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SocialPRO Clubs, an initiative by Nairobi-based firm Social Edge Africa, are promising to help universities and students tap into social media for knowledge and contact sharing. Social Edge Africa is based at the Nairobi Hub in Kileleshwa and operates as a social media consultancy for corporate firms..The tremendous growth of social media in business and communication in Kenya has necessitated us to conceptualize and spearhead the formation of social media clubs dubbed (SocialPro clubs) in universities across the country. These clubs will bring together different social media enthusiasts, speakers, developers, lecturers, bloggers, industry experts, digital agencies and organizations who have immensely contributed to the growth of social media in Kenya. The core objective of these clubs is to teach, educate, create awareness and impart knowledge & skills of social media to the university students. This will ensure students and lecturers understand how to tap into the potential online and approach social media as a business & communication tool and a teaching aid to lecturers. This is meant to revolutionize learning in institutions of higher learning because it will change the how and when lecturers create and share content with the students online and on social media specifically. These clubs will enhance collaboration, exchange of ideas among the students and the industry and nurture creativity because students especially shall be exposed to the limitless possibilities online and they'll also learn how to tap into all that potential therein. Besides that we shall also use the platform to sensitize university students and youths on responsible online behaviour and how to use social media as a PRO. All this is meant to ensure the youths engage properly online especially regarding creating and passing hate messages online in this election period.

This programme is endorsed by the ministry of information and technology and Dr. Bitange Ndemo; the PS at the ministry will be the chief guest at the launch of the social media clubs on the 11th of October at the University of Nairobi, School of Business.

The pilot phase will take place in 4 universities in October around Nairobi namely
1. University of Nairobi
2. Strathmore University
3. USIU Kenya
4. Multimedia University and we envision that by end of 2013 we shall have covered all universities in Kenya and set up a social media club in all universities.
These are just but a few of the benefits of SocialPro clubs; there is a complete listing of the same on Mr. Muthuri Kinyamu’s blog.

To be part of #SocialPro clubs launch and roll out as a partner, sponsor, be part of the team or support for this idea please send an email to

Features online with more information;

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Social Media Clubs~SocialPro Clubs For Kenyan Universities

