Cosmetic dentistry with dental implants


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Our FOUR missions are: 1. To reduce the fear about Dental Implants among the people around the world 2. To create a awareness about simple , predictable and Affordable Dental Implant technique among patients. 3. To create awareness and Knowledge about Immediate loading Dental Implants among Dental Community. 4. To make Dental Implant treatment affordable. To know about SPECIAL DISCOUNTS / OFFERS- mail to

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Cosmetic dentistry with dental implants

  1. 1. ByBest Laser Dental Clinic
  2. 2.    Millions of people loose their teeth due to disease or injury. These people believe that they never will be able to chew, speak or smile normally. But with dental implants they can regain their self confidence & their teeth also…
  3. 3.  Dental Implants are the most recent and advanced form in dentistry through which new teeth can be restored without damaging the adjacent teeth & feels absolutely natural.
  4. 4. Patient came with a complaint of periodontally weak teeth and missing multiple teeth
  5. 5. Patient was wearing this partial denture for past 7 years
  6. 6. Periodontally weak teeth were removed and Implants placed in both upper and lower arch
  7. 7. Permanent Zirconium teeth given with pink colour layering to replicate the gums
  8. 8. Lower full arch Zirconium crown
  9. 9. After Fixing Permanent teeth-CONFIDENT SMILE 
  10. 10.      We use SINGLE PIECE IMMEDIATE LOADING IMPLANT SYSTEM. There are many advantages with this type of dental Implant… · Immediate loading Dental IMPLANT procedure is simpler than a Extraction or a Root canal treatment. · Fewer visits. · Single piece implant system, hence no problems like screw loosening.
  11. 11.  Fixed teeth given maximum in 3 days.  No waiting period for teeth placement.  Life time warranty.  Highly biocompatible.
  12. 12.     Non- invasive No complicated sinus lifts or bone grafting procedures. Very less risk of implant failure. Implant placed immediately after extraction and fix teeth in 3 days.
  13. 13.   Patient convenience, since no surgery. Cost effective than other type of implant system
  14. 14.       For more Information Log onto: For further details or enquiries mail us to Contact us at +9171515077 / 04443856017
  15. 15. ByBest Laser Dental Clinic