a Green discussions, practical Hon. Amb. Chirau Ali for student-student andEconomy activities were incorporated Makwere, Minister for student-professional into the summit to Environment and Mineral interactions. ultimately, foster the Resources, Prof. Isaac formation of partnerships The students also Mbeche, Deputy Vice- for collaborative efforts got an opportunity to Chancellor, Student Affairs towards a green share and document their and Ibrahim Thiaw, Director, sustainability initiatives Division of Environmental in their various countries Policy Implementation, while laying a foundation UNEP are among those who for a green economy. A were present. special workshop on green Nickson Otieno, President, WSCSD, delivers his speech VF DEC 2012 19