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Universal business school Presentation Transcript

  • 2. CONTENT 1.Message from ‚The Dean‛. 2.Message from the Library. 3.Introduction to our new faculty. 4.Introduction to our new student council 5.R4R, A glimpse. 6.Welcome to the family ,‚CMBA3‛. 7.Moments
  • 4. Arey baba kya karte ho tum log, you have to be faaaast . Do not do 100 things in 10 days but do 20 things in 1 day. So take 2 more assignments for today… Message from ‚The Dean‛
  • 5. Total experience:- 42 years including 2 years in teaching. He has worked in top management level in Reserve Bank of India(RBI) . He was the General Manager of S.C.T.I, promoted by RBI. Since we are a business school and hence it is very important to start with the point of view of a brilliant economist. Professor K.V. Raam
  • 6. Question1. Sir, where do you think potential lies in UBS? Professor Raam says that UBS can impart an unconventional model of education involving experiential learning, environment and ethics. Question2. Does market lacks in jobs as of now? Professor Raam says, “Relatively speaking it is a fact that there are constraints in the employment market on account of various macroeconomic factors. However one must hasten to add that the fittest and deserving will always fit into the groove through sheer merit with lots of practical assignments & project in addition to conventional classroom learning”. Question3.What steps are necessary right now for the students and what kind of mindset he/she should have? Professor Raam commented on this as, ”A student should be in a position to derive the fullest advantage in learning the various subjects both in theory & practice, develop his/her personality to the fullest and last but not the least, by being a useful member of the society either as an entrepreneur or by participating in the corporate world otherwise”.
  • 7. Echo, from the library Mrs. Namrata Kunal Sansare Head- Library,UBS Total work experience of 7 years including IIT Mumbai Dear madam, What is so unique about the library of UBS? Mrs Namrita.- In my experience, I have never seen such a dedicated library for MBA students. Even in IIT they do not have this much huge collection of books devoted to MBA. Each and every type of material is available from Sam Walton’s ‘man who built America’ to HBR latest editions.
  • 8. How can a student use the library? Mrs Namrita.- We have open access library along with very good software support to keep track of the books. Also, almost every periodicals and journals (national & international) are available here. So, a student can anytime issue and read them and get updated with the current trends and knowledge.
  • 9. Asst. Professor Mousmi Total experience - 6 year of teaching experience majorly in finance subjects like SAPM, cost accountancy, financial management, project management etc. MBA finance from I.C.F.A.I Dehradun Research fellowship from U.G.C. Currently doing I.C.W.A., Presented 2 national and 3 international research paper. Question1. What is the best thing about UBS? Professor Mousmi says that its faculty, infrastructure and corporate exposure are the best features of UBS.
  • 10. Quesion2. How is your experience till now in UBS? Professor said that it is great and also a learning experience for me as I got a chance to teach along with so many experienced professors from various industries. In addition to that it is very unique experience for me to get to know a lot about foreign university ways. Question3. As a finance professor what are your suggestions for the students who have opted finance as their major. She explained “According to market requirement they should update themselves. Also they should procure a few certifications and updated current business affairs to start up their career as an investment banker. These are few things they should have a strong command on, :- Excel,Financial concepts,Financial analysis etc” Question4. How do you think students in U.B.S are different from other colleges you have been teaching in? How could they improve further? Professor Mousmi said “In UBS so many experienced students are there, and as they already have a corporate experience they have an edge. UBS provides an open environment to learn and grow; students are far away from distractions so they can concentrate on their studies very well. But a few students are somehow students losing the opportunity so I suggest them please take this golden year seriously. Read a lots of newspaper, articles etc.
  • 11. Professor Sushant Nanda Total number of experience : 31 years Including last 10 years in teaching and b-school placements. Associated with companies like BAIF, CARE, MAS, Johnson & Johnson, Career Aircon etc. to name a few. Handled clients like NALCO, HAL, PPL, MCL etc to name a few. Also he have consulting experience in the area of marketing advertising, projects, recruitments & selection MDP’s. Approved trainer for national alluminium company Ltd.
