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Pearson Plug and Play @ Over the Air
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Pearson Plug and Play @ Over the Air


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Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Pearson Plug & Play
  • 2. Pearson, the world's leading learning company, and includes…
  • 3. What is Pearson Plug & Play
    Pearson Plug & Play is exploring the potential of an ‘open data’ approach to Pearson’s content, creating data feeds (APIs) and a developer ecosystem.
    Goals of the project are to increase innovation, reachcustomer satisfaction, and sales.
    In support, the Plug & Play team worked with Pearson business units to identify initial datatorelease, make the data available, and establish underlying infrastructure.
    20+ Data Sets explored
  • 4. What API’s are available today?
    DK’s Eyewitness London Travel Guide of best hotels, restaurants, bars and shops in London
    FT Press’ titles on business, marketing and science from award winning authors
    Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, 230,000+ words plus examples and pronunciations in video and pictures
  • 5. Pearson Developer Website
    Browse the site.
    All the Pearson APIs currently available are in Explore/the APIs tab. This where you’ll find all the documentation and methods for each API, the terms & conditions, prices, etc.
    Apply for a production API key for your application…
    …using the application form behind the API Key Get started
    You select the APIs you wish to use along with the price plan. Once the Pearson API team has have approved your production API key, you’re good to go.
    To register, just provide your name and email address.
    You’ll automatically get a free sandbox API key, with which you can play with the APIs in the test tab and report bugs.
    Take part in the Pearson Developers Community by asking your questions and sharing your findings on the APIs in the Forums, or using the contact form
  • 6. Why work with Pearson APIs?
    High quality, curated content from recognisable brands
    Pearson datasets can be used for free
    Sandbox key gives you access to all the APIs
    Unique content from one of the first publishers of its size & diverse reach to provide open access via APIs
    RESTful APIs (JSON, XML, HTML) built for the web
  • 7. ShowMe LondonAndroid mobile app for phone and tablet
    Steve Ellis, Founder, Metia
    Metia London
  • 8. Metia Labs
    Team within Metia London
    Focus on exploring applications emerging technologies
    Undertake rapid prototyping and Proof of Concepts
    Feedback learnings to our customers and into broader development teams
    The Rough Guide to the World
  • 9. Overview
    Create a Proof of Concept
    Find new ways to use Pearson’s content assets:
    Great experiences
    Added utility, enriched value
    Feedback to the Plug & Play Platform team to improve the API
  • 10. Scoping
    Core idea: Use the DK Eyewitness dataset to create a mobile itinerary planner which would enable a great travel experience.
    • Ideas
    • 11. Features
    • 12. Imagination
    • 13. Six weeks to deliver
    • 14. Proof of Concept, not a fully featured, mature service
    • 15. Use cases & personas help rationalise
    • 16. Tara, Pauline and Archie
  • User experience
  • 17. Brand
  • 18. Design
  • 19. App
    • Search by categories to create multiple itineraries to plan your trip
    • 20. Map itineraries and attractions, to discover what else is nearby
    • 21. Plot your itineraries and venues on Google Maps
    • 22. Layer additional information from Wikipedia
  • Technology
    • HTML5, CSS 3, JavaScript
    • 23. Native application wrapper
    • 24. Android 2.2+ and 3.0
    • 25. Front end developers able to write mobile apps without having to learn a new language
    • 26. Portable to other platforms, such as the iPhone and iPad
    CSS 3
  • 27. Thank you
    Download ShowMe London now at:
    Steve Ellis
  • 28.
  • 29. London
    New York
    Buenos Aires
    Hub Offices
    Client Services
    Winner for Digital Publishing - PANPA Award 2010
    Finalist, Telstra Business Awards, 2011, 2010
    Deloitte Technology Fast 50: 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010
    Winner D&AD Yellow Pencil, Mobile Marketing 2009
    Winner Digital Publishing Solution - iAwards 2011
    Winner Innovation in Content Delivery - ACCOM Awards 2011
    Winner Best Mobile Product and Best Marketing - AIMIA 2011
    Winner Outstanding Export Achievement - ATS Award 2010
  • 30. Pearson Plug & Play API
    Robust API
    Support for multiple formats i.e. JSON & XML
    Easy access to lots of content
    Simple consistently structured calls
    Search leveraging API
  • 31. Facebook Open Graph
    • Gives a social context to web-based data
    • 32. Articles are modeled as Open Graph objects
    • 33. Allows us to share and like articles
    • 34. From this info we’re able to build a profile of the users reading patterns
    • 35. We then used this to feed our category weighting algorithm
  • 36.
  • 37.
  • 38.
  • 39.
  • 40. Email me at Tweet me @lepapa
  • 41. API Documentation
    Behind the APIs/Explore tab
    For each API on sale on the website, you'll find:
    • A overview of the dataset underlying the API
    • 42. Description and documentation on each of the API methods
    • 43. An access to the Sandbox APIs to test the Pearson APIs using your free sandbox key. The sandbox APIs available in the test areas in APIs are the same as the full production APIs, but the underlying data is only a subset of the full production data. For example, the sandbox Longman Dictionary API displays letters A to C, but the full production Longman Dictionary API goes to letter Z
    • 44. A Report a Bug function (we know we’re not perfect)
  • Using the API Explorer
  • 45. Calling an API using jQuery
    var apiKey = '27***************************73';
    var searchUrl= '’;
    function doSearch(searchFor){
    var data = 'apikey=' + apiKey + '&q=' + searchFor
    type: 'GET',
    url: searchUrl,
    data: data,
    dataType: 'jsonp',
    jsonp: 'jsonp',
    success: function(data){
    error: function(req, err, text ) {
    debugLog.append('Error: ' + status + '(' + text +')<br/>');
  • 46. Don’t leave your keys under the flowerpot !
    • Keys are valuable
    • 47. They provide access to a service
    • 48. They are monitored and rate limited
    • 49. If someone gets hold of your key
    • 50. You may find they use up your quota
    • 51. They may use it inappropriately
    • 52. Keep them safe, don’t put them in/on the client
    • 53. Adopt a proxy approach
    • 54. Best practice anyway (potential caching advantage)
  • Questions ?