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    Studentresistance Studentresistance Presentation Transcript

    • Student Resistance By: Mark Edelman Boren
    • Effects
      • Educational Reform
      • Civil Rights
      • World War I
      • National Politics
    • Origins
      • Medieval Age
      • Starting around 1100 AD
      • European universities
      • Town-Gown
    • St. Scholastica’s Day Riot
      • February 10, 1354
      • Town-Gown Melee
      • Lasted Several Days
      • Ended with University’s Supremacy over the Town
    • Renaissance and Reformation
      • Students support Professors
      • Teach peasants
      • More Town-Gown Wars
    • John Locke
      • “Natural Law”
      • Subjects will always rebel under and unjust ruler
    • Burschenschaften
      • German student group
      • Organized
      • Carl Follen- radical extremist leader
      • Carl Sands- assassinated popular writer
    • Louis Auguste Blanqui
      • Organized students against French Monarchy 1830’s
      • Arrested then released after Revolution in 1848
      • Great influence on radical students
    • Non-European Resistance
      • China- Mencius
      • America- Abolitionist Student groups
    • Radical Russians
      • Alexander I-restricted student activism
      • Alexander II-denied student organization, raised tuition
      • Led to protests from students
      • Dmitri Karakosov-attempt assassinstion
      • Students turn to terrorism/assassination
    • Continued Organization
      • Germany- Anti-Smetism and anti-catholic groups prevaled
      • Union Nationale des Estudiants de France (UNEF)
    • Russian Terrorism
      • Continued revolts, strikes and retaliation
      • Captured students forced to work in Siberia until old enough to be exacuted
      • Students united in a strike over “Bloody Sunday Massacre”
      • Students solidarity led to downfall
    • Start of World War I
      • 1914 Princip and small group of radical Black Hand members ambush Archduke Franz Ferdinand
    • China and Latin America
      • China- May Fourth Movement
      • Protest against Japanese control
      • Argentina- Students able to negotiate radical educational reforms
    • Germany Pre-WWII
      • National Socialist German Student Group
      • Student organized book burnings and riots showed student power
    • Student Militancy and Warfare
      • WWII- drew many students into war
      • Post WWII- anti-Nuclear protests
    • U.S. Student Activism
      • Established infrastructure for national base: New Student, University on the Air
    • India’s Independence
      • August 8, 1942 Gandhi led Indians in a nonviolent, peaceful resistance of British control
      • Students not as self-controlled as Gandhi’s followers
    • U.S. Student Activism Post WWII
      • Great Decline in activism
      • Congress of Racial Equality (CORE)
    • 1960’s U.S. Student Fight For Freedom
      • Organized Sit Ins
      • Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee
      • Freedom Riders
      • Berkeley Protests-Bancroft Strip
      • Anti-Vietnam Protests
    • 1968: Year of the Student
      • France: Radicals Les Enrages and the Situationists called for immediate educational reforms
      • Led to war with French Government
      • Lasted over a month
      • Mexico : Students peacefully protested in Plaza of Three Cultures, surrounded and fired upon with machine guns
      • Estimated around 500 dead
    • 1968: Year of the Student (cont.)
      • United States : Columbia University
      • Youth International Party (Yippies)
      • Anti-Vietnam protests
      • Let Us Vote (LUV)
    • Tiananmen Square
      • Chinese students protest against Communism
      • Student Strike
      • Student vs. Govenment
    • The End