Planning For Technology Integration

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  • 1. How Do I Plan for Technology Integration? What you need to know before you start http:// =sIibvc-q6qI&feature=related
  • 2. Planning for technology usage
    • Identify Content Essential Learnings: What do I want students to know and be able to do?
    • Construct the Assessment: What is the evidence of learning?
    • Design the Activity
    • Design the Process
    • Plan for Classroom Management Related to the Use of Technology
  • 3.    What does research say about using Technology effectively?
    • Students should be motivated, engaged and learning actively
    • Learning should be authentic
    • Learning should be collaborative
    • Students should be the explorers and producers of knowledge
    • Instruction and learning should be integrated across curriculum
    • Students should be proficient in digital age literacy skills
    • Assessments should be performance based
  • 4. How do I engage students?
    • You need to frame projects differently.
    • We no longer need students to just locate facts and regurgitate them.
    • In this digital age it's too easy to copy and paste the answers.
    • The way to frame projects differently is to create an Essential Question for students to answer that involves the desired skills of higher-level thinking
  • 5. Design the Activity
    • What activities will engage students and form knowledge?
    • Think of activities that: Require students to answer a How?, Which?, or Why? question allowing students to create new knowledge or information
    • Pertain to the real world, ideally students' personal interests
    • Allow for student creativity and choice; and
    • Present a high but acceptable level of challenge
  • 6. Plan for Classroom Management Related to the Use of Technology  
    • How will the available technology to student ratio be managed?