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Presentación de Avance

  1. 1. ICS2014Presentación de Avance Alvaro Mariscal
  2. 2. Value PropositionMy product musicHub helps create abetter channel of communicationbetween independent bands and theirfans, by giving them an online experiencein which they can inform about theircurrent events and sell their music.
  3. 3. Lean Canvas Unique Value CustomerProblem Solution Proposition Unfair Advantage Segments• Lack of Revenue • A social network • musicHub helps • Easy and secureStreams for dedicated for music create a better platform to uploadIndependent Bands business, including channel of and sell digital • Independent the sell of communication content (Thats the bands songs/video directly between idea) uploaded by users. independent• Lack of a dedicated Key Metrics bands and their Channels • Advertisementweb page for music fans, by giving Companies • Bands Signed in them an online • Internet • Fans (Users) experience in • Number of users, which they can • Smartphone app sales/user inform about their current events and sell their music.Cost Structure Revenue Streams• Site Maintance (Servers, Programming, Hosting • Percentage (10%) of Salesetc) • Ad Space
  4. 4. Lean CanvasProblem• Lack of Revenue Unfair AdvantageStreams for • Easy and secureIndependent Bands platform to upload• Lack of a dedicated and sell digitalweb page for music content (Thats the idea)
  5. 5. Problem Interview Interview to Friends and Family Interview with members of Start-Up Chile Conclusions  Plenty of Sites for Band Pages (including Facebook and MySpace)  sells music via Internet but with no more content
  6. 6. The Competition Proves there is a market for selling independent music online (made more than USD 125,000 last month) Both buying mechanism and side products can be improved
  7. 7. Canvas Changes Unique Value Unfair CustomerProblem Solution Proposition Advantage Segments• Lack of a • A social network • musicHub helps create a • Completededicated web dedicated for better channel of Integration ofpage for music music business, communication between different channels ofthat includes the including the sell independent bands and communication and • Independentsell of content of songs/video their fans, by giving them music transactions bands directly uploaded an online experience in by users. which they can inform about their current events and sell their music. • Advertisement Key Metrics Channels Companies • Bands Signed in • Internet • Fans (Users) • Number of • Smartphone app users, sales/userCost Structure Revenue Streams• Site Maintance (Servers, Programming, Hosting etc) • Percentage (10%) of Sales • Ad Space
  8. 8. Canvas ChangesProblem Unfair Advantage• Lack of a dedicated • Complete Integrationweb page for music of different channels ofthat includes the sell communication andof content music transactions
  9. 9. Minimum Value Product (MVP)
  10. 10. Minimum Value Product (MVP)