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  • 1. For my Media Studies A2 project I had to create a music video with a digipack topromote it. I have learnt a lot about website design throughout my whole A2 course,and would enjoy making it.. The unsigned artist band chosen was “new conscience”,with the song titled ‘Start again’. The song’s narrative is about heartbreaking, and thefall outs and obstacles that come along the way. Typical audience who are youngerenjoy these ‘love’ songs as they can relate to songs for themselves. We did have a fewups and downs when we were planning the music video. Initially, the planning was upto standard but filming went took some time due to the weather conditions sloweddown the process and gave us less time to edit.For our music video we used some ideas that would work well with our targetaudience therefore we had actors around the age of the target audience in question andthis could also help them to relate to and enjoy the music video. This is a conventionalaspect used in many music videos, as is the popular combination of a narrative andperformance clip used in many modern rock music videos. We had both a storylineand a band performing as most rock videos have these features.. The narrative of themusic video had a good use of flashbacks, which suggests to the audience that thenarrative is changing, and the good times in the past the couple faced have changedand that in the end he sees his girl with another guy. I found that consistencythroughout the media products during my A2 course was absolutely crucial in order toallow the audience to recognise the media product. By posting my video on socialnetworking sites and YouTube, I received very critical and honest feedback especiallyfrom the ages of my target audience. Some of the comments I received I didn’t agreewith initially, for example one person didn’t quite understand the storyline because ofthe double role that was played in the beginning therefore to challenge this I putmyself in the position considering I had never seen the music video before, in order totry and understand it without having known the intended storyline. I found that it wasquite complicated therefore I do understand why the viewer was confused. Howeveron the other hand many people said that it looked very good and looked professional.I am pleased with the music video and that it was consistent and impacted theaudience in a good way. There are some improvements that I would have made but Iam pleased with the video and thought it was quite eye catching with the variety ofshots that were used. I also feel that I have learnt how to adapt to several programs,and learn how to use them throughout this project of making the rock music video.Looking at all the work I have produced in the A2 course It is quite hard to put intowords how much I have learnt about music videos and target audience. We were alsoquite successful in promoting the video and we posted it up on a networking sightFacebook which provided us with the audience opinions on out final music video.Overall I also felt as if I used the conventions well and the final result seemedappealing and very professional to my target audience. I feel that conveying the rightthing to the audience is important for the success of the media product and I haveachieved this.
  • 2. WHAT HAVE U LEARNT FROM AUDINCE FEEDBACK?For my A2 media coursework we produced a music video of a rock genre. Myplanned target audience was both male and female. My audience feedback has taughtme that i must identify my products, before publishing them. At first, I had the ideathat I wanted to make my video somewhat unusual and interesting. I decided toachieve this by featuring scenes of a double role which is unusual for a rock video.The majority of my target audience find that videos are difficult to relate to because oftheir amplification of reality. That being said, it can’t be ignored that quite a lot of myaudience find videos easy to relate to.I used different ways to see what my audience thought of my finished product. Iuploaded it on youtube.com which can be viewed around the world. Another idea Ihad to collect audience feedback was to upload the music video to Facebook and getpeople of my target audience to comment on what they think. Instead of askingspecific questions I asked people to comment on their like sand dislikes and if anyimprovements or changes would have made the music video better.1st person: I liked the music video and the content was good and interesting. It’s noteverything that you would expect which is effective because it gives it abit of adifference.The video suits the genre of rock and the visuals match with the use ofguitars which makes it more eye catching. Everything flows really nicely and therewas a good use of visuals and shots used. It sticks to the conventions of a rock musicvideo however I do feel that there could have been an improvement with the shotsused for the band and would have been better with more of a variety.2nd person: The music video was different in the sense that there was a use of a doublerole. The character was seen happy and depressed in the same shot and the use offading adds effect to this.. The miming was done really well done and there was goodvariety of shots used and the stoyline of the music video is gripping however itdoesn’t make it clear what happens in the end to the male character.Things to Improve: • Some of the lip syncing was off with the music with one of the characters. • The storyline could have been made less confusing if without the double roles in the beginning. • One of the actors in the band were better than the others at lip syncing • The video would have been more effective with faster editing shots.From uploading it onto Facebook it helped me realise that my audience feedback didbetter than I expected. Most people said they wouldn’t change anything about ithowever there were a few people who felt that making a few improvements wouldmake the music video perfect. I also gathered a lot of feedback and achieved moreviews than I expected from my target audience and I am extremely pleased. From myaudience feedback I have learnt it is the most important thing to consider beforecreating the music video therefore I did a questionnaire before the making of the
  • 3. video which gave me a better understanding of who my target audience is and gaveme an idea of what they want from my media product. Through the questionnairewhen I got my results back I learnt a lot and improved on my ideas.Also after showing the same audience my final product I felt as if I accpomished theirdesires however there were some aspects that could have been changed such as the lipsyncing of one of the band members etc..My audience feedback has shown me that, overall, I’ve chosen a music video thatmeets most needs and wants
  • 4. Conventions.I was influenced and inspired by music videos that I watched which have used anumber of original ideas and scenes. My media product challenges forms andconventions in real life music videos of rock genre. I have developed them muchmore by allowing my piece to have many similarities to real life professional musicvideos instead of creating my own type of genre in a music video format. I have alsodeveloped the idea of lip syncing to add to another of the conventions of editing to thebeat. I have used the music video conventions of syncing to words to the movement ofthe singers lips.I wanted to make sure that my video was not predictable in any bit of the storylinethat we had. Most music videos from the same genre had a lot of creative imaginationand shots used were very dark and fast pace. For our music video we followed thisuse of mise en scene by using light to convey meaning and add an overall tone forexample the green screen of the band playing had specific lighting pointing towardsthe main characters to make them stand out. The music video i produced use theconventions of real life music videos, CD digipacks. We decided to use the colour‘sepia’ for the storyline. Our music video has taken ideas from other videos Ianalysed and gave us a wide understanding of the costume, locations and the propsthat we could use. My target audience are used to the conventions of the video andthere is a huge focus on the storyline of the music video. The band on the other handwill not be used under this ‘sepia’ effect so here I have balanced using conventionsand non conventions . The music videos that I analysed from a variety include oneswhich are not in ‘sepia’ and ones which do not have a storyline, but only the bandperforming however adding a storyline to our video made it more catchy andmatched to the lyrics of the song ‘start again’. The bands digipack front cover reflectsthose already on sale. It features the bands name at the front similar to the ones weanalysed in digipack research, The inside of the CD package features commonconventions like the tracks name etc.. The bands myspace also uses many conventionsbut also develops on them. It features things that would usually be expected such asdiscovery, biography and live gigs.I have emphasised the location and emotions and artist by using conventions of avariety and different type of shots such as long and medium close ups. I have alsodeveloped the conventions of flashbacks in my own music video but to make it morecreative me added a double role which makes the music video unusual and differentas most music videos of rock genre goes not feature this.