  • 12. Question1. What do you think about UBS? Prof. Nanda says that it is a great place for learning. International quality management education is imparted to the students. Question2. What should student focus on as MBA students? Prof Nanda suggested that students at UBS ‘must’ learn ‘at least’ 16 hours a day while focusing on consistently improving their domain knowledge. Question3. What do you think UBS could impart in its existing model to improve further? Prof Nanda says that UBS has to more aggressively promote corporate consulting in all functional area of management.
  • 13. Professor Sunil Malhotra Total experience of 40 years including entrepreneurship, global marketing, International merchandizing. Worked as a senior General manager in Shipping and marine industry of Garwara. General Manager with G.M textiles mills with a turnover of 1000 crores. Converted sick manufacturing unit of nylon fish net into 24X7 operational profit making unit. First time in history of Maharashtra managed managed 25% wage cut from workers to revive the sick unit and made it operational within 6 months 24X7 operational unit while reversing the wage cut with bonuses & overtime. Achieved export merit award from the hands of late President Of India Shri Giani zail singh at the age of 21. Received and executed India’s largest soft toy’s order worth 1 crore. Worked with MNC’s from U.S.A(W.W.I.) and Canada in security system.
  • 14. Question 1. Dear sir, what do you think about UBS? What in your experience are its strengths ? Prof. Malhotra says that UBS has one of the finest infrastructural layout design for a business management institute in a highly green enviroment. According to him the strengths of UBS are its students and the allumuni Who can in a very organized way can bring the institute to the highest level In the near future. He also states that having the best of faculties UBS needs to attract high no. of admissions. He further added that qualities and standard of teaching are at their best level. Question2. What are the career opportunities are waiting for operation students in the market? Prof. Malhotra says, “ Since India is going through a very hard time through its economy, there has been always need of infrastructure development for the purpose of global business houses and industries. The governments are spending thousand of crores into the reconstruction and development of airports, seaports, expressways etc. which means that there would be an immense demand involving SCM, logistics, distribution etc. which would create more than 5 lakh vacancies in near future. Therefore this area of O.M. by which goods can be delivered in finest form around the world will create great demand with in the country.”
  • 15. Question 3. What is the best thing about students of UBS & What else do you think as a professor, one can do for student? Students have great personalities, ready to work hard and give excellent results. They are future of this nation all they need is to have willingness to work at various managerial positions in any kind of industry. As their teacher, their professor we must impart them best of our knowledge to help them perform excellent in professional field in their future. We need to develop their skills and studies to the highest professional level. Also as a professor it is my responsibility to discipline them but also to put a smile on their faces. He also quoted, ‚We should believe in delivering the youngsters what they deserve‛.
  • 16. Events & Entertainment Echo a compilation of recent events and happenings
  • 19. UNIVERSAL BUSINESS SCHOOL provides immediate medical help with an on-campus doctor and a tie-up with Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital.
  • 22. VAMNICOM, PUNE ….the winners from UBS,, A team of four laziest & craziest students UBS has ever witnessed won almost every competition in a national event where 258 students participated from 52 colleges P.A.N India. The colleges which participated included premier B-schools like K.J soumaiya , SIMB, S.P. Jain etc. Congratulations  Abhishek Kar(the sleeping star)  Chitwant Raju Tahalyani (the gora shaitan)  Vishnu Sharma (the police commissioner of UBS)  Shekhar Kumar (the whatever)
  • 23. C.E.O and M.D of l.T. department of UBS
  • 24. Shri shri “1008” Amol Borale The supreme manager of UBS (logistics and internal operations) also the Warden of boys hostel. His academics counts as MBA from Howard business school, Karjat MBA from Stanford Bsiness School, Karjat A man who really keep the wheel rolling in UBS. His secret research subjects are Sudhir, Rohan, Desmukh anna etc. Thank you for being here with us all sir.
  • 25. The president Hoshiyal bulletwala (The real face)
  • 26. EXCEL training by Professor Shreyas Nambiar
  • 27. UBS is currently holding the ‚100 hour case study competition‛ ,Phase-I
  • 29. News flash ….. T.V in canteen ….
  • 30. In UBS ,We never sleep, never stop, never rest. We work, work & work. Have proud to be a part of UNIVERSAL BUSINESS SCHOOL
  • 31. Thanking you….