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Tobacco presentation

Tobacco presentation






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    Tobacco presentation Tobacco presentation Presentation Transcript

    • TobaccoA Cultural History of How an Exotic Plant Seduced a Civilization
      By Ian Gately
    • Early History
      Originated in Peruvian/Ecuadorian Andes
      Believed to have healing properties
      Used as a right of passage for shamans
      Smoking was more than just inhaling
      and exhaling
    • Eastern World’s Reaction to Smoking
      Satanic connections to smoking
      The plant was brought to Spain and Portugal in the 1550’s
      Used medicinally
      Brought to England by Sir Francis Drake
      Popular amongst royals
      Spread throughout Asia by the trans-Pacific trade route
      Traded on West African trade routes
    • Eastern World’s Reaction to Smoking Cont.
      Tobacco’s acceptance in Europe required strong labor force
      Slavery was needed
      Smoking tobacco was spread by Holland
    • England’s Navigation Acts
      Implemented due to problems with tobacco smuggling
      1st Navigation Act-imports to England must be come directly on English ships from wherever the product was made
      2nd Navigation Act-prohibited citizens from selling tobacco outside of England
    • Tobacco and Conflict
      Taxation by the British caused Revolutionary War, but tobacco helped win it
      British traded tobacco for Brandy with the enemy
      During WWII cigarettes were not included on the ration list
      Therapeutic smoking for soldiers
    • Medicinally Socially
      Scientists questioned “why smoke?”
      In 1809, nicotine was discovered as the main ingredient in tobacco
    • “Why smoke?”  “What do you smoke?
      Smoking taken up because of pleasure and low prices
      Women smoking
    • Advertising
      Tobacco companies became very competitive, and some went to extreme measures
      “Luckies” brand cigarettes
      Doctors endorsing brands
    • Film, Art, Literature, Music and Tobacco
      Actors smoking on screen created a desirable image
      Artists depicted people smoking in their works
      Writers used smoking as a commonality between characters
      Rock’n’roll changed adolescent view on smoking
      Rebellion promoted by musicians started
      with smoking
    • Discovery of Health Risks
      1957 US Surgeon General released a statement that “prolonged cigarette smoking was a causative factor in the etiology of lung cancer”
      Tobacco companies were attacked by the government and their customers
      Television advertisements were banned
    • Addiction
      The nicotine in cigarettes was addictive
      Why people smoked was not because of previous beliefs
      Second-hand smoke became a danger to non-smokers
      5 types of smokers discovered by Dr. Hamilton Russell
      Psychosocial, indulgent, self-tranquilizers, self-stimulating, addictive
    • Conclusion
      Tobacco was one of the most important items of trade in history
      Brought society together
      Unlike anything the world had seen, yet it was embraced very quickly
    • Bibliography
      Book: Gately, Ian. Tobacco: A Cultural History of How an Exotic Plant Seduced a Civilization. New York City: Grove Press, 2001.
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