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  • 1. 1421 The Year China Discovered America By: Gavin Menzies Cole DiRoberto
  • 2. Thesis
    • China discovered the New World, and circumnavigated the world before the Europeans.
  • 3. Startling Discovery
    • In Minnesota, Menzies discovered map dated 1424 (charted by Venetian Pizzigano) the islands of “Satanezes and Antilia
    • Menzies believes these islands were those of present-day Puerto Rico and Guadeloupe
    • Who discovered these islands before the Europeans?
  • 4. Menzies’ Agrument
    • Ming China=only country powerful and stable enough to fund overseas voyages
    • Zhu Di, emperor of Ming China, wanted to correct the “barabarian” West
    • Sent Admiral Zheng He with treasure fleet on a voyage
  • 5. Zheng He and Fleet
    • 7 voyages
    • Menzies claims that they circumnavigated the world
    • Best (naval) technology  compasses, charts
    • 30,000 people on ships
    • 800 ships
    • 400 ft long
    • Biggest ships the world has ever seen
    • Enormous in size compared to Columbus’s ships
  • 6. Evidence
    • Chinese fleet was advanced and could definitely have sailed around the world
    • Languages, linguistics, DNA, in common/closely related with China
    • Indigenous plants to China found in New World
    • Customs, games, rituals of inhabitants of the Americas were oddly very similar to those of the Chinese
    • Bimini Road, mystical road to which Menzies claims the treasure fleet created
    • Giraffe given to emperor of China
    • Buildings in North America that Menzies’ claims were built by the Chinese for navigational purposes
    • Portuguese admit to having not created the maps that showed the New World, but they don’t know who made them
    • Written records claiming Zheng He’s fleet visited 30,000 countries
    • Columbus thought that he had reached China
      • Menzies argues that Columbus thought he reached China because the people looked Chinese
  • 7. Argument Against
    • Menzies’ questionable nautical knowledge
    • Lack of concrete evidence
    • Menzies’ makes claims without evidence to back it
      • Ex: Menzies claims the fleet split up while traveling near the Americas. One fleet went North the other South; each fleet led by a specified captain.