Publishing and Using Linked Open Data - Day 4

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Publishing Linked Data …

Publishing Linked Data
LInked *Open* Data

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  • 1. Publishing and UsingLinked Open Data Richard J. Urban, Ph.D. School of Library and Information Studies Florida State University @musebrarian #lod4h
  • 2. January 10, 2013Thursday’s Schedule• 9-10:30 am Class Session: Publishing Linked Data & Linked Data Applications• 10:30-10:45 am break• 10:45-Noon Class Session: Linked Open Data• Noon- 1:00 pm Lunch• 1:00-3:00 pm Class Session: Open Project Studio• 3:00-3:15 pm Break• 3:15-5:00 pm Class Session: Open Project Studio• 5:30-7:30 pm DHWI Banquet Humanities Plain and Simple Location: Colony Ballroom 2203, Stamp Student Union #lod4h
  • 4. #lod4h
  • 5. Connect to Existing Data• SIMILE RDFizers• D2RQ non-RDF relational data to RDF• OAI2LOD #lod4h
  • 6. Publish Files• What’s the right syntax for your audience?• How to version instance and ontology data?• Thinking about URIs – URIs that follow your classes – Not based on underlying software – Designed to persist – URIs for resources vs. URIs for data #lod4h
  • 7. Triplestores: Questions to ask• What methods can be used to store data? – In Memory, SQL,mySQL, Postgres, etc.• What level of expressivity is supported? – RDFs, OWL Lite, OWL DL, etc. – Reasoner support• What rule languages are supported? – SWRL, etc.• Support for contexts/named graphs• What does the API support? #lod4h
  • 8. Triplestores• Jena• Sesame• W3C Triplestore resource Triple_Store• Virtuoso (proprietary) #lod4h
  • 9. Interfaces• Drupal 7 – See also RDF specific modules• Pubby http://wifo5-03.informatik.uni-• Semantic Wiki http://semantic- #lod4h
  • 10. Embedding Linked Data• RDFa –•• + RDF #lod4h
  • 11. LINKED OPEN DATA #lod4h
  • 12. Linked Open Data Criteria ★ Available on the web (whatever format), but with an open license ★★ Available as machine-readable structured data (e.g. excel instead of image scan of a table) ★★★ as (2) plus non-proprietary format (e.g. CSV instead of excel) ★★★★ All the above plus, Use open standards from W3C (RDF and SPARQL) to identify things, so that people can point at your stuff★★★★★ All the above, plus: Link your data to other people’s data to provide context #lod4h
  • 13. IP• Risk Management• What’s your risk tolerance? – Tolerance of your institution?• Not saying anything about your data IP isn’t much better than a restrictive license. #lod4h
  • 14. Licensing Data• Open Data Commons• Creative Commons 0 #lod4h
  • 15. Humanities Data Citation Practices• Where do we stand?• How to best give attribution when we use triples from another source? – Published documentation – Provenance metadata • What does this attach too?• DCMI Provenance Metadata• W3C Provenance WG #lod4h
  • 16. For the long run• DH Data Curation Handbook - Policy, Practice, and Law• How will data be maintained over the long term.• Clear licenses can facilitate preservation. #lod4h
  • 17. Economics of Linked Data• How to adapt Linked Data to closed publication models? – Make identifiers publically available. – Provide some limited information when the URI is used. – Release taxonomies/vocabularies as separate data. #lod4h