Appreneur - a book summary


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A compact summary to the book "Appreneur" (written by Taylor Pierce) from my iOS Meetup Talk about app entrepreneurship and app market.

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Appreneur - a book summary

  1. 1. AppreneurA book summaryAdam Musial-Bright, @a_life_hacker
  2. 2. Before we beginThis book is not About developmentAbout technologyBeautifully writtenIt is a good advise to EntrepreneursIt is helpful outside Xcode
  3. 3. &App store searchThere are only two items users can search to findyour appTitleKeywords
  4. 4. vsTwo types of app titlesPlain:) Great brandrecognition:) Easy to remember:) Extra search keywords:) Better forunknown productAlways include app title in the keywords,because users can only search for the Title orKeywords but not bothDescriptive
  5. 5. KeywordsYou have 100 characters for your Keywords ... usethem wisely and learn from your competition
  6. 6. What do users searchfor?Users search forFunction not specific namese.g.“fun game” or “free shooting game”
  7. 7. App IconThe App icon is very important ... users do not wantugly icons on their home screenHire a DesignerDo not use Glosson the iconDetails are important
  8. 8. ScreenshotsTell a StoryLogicalMake aColorful Entertainingandorder
  9. 9. Advertising IDon‘t hire an ad consulting company or use Facebook ads!SearchYouTube for popular butpeople who might back your appless knownYouTubeCreate a video and answer the commentsTwitter works pretty well, tooFindYouTube app channel and let them Reviewyour app(like CrazyMikesApps, UniqueApps,AppStoreReviews,TechTechManTV, Appolicious or AppVee for $150 to $500)
  10. 10. Advertising IIContact a developer and advertise in His appMention your other apps withinYourapp
  11. 11. Communicate withusersCreate in app FormYouTubevideoComments RatingRead app store andso customers can ask questions... most people are amazed when they can contact you directlyAddress comments in a
  12. 12. vs.vs.vs.Business models (BM)PaidAds Freemium User base
  13. 13. Ads BMUse only if In app purchases andPaid versiondon’t make sense
  14. 14. Paid BMEasy to ImplementOnceYou will get paid onlyHard to gain Momentum and User base
  15. 15. Freemium apps BMUsers love Free appsPaid appsUser base will be much bigger than forEvery 50 to 100 users will generate One paid userUse Ad banner and make paid optiononly if you need toConsumable goods...who buys your app :)
  16. 16. User base BMGenerate a lot of UsersLogin at should be an option onlyFacebookThe size of your user base is what your app isWorthFacebook purchased Instagram because of theUser base and not product
  17. 17. Keep them using yourappare good but not too manyNotificationsSummaries via Mail no more than once weekly“Tell a friend” function viaFacebookMailTwitter
  18. 18. Where to get ideas?Look in the App storefor apps you could make betterKeep an eye out for Developer namesyou do not recognize in top 200 apps ...... it is a sign for a Hot marketYou have to Buy apps to learn how to distinguishgood from bad ones
  19. 19. Build for what market?Steve Jobs once sad,“Good artists copy,great artists steal”Things your are Interested inBuild for a Niche market as single developeror small company
  20. 20. Maintaining your appUsers love UpdatesAlways Answer your usersUpdates elevate your app Ranking... similar when the app is newTry to get some Reviewsfor about 3 daysRotate your KeywordsFeaturesand new“Art is never finished, only abandoned”Leonardo DaVinci
  21. 21. Track your appUse services to Track your app (e.g. It’s free)Understand what users Do in your app
  22. 22. SalesIf your sales drop you have to Act... apps do not recover by themselvesThere are sales in the apps storeSeasonspre-holidaypeak seasonSep to NovDec to FebMar to Augslow seasonso always compare Relative sales numbersYou can also Sell your app to have more time yourother apps or a new app. Huge user base will help sell it.
  23. 23. Thank you + Q&AAdam Musial-Bright, @a_life_hackerPresentation