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3 zheng  roman foreign policy
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    3 zheng  roman foreign policy 3 zheng roman foreign policy Presentation Transcript

    • To
    • Carthage Carthage, the most powerful enemy that Rome had take After Roman to face. Before the first Punic over Sicily War, Carthage controls most of the trade, naturalCarthage wealth Island, resources and in the Mediterranean World. startedtoto attack In order become a world power, RomeAfter sixteen the Rome. decided to control economy of the Mediterranean World first. Rome won. years, Rome chose its target, Sicily Island.
    • A destroyed civilization After the second Punic war, Rome was afraid that Carthage is going to recover, so they wipe Carthage out of the map totally. They destroyed the buildings, and they salted the ground. is the fist big enemy This that Rome faced. They took some harmful action.
    • Gaul After Rome distorted Carthage, the problems Rome fight from the north stars to bother Rome. back as they In 390 BC, Gaul defeated Roman Army in did to The Battle of the Allia. Gaul started to attack the Carthage. northern border of Rome. Rome tooke its action, it fought back. After a long fight. Julius Caesar pushed his army into Gaul in 58 BC
    • The Roman foreign policy made Rome successful. One sentence to conclude the Roman Foreign Policy, I came, I saw, I conquered.
    • Hun Huns, the strong warriorswho migrated from centralAsia. They attacked everycountry they saw. They forcedthe northern tribes to moveout of their home land, whichstarted the BarbarianInvasion.
    • Goth During the Barbarian BarbarianInvasion, Goth was being attackedby Huns. Under the strong attackof Hun, Goth tribes moved towardsthe Roman Empire. The Roman Empire tried tocontrol the Goth but they failed.Goth took over the city ofRome, and lead the RomanEmpire to the end.
    • Work Citedhttp://www.allempires.com/article/index.php?q=hunshttp://ancienthistory.abc-clio.com/Topics/Display/1185207?cid=41&terms=Romanhttp://ancienthistory.abc-clio.com/Search/Display/1280677?terms=carthagehttp://ancienthistory.abc-clio.com/Search/Display/1654046?terms=gothhttp://ancienthistory.abc-clio.com/Search/Results?q=gaul