Super crisp - Swot Analysis


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Super crisp - Swot Analysis

  1. 1. CONTENTS1. Mission Statement2. Reputation of Organization3. Introduction4. Facilities5. Tripple-Em Products and Varieties6. Selling Points7. Product Development Process8. Swot Analysis
  2. 2. MISSION STATEMENT:Our vision to provide the cooking requirements of the taste buds of the Pakistanination and at the same time to support the qualifications, preconditions andspecifications set internationally by the ISO 9001. We start with the crunchy productof potato chips of high quality under the brand name of “Super Crisp”. No doubt thename itself is self-explanatory.Product definition:We provide high quality potato chips.Market definition:We market of fresh crunchy product.REPUTATION OF ORGANIZATION:In South Asia and Middle East, Tripple-em ranked first and remained the onlycompany producing premium quality snack food items. Tripple-em is a recognizedmember & affiliated to „Potato Chips/Snack Food Association of America‟ since pastseveral years. The company offers a range of snack food items to include Potato Chips,Nimko Mix, Peanuts, corn and potato based extruded products. Nationwideavailability of the products is made possible by a vast and effective distributionnetwork. 1
  3. 3. INTRODUCTIONBack in 1982 a business firm was created with the vision to cater tothe culinary requirements of the taste buds of the Pakistani nationand at the same time to uphold the qualifications, preconditions andspecifications set internationally by the ISO 9001. We commencedwith the crunchy product of potato chips of high quality under thebrand name of “Super Crisp”. No doubt the name itself is self-explanatory.FACILITIESTripple-Em was formed with the sole object of smooth, convenient and proficientflow in the business of food. For this purpose great efforts have been made to ensurethat anyone who tastes our products should really feel „at home‟.The company maintains a most modern research and test laboratory to ensure thehighest international standards in quality of the products. Quality of raw materials,efforts and efficiency at Tripple-Em enables us to provide the best of tastiest snackfood items to you.TRIPPLE-EM PRODUCTSSome of the products of Tripple-Em are shown below: 2
  4. 4. SUPER CRISP VARIETIES & UNIQUE SELLING POINTS: Deep red flesh color & crispy flesh texture Excellent sweet taste High yield Dark-green striped rind Excellent firmness Extended planting season High bricks Good uniformity of fruit size & shapePRODUCT DEVELOPMENT PROCESSLike every other organization tripple –em also worked on the following productdevelopment process and eventually by working on all the steps of the process anewproduct by the brand name super crisp was developed which was very muchsuccessful.WEAKNESSESThe major weaknesses of tripple-em company was the The product positioning. Less availability in market with no advertisement. Entrance of competitors. Huge market share captured by the strong competitor as in “Lays”. 3
  5. 5. No significant improvement to upgrade the product, in the mind of the target customers. It fails to attract customers mind. It did not make strategies against its competitors.MAJOR COMPETITORSThe major prominent competitors of „Super Crisp‟ are: Lays Pringles Slanty Plain Bakery Chips 4
  6. 6. SWOT ANALYSISWe extract the SWOT analysis of the tripple-em organization that where in fact it isstanding in the world. Strengths Weaknesses  More Success in short time as  Price shifts in the market due to compare to other competitors. competition.  Worldwide distribution network.  Less Advertisement in Current Media.  Diverse product range.  Less availability in rural areas.  Maintaining International quality.  Not conveying messages through the sources of communication.  Inefficient R&D department Opportunities Threats  Large distribution almost in all urban  Threat from Copycats. areas.  Low quality (tasteless, Burnt  Diversification into a range of Energy chips.) Drinks.  Already establish competitor  Introducing new flavors ranges. (LAYS, Pringles)  Online Marketing of Products.  High Speed of Capturing market by competitors.  Expanding their products market worldwide to capture shares.  Rate of shares is decreasing due to more competition. 5
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