  2. 2. SocialPro clubs For UniversitiesThese clubs will bring together different social media enthusiasts, speakers,lecturers, bloggers, industry experts, digital agencies and organizations who haveimmensely contributed to the growth of social media in Kenya. The core objective ofthese clubs is to teach, educate, create awareness and impart knowledge &skills ofsocial media to the university students. SocialPro clubs will help university studentsrefine their business ideas and find a high-potential commercial opportunity, gatherresources such as talent and capital, figure out how to sell and market the idea andmanage rapid growth. How? All the key partners they need for their start up ideasare right here on social media so this platform enhances collaboration and exchangeof ideas to create solutions that have a great impact in the world. ITS POSSIBLE! .SocialPro clubs will also create a platform that will enhance product and consumerengagement through creativity and innovation.
  3. 3. Target Publics.Primary Audiences:1.University Students2.Lecturers3.Youths in generalSecondary Audiences:1.Corporate Sponsors andpartners.2.Social Media Influencers.3.The Kenyan System- Change Target Audience Demographicsperceptions & attitude towardssocial media! •18-24year olds •Male& Female •Urban
  4. 4. StrategyRecruit: Social media influencers & Kenyan youths who are bloggers, entrepreneurs,artistes, media personalities, producers, dancers, designer from all over the country to telltheir reasons why they believe in the potential on social media and share their reasons whywe shouldn’t have porn pages on FB, no Twitter handles spreading hate and rumours etc!We shall also be sensitizing the students & youths on the legal risks and dangers of passinghate messages, stalking, threatening others on social media to ensure PEV doesn’t happenInspire: When university students see these positive Kenyan stories from other youthswho have integrated social media into what they do they’ll definitely engage asSOCIALPRO’s online. We shall be having talks in universities around the country wherewe invite various people the youth identify as role models to inspire & refresh theiroptimism and teach, train & encourage students to explore the various possibilities online.The media shall also be involved heavily to drive agenda to their audiences on thepotential there’s online and inspire students to think beyond “accepting that friendrequest”Celebrate: In November we shall be having Social Media Awards in Kenya to rewardsocial media excellence. This will provide a platform for others to learn about how toengage profitably on social media. We shall also invite these SOCIALPRO’s to talk touniversity students on “how they’ve” leveraged on social media.
  5. 5. Objectives.1. Create platforms for Kenyans to tell their positive social media successes and failures for others to learn. These platforms will help students to exchange ideas, collaborate and share opportunities as well as engage lecturers and our key partners & sponsors.2.Create opportunities for university students to interact with positive influencers/role models. The SocialPro clubs will provide a platform that gives you a chance to impart skills to these students, mentor and coach the university students.3. Showcase the reasons to believe in social media (stories/images/videos) in Kenya on the platforms we shall have created. This shall inspire students to think beyond, encourage innovation, nurture creativity and inspire development of ideas that will solve problems in the society with viable & sustainable business ideas and project
  6. 6. The Tools1.Digital (Social Media etc.)2.Press Releases3.Features4.Events5.Press Conferences6.Interviews
  7. 7. Overview PR Tactical planPhase Tier one 2012Launch (Oct) Launch of SocialPro clubs 11th October 2012 University of NairobiPilot Phase (Oct- To be conducted in four universities namely University ofNov) Nairobi, Kenyatta University, USIU Kenya, Multimedia University and Strathmore UniversitySustenance SOMA Awards-Awarding social media excellence in Kenya.(Nov-Dec) Our sponsor features on the media. SocialPro Crews & Ambassadors. (December) Release findings of the Social Media survey we are carrying out2013 Roll out to other universities.
  8. 8. Above The Line Strategy RADIO: • Campaign Launch • Awareness TV: • Primary awareness/ exposure medium • Sustenance • Continuity PRINT: • Tactical campaign support • PR
  9. 9. Implementation• We are working with professional marketing and IT clubs in universities. In University of Nairobi we shall be working with Marketing Students Association (MSA) and Business Information Students Association (BISSA) in organizing the launch. We shall also work with AIESEC in other universities and professional clubs in those universities. The launch is on the 11th October 2012 and the pilot phase will be in USIU Kenya, Kenyatta University, Multimedia University and Strathmore University.• After the pilot phase we shall be sending out weekly newsletters to all the participants, urge students and lectures to subscribe to our newsletter on our interactive website. This newsletter will tackle various issues on social media to deepen the understanding of social media. We already have a Facebook page, Twitter handle, a group on Facebook, a blog and an interactive website that will be major resource platforms to communicate and connect these clubs. We shall also be holding quarterly contact talks in each university with an invited speaker or by Social Edge Africa or Kuza Biashara. The newsletters shall have your logos and during the talks we shall have your banners and push girls from the campus branded by Coca Cola. We envision that by mid 2013 we will have covered all universities and with fully operational SocialPro clubs.
  10. 10. Benefits To Students1.Enable collaboration and exchange of ideas among students in other universities and industry. (spur innovation)2.Allows for information sharing with external partners and students thus boost entrepreneurship and connect students to opportunities.3.Exchange of information with the industry will bridge the gap between the university and expectations of employers.4.Will help students keep pace with fast moving events.5. Help students network with top industry professionals, agencies and firms.6. Help students understand the opportunities available in form of careers on social media.7. Promote innovation, nurture creativity and inspire development.8. Understand the realities, opportunities &requirements for the various disciplines of social media.
  11. 11. Benefits To Lecturers1.Help lecturers embrace social media and learn how to integrate it into teaching.2.Understand how to connect with their students on social media and gain valuable feedback, share information etc.3.Help the lecturers embrace social media learn how to communicate, engage and interact with students on social media.4.Establish processes that control the publishing and monitoring of their content online & globally.5. Help lecturers understand how to publish their content on multiple networks , optimize it for a variety of multimedia formats and optimize it for many types of screens to ensure it’s viewed easily and consumed.6. Help lecturers understand how to edit the content into a creative formats that entertains, educates and inspires.7. Help them learn how to create and share content for the different types of media such as video and text.8.Basically they will learn how social media can make their work easier and more fun!The above benefits will improve learning in universities.
  12. 12. Winning Partnership S Inspiring Clubs A generation; CREATING A BETTER FUTUREPLACE YOURLOGO HERE
  13. 13. Here’s how• Providing a forum for interaction SocialPro clubs will provide a platform where university students can interact, engage and share experiences on life, careers , CSR, and business with your company or organization.• Influencing innovation SocialPro clubs will enable collaboration and exchange of ideas among students in other universities and industry thus spur innovation. These clubs will allow for information sharing with external partners and students; this exchange of information with the industry will bridge the gap between the university and expectations of employers.• Wide reach Through SocialPro clubs, your brand shall have touched and impacted the lives of university students in Kenya, thus gives you a footprint in every university in Kenya by end of 2013.• Sustainability Once we establish these clubs we shall handover their management to the students who will run them with the guidance of a patron. However in the first one year we shall work hand in hand with the students in the clubs executive committee to support them financially in their events, connect them to speakers and experts plus help them secure corporate sponsorship for their activities. We shall also work with the universities administrations to ensure these clubs get financial and technical support on ground and that lecturers participate in the events to learn more on digital media.
  14. 14. GUEST SPEAKERS1.DR. Bitange Ndemo- Permanent Secretary; Ministry of Information (Chief Guest)2. Kennedy Kachwanya- Tech Blogger- "Social Media for E-Commerce“3. Jimnah Mbaru "Monetizing Ideas, the Business angle to Innovation“4. Martha Karua- How #AskMarthaThurs is helping her with campaigns on Twitter.5. Marvin K. Tumbo- "Common Mistakes Brands &Individuals make on social media“6. Evans Muriu- "Social Media For Non-profits. A Presentation on Wanadamu.7. Mark Kaigwa- Mobile social media marketing; what does the horizon look like?“8. Dennis Ole Itumbi-Blogger-Social Media Etiquette; The code of Conduct online And many more amazing people lined up!
  15. 15. CONTACT Social Edge Nairobi Hub 020 SocialEdgeAfrica@SocialAfrika www.socialedge.coke Contact Person: Muthuri Kinyamu Team Leader or Read my social tweets: @KenyanMarketer