  • 5. Media technologiesAs we are all familiar with Photoshop due to AS media studies we used it to produceour CD package when doing research and planning, the most common mediatechnology we used was the internet which gave us an option of different sites such asYouTube that offered me music videos that can be used to analyse using Microsoftword. During this process I also used blogger to present the work and researchelectronically. We presented everything we did including the research and planningschedule on to the blog and this shows I am therefore capable of using differenttechnologies. During the planning of the music video we used different softwareprogrammes however we initially started looking at ideas in our media lesson whichwe wrote on paper then we transferred our ideas on to Microsoft word. This helpedus to keep the work tidy and made it easier to distribute the notes we had written. Wealso used Microsoft word to type up the script, actors, costumes, location, props andan analysis of the mis en scene. After a few lessons of discussing our storyline andtheme we finally came up with an idea and the internet helped us find more ideas. Weused Google.com which helped us with information of our genre. After a few weeks ofresearch it was time to start planning for the music video. Again the internet was ourprimary source of information and all the information we gathered we uploaded it toour blog on Blogger.com. For the production we used a still digital camera with theuse of some professional lighting to give us that extra edge (The restaurant scene).We also used the green screen room for the band performances which made the musicvideo effective overall. Another piece of equipment used was the tripod to steady thecamera and create smooth footage. We made a few errors during the filming and wecut them scenes out (eg park scene) however we learnt many new things aswellduring this process and the end result was satisfied. As soon as we finished all thefilming we set out to the editing room to edit. Although there were some limitationssuch as the amount of zoom overall the footage was good quality. The editingsoftware we used allowed us to lengthen and shorten clips and it also allowed us todelete any unwanted footage as well as edit the lighting and colour.
  • 6. ConclusionIn conclusion I feel that our products have achieved its purpose. The music video hasdemonstrated aspects such as selecting mis-en-scene like the colour and lighting andusing sound with moving images effectively. We used the storyline as well as the bandperformance to make the music video more interesting and catchy. The digipack weproduced shows conventions of real life products with two different fonts and animage of a shattered heart and a skull in between. Their Myspace combines text,image and video as well as the names of the band members, performance shots fromlive gigs and further relevant information. The audience feedback shows that theywere pleased with the final product and would purchase it if it was in a shop. We useda wide range of media technologies in the research and planning of the coursework.Our primary source of information and overall as a group(me, Priya, Julian, Ramin)we were happy with what we produced however if we had more time we would haveexperimented more effects to make the music video more unique. We were pleasedwith our final product and achieved the original aims.
  • 7. AncillaryThe combination of my music video with my ancillary tasks I personally thought wasvery effective, in the sense of using the technique of consistency. I found thatconsistency throughout the media products during my A2 course was absolutelycrucial in order to allow the audience to recognise the media product.I believe that thecombination of the main product and the ancillary texts is good! I spent a lot of timelinking all the products together which is quite visible. Once we completed theproduct I thought it would be appropriate to make a digipack and a magazine advertto promote the music video. The digipack features similar material and the picture ofthe band links back to the video itself. The digipack and the magazine advert go verywell together. For the digipack we listed the name of the songs but as well as minimalinformation away about the band and this is a breakaway from the conventions ofrock CD covers. I believe from the research I did some bands have done somethingsimilar with their products. The name of the band is written in a large font across themiddle. Similarly most famous bands want their name and logos to be widely knownand this can only be possible if they spread their conventions across their product.For our magazine advert we used a picture of the band and once again we haverepeated the black and white colour scheme. I believe that from the whole musicvideo and the ancillary products the strongest from the pieces was the final completedmusic video as most of the comments were positive and finally as I observe and lookat the CD digipack I feel that the image fits with the type of music and the genre(rock). The ancillary texts reflect all aspects of the final production and they bothrepresent the target audience and genre. I thought it was very important that they bothportrayed the same message to audiences