Turkish Connections Platform Meeting with New Members


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On 7 March 2013, Turkish Connections Platform (TCP) organized a successul kick-off event with high turnout of over 500 people at Spirito Brussels. Building on this momentum, TCP met on 16 March with those who expressed their wish to join the platform. TCP presented what happened so far and asked for the new members' views on what to do next.
To join the TCP, please join TCP's Linkedin page.

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Turkish Connections Platform Meeting with New Members

  1. 1. MEETING WITH NEW MEMBERS 16 March 2013
  2. 2. 3
  3. 3. Turkish Connections Platform• is independent and non-profit civil society initiative of the Turkish Professionals in Brussels and other professionals in Europe.• facilitates open dialogue and collaboration• aims to foster an informed and critical debate about the topical issues related to both Turkey and Europe• is committed to the principles of non- discrimination, transparency and accountability. 4
  4. 4. TCP Demographics on LinkedIn 52 % Women 69 % Brussels 55 % Senior Level 539 • International Affairs Members • Research • IT Services • Telecommunications • Financial Services Turkish Connections Platform • Automotive (280 since 11 December 2012) + • Government Turkish Professionals in • Chemicals Brussels (374 since 22 September 2012) 5
  5. 5. Turkish Connections Platform 6
  6. 6. TCP Coordination Group Organization Spokespersons Editors ModeratorsResponsibilities Responsibilities Responsibilities1. Main contact for coordination 1. Define the rules and 1. Facilitate the group of all internal group activities procedures for contributing discussions within the2. Prepare and communicate the the TCP blog Thematic Groups meeting agenda in 2. Upload and manage the 2. Prepare the post meeting consultation with other approved content on the report and communicate it to thematic group moderators platform all group members3. Representation of TCP in external relations (i.e fund raising, public Two Editors from each Thematic Group Always open for applications relations, Media etc..)Two Spokespersons from each Thematic Group (one male, one female)Active track of participationSelected for semi-annually (Period 1: Jan-Jun, Period 2: Jul-Dec) 7
  7. 7. Innovation and Entrepreneurship Group Spokespersons Editors Moderators Çağrı Çaylak Özge Küçük Serhat Doğan Senior Consultant Yunus Emre Severoğlu Managing Director Communication and Project Leader Organisation leader Levent İmece Merih Pasin İzzet Emre Kayaarma Sales Operations Architect Innovation Director Client Principal 8
  8. 8. Innovation and Entrepreneurship Group• Project 1 - Setting-up an “Entrepreneurial Training Program” for start-up or small enterprises (Project Managers: Muge, Gokhan, Emre S.)• Project 2 - Coaching & Career Development & Job Seeker Framework (Project Managers: Bahar, Begum, Philippe)• Project 3 - Doing business in Turkey/EU (Project Managers: Memet, Emre K. + Cagri, Murat in support position)• Project 4 - Conferences on “New trends in emerging- market innovation” with a focus on SMEs (Project Managers: Ozge, Idil) 9
  9. 9. European Union Communications Group Spokespersons Editors Moderators Laura Battalla Adam Mustafa Osman Turan Pınar Erdem Bahadır Ustaoğlu Policy Advisor to an MEP Senior Diplomat Project Finance Manager National Expert at EC Ekmel Çizmecioğlu Demir Murat Seyrek Policy Officer Managing Partner 10
  10. 10. European Union Communications Group• Project 1 - Introduction to the EU institutions (Project managers: Murat Seyrek and Laura Batalla Adam)• Project 2 - Visa Liberalization for Turkish Nationals (Project Managers: Mustafa Turan and Pınar Erdem)• Project 3 - Perceptions of Turkey in Europe (Projects managers: Ekmel Çizmecioglu and Dilek Aydin) – Joint project with Academic Exchange Group• Project 4 - Panel Debate on the “Future of the EU and Turkey’s Place” (Project Managers: Mustafa Turan and Laura Batalla Adam) 11
  11. 11. Academic Exchange Group Spokespersons Editors Moderators Zeynep Yanaşmayan Ahmet Giray Pınar Uyanık Evrim Tan Scientific Project Manager Risk Assurance Advisor Ph. D. Candidate Ph. D. Candidate Selma Yılmazyıldız Remziye Yılmaz Ph.D. Candidate Didem Büyükarslan Kayaarma Research Assistant Research Assistant 12
  12. 12. Academic Exchange Group• Project 1- Online database for academics in Belgium who study and research on Turkey (Project Managers: Remziye Yılmaz) - joint project with IT and Social Media Group• Project 2 - An internet portal to inform Turkish students who plan to study in Belgium and vice versa (Project Managers: to be nominated!)• Project 3- Seminars on EU Framework (Horizon 2020) Programs and Research Funds (Project Managers: to be nominated!) – Joint project with EU Communications Group• Project 4- Seminars on Doing Business in Turkey in cooperation with Ghent Management School (Project Managers: to be nominated!) 13
  13. 13. Event Organization Group Spokespersons Editors Moderators Evrim Taşkıran Pascale Eyben Gamze Erdemir Severoğlu Suzan Ünal Automotive Consultant Freelance @ e-writing Quality Assurance Methods Tax Reporter Generalist Derya Bulduk Başak Atalay Intern Hülya Türköz Manager Facilitator 14
  14. 14. Event Organization Group• Project 1 - "Turkish Music Night" (Project Managers: Evrim Taskiran and Derya Bulduk)• Project 2 - Language Conversation Tables (Project Managers: Pascal Eyben, Belinda, Derya Bulduk)• Project 3 - TCP Picnic (Project Managers: Gamze Erdemir and Suzan Unal)• Project 4 - TCP Summer Party (Project Managers: All Moderators) 15
  15. 15. IT and Social Media Group Spokespersons Editors Moderators Duygu Dikbaş Göksel Manav Özbil Bıyıklı Salim Finesse IS Developer Solution Architect Social Media Development System and Network Expert Administrator Aydın Erol Aydın Malkoç Web Consultant Özgün Emre Sorkun Managing Director Benarti Software Solutions Brussels Representative 16
  16. 16. IT and Social Media Group• Project 1 - TCP Website and Social Media Tools (Project Managers: All Moderators)• Project 2 - Database of Turkish speaking IT and ICT Professionals (Project Managers: Aydın Erol)• Project 3 - Networking and collaboration among IT and ICT Professionals in Turkey and Belgium (Europe)• Project 4 - Training programs for TCP members on IT and Social Media Skills (Project Managers: Aydın Malkoç) 17
  17. 17. Regular TCP Meetings & Events 18
  18. 18. 19