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Marketing Plan for Software - My Vault
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Marketing Plan for Software - My Vault


Published on

a marketing plan for a new personal finance management software. check product details on

a marketing plan for a new personal finance management software. check product details on

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Communication Strategy for VAULT
    Presented by
  • 2. Assumptions
    The presentation is made on many assumptions regarding the product and the target user
    The aim is to give an outline of communication strategy that should be used and why
  • 3. Amazon conducted a poll just before the start of the year 2009 asking people on what are their New Year Resolutions.
    The top two resolutions were
    Get Finances in Order
    Lose Weight
  • 4. To sell software we need to understand why people buy a software.
    We also need to understand just what software means to the customer.
    What makes someone choose one software over another?
  • 5. In my experience, a potential software customer is looking for only one thing:
    A solution to a problem.
  • 6. Even software games are a solution to the problem - the problem of boredom.
    Any software that addresses a need is solving a problem.
  • 7. Some harsh truths
    No one really wants to install yet another software, figure out how to use it, and see if it will actually solves their problem. The whole process is just too painful.
    Does anyone say the same thing about driving home their new car after they bought it?
  • 8. I did a random check to see how an individual acquires a software
    It comes packaged with the PC
    It is recommended by “PC Guy” – the person who sells us the laptop/desktop, or maintains it.
    Free download from the internet
    Free CD with magazine
    Shared by a friend and passed on further if happy
    In the past 3 years I have changed my anti virus 3 times on the
    recommendation of my “PC Guy”
  • 9. Just think for a minute and answer these Qs
    How did you buy your Antivirus software?
    Would you hire an accountant who can not use Tally?
    How did MS Office and Tally become an integral part of the required configuration for a PC for an accountant?
  • 10. I am sure you did not buy softwares because you saw an Ad in
    The newspaper, or heard it on the radio
    A software is ALWAYS recommended
  • 11. How do we sell Vault in the given scenario?
    Define the target Audience
  • 12. First - Who are we selling the software to?
    Salaried individuals with high incomes / Business owners / HNIs / Professionals
    Those who have there money/investments spread out
    They are comfortable with using the PC and own a PC
    They are net savvy
    They invest in various forms
    And they need an “at-a-glance-report” to assess the status of their finances, to take future decisions.
  • 13. How do they manage their finances?
    They seek professional help of their financial advisors/CAs
    Study on their own, the various forms of investing
    Peer discussions
    Own knowledge / judgment of astute investing – be it buying gold/real estate / shares / MFs
  • 14. How do we reach our Target Audience?
  • 15. Lets review key lifestyle habits of our TG
    Reads the business section of the daily newspaper
    Listens to the radio on the way to work
    Subscribes/purchases business magazines
    Watches business news channels
    Surfs the internet to stay in touch, to search for products, find solutions
  • 16. Communication Strategy
    Classified Ads
    Group Seminars
    Affiliate marketing with PC vendors
    Affiliate marketing with DSAs, and
    Financial Institutions
  • 17. For the direct consumer
    Build presence on the internet
    Make available demo versions for free downloads
    Affiliate marketing on the internet
    Create a blog – offer solutions in the blog
  • 18.
  • 19. Points to consider
    Are we meeting expectations of the consumers
    Is the site easily found
    Does the site invite the user to try a trial
    Is there a walkthrough of the product
    Does the site infuse confidence about the technology used
  • 20. Some sample sites to assess look and feel
  • 21.
  • 22.
  • 23.
  • 24.
  • 25. Search Engine Optimisation
    Enterprise Email Marketing
    Search marketing
    Online PR
    Driving traffic to your site
  • 26. Objective
    • Increase sales
    • 27. Increase traffic
    • 28. Increase awareness
    • 29. Communicate with clients
    What is it?
    • Very targeted
    • 30. Can be sales driven
    • 31. Newsletter based
    • 32. All companies can and should be
    doing it
    • High return on investments
    • 33. Access to analytics
    We should be collecting customer and prospect email details
    Email marketing
  • 34. Objective
    • Provides free traffic
    • 35. Highly targeted traffic
    • 36. Web site 24x7
    • 37. Local & national search
    • Try to increase your search
    engine footprint at all times
    What is it?
    Search Engine optimization
  • 42. Objective
    • Quick route to market
    • 43. Highly targeted
    • 44. Campaign led
    What is it?
    Search Marketing can be expensive and so keywords need to be researched properly.
    Search Marketing
  • 48. Objective
    • Increase the number of online
    conversations about your brand
    • Drive targeted traffic to your
    • Increase your thought leadership
    What is it?
    Online PR
  • 53. Road Map – web marketing
  • 54. Get product ratings
  • 55. Affiliate / tie ups
  • 56. Banner Ads
    Option 2
    Option 1
    Option 3
  • 57. Other collaterals to be developed
    Product literature
    Point of Sale collaterals
    Product packaging
    Direct Mailers – e mailers
    Merchandise – mouse pads, mugs etc
    Note : all to have same look and feel and talk the same language
  • 58. Media to be considered post consolidation of presence on the web
  • Thank you
    To find out more about the personal finance management software visit
    Images credits – images bazaar, and other sources on the internet