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Pearson Plug and Play @ Over the Air

  1. 1. Pearson Plug & Play @PearsonAPI
  2. 2. Pearson, the worlds leading learning company, and includes…3
  3. 3. What is Pearson Plug & Play Pearson Plug & Play is exploring the potential of an ‘open data’ approach to Pearson’s content, creating data feeds (APIs) and a developer ecosystem. 20+ Data Sets explored Goals of the project are to increase innovation, reach customer satisfaction, and sales. In support, the Plug & Play team worked with Pearson business units to identify initial data to release, make the data available, and establish underlying infrastructure.4
  4. 4. What API’s are available today? DK’s Eyewitness London Travel Guide of best hotels, restaurants, bars and shops in London FT Press’ titles on business, marketing and science from award winning authors Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, 230,000+ words plus examples and pronunciations in video and pictures
  5. 5. Pearson Developer WebsiteBrowse the site. Apply for a production API key for yourAll the Pearson APIs application…currently available are inExplore/the APIs tab. This …using the applicationwhere you’ll find all the form behind the APIdocumentation and Key Get startedmethods for each API, theterms & conditions, prices, You select the APIs youetc. wish to use along with the price plan. Once the Pearson API team has have approved your production API key, you’re good to go.RegisterTo register, just provide your Take part in thename and email address. Pearson DevelopersYou’ll automatically get a free Community by askingsandbox API key, with which your questions andyou can play with the APIs in sharing your findings onthe test tab and report bugs. the APIs in the Forums, or using the contact form
  6. 6. Why work with Pearson APIs?High quality, curated content from recognisable brandsPearson datasets can be used for freeSandbox key gives you access to all the APIsUnique content from one of the first publishers of its size &diverse reach to provide open access via APIsRESTful APIs (JSON, XML, HTML) built for the web
  7. 7. ShowMe LondonAndroid mobile app for phone and tablet!"#$#%&()*%9):,/$46"#$%&%%% Metia London !"#$%&""""()*+&,-"(),./$,%&0""""1(2)3$4"56"7855
  8. 8. Metia Labs <<<M24&=,>):,/M()M:D ;$&*"<=2>=,"#$%&"?),/), 9)(:@"),"$A+0)4=,B"&++0=(&%),@ $*$4B=,B"2$(>,)0)B=$@ C,/$42&D$"4&+=/"+4)2)2-+=,B"&,/ E4))F")F"G),($+2@ 9$$/3&(D"0$&4,=,B@"2)"):4 (:@2)*$4@"&,/"=,2)"34)&/$4 ;>$"J):B>"K:=/$"2)"2>$"L)40/ /$H$0)+*$,2""2$&*@I!"#$%&""""()*+&,-"(),./$,%&0""""1(2)3$4"56"7855
  9. 9. Overview ● G4$&2$"&"E4))F")F"G),($+2 ● 9=,/",$<"<&-@"2)":@$"E$&4@),N@"(),2$,2"&@@$2@O ● K4$&2"$A+$4=$,($@ ● P//$/":%0=2-6"$,4=(>$/"H&0:$ ● 9$$/3&(D"2)"2>$"E0:B"Q"E0&-"E0&R)4*"2$&*"2)"=*+4)H$"2>$"PES58!"#$%&""""()*+&,-"(),./$,%&0""""1(2)3$4"56"7855
  10. 10. Scoping G)4$"=/$&O"C@$"2>$"TU"V-$<=2,$@@"/&2&@$2"2) (4$&2$"&"+,-(#%(./#0102%31//#0%<>=(>"<):0/ $,&30$"1%40#1"%"01$#%#53#0(#/6#M 78#1 9#1("2 S/$&@ W=A"<$$D@"2)"/$0=H$4 9$&2:4$@ E4))F")F"G),($+26",)2"&"F:00- S*&B=,&%), F$&2:4$/6"*&2:4$"@$4H=($ C@$"(&@$@"Q"+$4@),&@">$0+ 4&%),&0=@$ ● ;&4&6"E&:0=,$"&,/"P4(>=$55!"#$%&""""()*+&,-"(),./$,%&0""""1(2)3$4"56"7855
  11. 11. User experience57!"#$%&""""()*+&,-"(),./$,%&0""""1(2)3$4"56"7855
  12. 12. Brand5X!"#$%&""""()*+&,-"(),./$,%&0""""1(2)3$4"56"7855
  13. 13. Design5Y!"#$%&""""()*+&,-"(),./$,%&0""""1(2)3$4"56"7855
  14. 14. App • W$&4(>"3-"(&2$B)4=$@"2) (4$&2$""*:0%+0$"=%,$4&4=$@ 2)"+0&,"-):4"24=+ • #&+"=%,$4&4=$@"&,/ &[4&(%),@6"2)"/=@()H$4"<>&2 $0@$"=@",$&43- • E0)2"-):4"=%,$4&4=$@"&,/ H$,:$@"),"K))B0$"#&+@ • ?&-$4"&//=%),&0"=,F)4*&%), F4)*"L=D=+$/=&5Z!"#$%&""""()*+&,-"(),./$,%&0""""1(2)3$4"56"7855
  15. 15. Technology • ];#?Z6"GWW"X6"^&H&W(4=+2 • _&%H$"&++0=(&%),"<4&++$4 • P,/4)=/"7M7`"&,/"XM8 • 94),2"$,/"/$H$0)+$4@"&30$"2)"<4=2$ *)3=0$"&++@"<=2>):2">&H=,B"2) 0$&4,"&",$<"0&,B:&B$ CSS 3 • E)42&30$"2)")2>$4"+0&R)4*@6"@:(>"&@ 2>$"=E>),$"&,/"=E&/ JavaScript5!"#$%&""""()*+&,-"(),./$,%&0""""1(2)3$4"56"7855
  16. 16. Thank you :,;/,18%!<,;=#%>,/8,/%/,;%1"? <@3)?AA+10B#"C1/80,(8C6,+A !"#$#%&() @2$H$a*$%&M()* a@2$H$$00=@ <<<M*$%&M()*5b!"#$%&""""()*+&,-"(),./$,%&0""""1(2)3$4"56"7855
  17. 17. London New York Dubai Singapore Buenos AiresHub Offices SydneyDevelopment MelbourneClient Services Winner Digital Publishing Solution - iAwards 2011 Winner for Digital Publishing - PANPA Award 2010 Winner Innovation in Content Delivery - ACCOM Awards 2011 Finalist, Telstra Business Awards, 2011, 2010 Winner Best Mobile Product and Best Marketing - AIMIA 2011 Deloitte Technology Fast 50: 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010 Winner Outstanding Export Achievement - ATS Award 2010 Winner D&AD Yellow Pencil, Mobile Marketing 2009
  18. 18. E$&4@),"E0:B"Q"E0&-"PES• J)3:@2"PES• W:++)42"F)4"*:0%+0$"F)4*&2@"=M$M"^W1_"Q"c#?• V&@-"&(($@@"2)"0)2@")F"(),2$,2• W=*+0$"(),@=@2$,20-"@24:(2:4$/"(&00@• W$&4(>"0$H$4&B=,B"PES
  19. 19. 9&($3))D"1+$,"K4&+>• K=H$@"&"@)(=&0"(),2$A2"2)"<$3d3&@$/"/&2&• P4%(0$@"&4$"*)/$0$/"&@"1+$,"K4&+>")3e$(2@• P00)<@":@"2)"@>&4$"&,/"0=D$"&4%(0$@• 94)*"2>=@"=,F)"<$N4$"&30$"2)"3:=0/"&"+4).0$")F"2>$":@$4@"4$&/=,B"+&[$4,@• L$"2>$,":@$/"2>=@"2)"F$$/"):4"(&2$B)4-"<$=B>%,B"&0B)4=2>*
  20. 20. Email me at Tweet me @lepapa
  21. 21. API DocumentationBehind the APIs/Explore tabFor each API on sale on the website, youll find:• A overview of the dataset underlying the API• Description and documentation on each of the API methods• An access to the Sandbox APIs to test the Pearson APIs using your free sandbox key. The sandbox APIs available in the test areas in APIs are the same as the full production APIs, but the underlying data is only a subset of the full production data. For example, the sandbox Longman Dictionary API displays letters A to C, but the full production Longman Dictionary API goes to letter Z• A Report a Bug function (we know we’re not perfect)
  22. 22. Using the API Explorer
  23. 23. Calling an API using jQueryvar apiKey = 27***************************73;var searchUrl=’;function doSearch(searchFor){ var data = apikey= + apiKey + &q= + searchFor $.ajax({ type: GET, url: searchUrl, data: data, dataType: jsonp, jsonp: jsonp, success: function(data){ handleResponse(data); }, error: function(req, err, text ) { debugLog.append(Error: + status + ( + text +)<br/>); } });}
  24. 24. Don’t leave your keys under the flowerpot ! • Keys are valuable • They provide access to a service • They are monitored and rate limited • If someone gets hold of your key • You may find they use up your quota • They may use it inappropriately • Keep them safe, don’t put them in/on the client • Adopt a proxy approach • Best practice anyway (potential caching advantage)
  25. 25. Questions ?