Learners. Mindsets, Classrooms and Accountability
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Learners. Mindsets, Classrooms and Accountability

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Building on a slide deck from Kim Cofino at the International School in Bangkok,. this deck looks at what are the mindsets we need 21st century learners to have, what does this mean for schools and......

Building on a slide deck from Kim Cofino at the International School in Bangkok,. this deck looks at what are the mindsets we need 21st century learners to have, what does this mean for schools and how it links to accountability. The focus is Alberta..

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  • 1. learning, mindsets , classrooms and accountability Stephen Murgatroyd, PhD Chief Scout, The Innovation Expedition Inc (with materials from Kim Cofino, International School Bangkok)
  • 2. CONTEXT economy rapid change demographics
  • 3. CONTEXT The future isn’t what it used to be….now is the time to focus, change and develop….
  • 4. part 1 learners
  • 5. life outside the classroom
  • 6. always on
  • 7. interaction is expected
  • 8. social
  • 9. highly customized experiences
  • 10. increasingly digital
  • 11. constantly connected
  • 12. instant access
  • 13. producers + consumers prosumers
  • 14. dangerouslyirrelevant.org Our kids have tasted the honey.
  • 15. some in-school learning experiences look very similar…
  • 16. some of their classroom Experience looks …
  • 17. Teachers are caught between a rock and a hard place
  • 18. in your classroom? what do 21 st century learners experience
  • 19. mindsets and skills part 2
  • 20. what are the 21st century mindsets and skills?
  • 21. effective learners
  • 22. lifelong learners effective learners are…
  • 23. natural navigators effective learners are…
  • 24. critical thinkers and evaluators effective learners are…
  • 25. communicators & creators effective
  • 26. able to create something new effective communicators & creators are…
  • 27. able to communicate across culture, time & distance effective communicators & creators are…
  • 28. effective communicators & creators are…
  • 29. effective communicators & creators are… artists, dancers, musicians, actors…..
  • 30. effective global collaborators
  • 31. able to collaborate to reach common goals effective global collaborators are…
  • 32. able to lead or follow effective global collaborators are…
  • 33. no boundaries effective global collaborators have…
  • 34. effective global collaborators have …
  • 35. innovation courage ethics creativity / synergy caring / respect disciplined knowledge
  • 36.  
  • 37. next generation classroom - what might it look like? part 3
  • 38. the networked student
  • 39. focus on problem solving
  • 40. break down classroom walls
  • 41. embrace digital tools
  • 42. real-world challenges design
  • 43. authentic audience
  • 44. networked and connected learning
  • 45.  
  • 46. customized learning experience
  • 47. make it relevant
  • 48. across all grade levels and subject areas
  • 49. part 4 accountability
  • 50. Schools are a maze of tasks: curriculum compliance, learning needs, reporting and testing….its got complicated…and very stressful…
  • 51.  
  • 52. Testing and public reporting students frequently is a relatively recent development
  • 53. anxiety teaching to the test confusing standards with measurement and control global groupthink
  • 54.
    • Key Concerns
    • Distraction from real learning
    • Becomes the focus for schooling
    • Standardized tests don’t reflect what teachers do
    • Anxiety, fear = basis for learning
    • Use of test data
    • Part of a “command and control” system
  • 55. Long-term educational goals have been replaced by short-term targets. Curriculum overload – many teachers believe far too much is prescribed for the time available. Loss of children's entitlement to a broad, balanced and rich curriculum – with arts, the humanities and science under threat. Tests have led to memorization and recall replacing understanding and inquiry as the key goal in the classroom.
  • 56. "Politicization" of the curriculum with accompanying rhetoric of "standards". Pressure at start of primary school to begin formal lessons too early with tests for four and five-year-olds. Excessive prescription has led to loss of flexibility and autonomy for schools. Historic split between the "basics" and the rest of the timetable has led to "unacceptable" difference in the quality of provision between the two. Mistaken assumption that high standards in "the basics" can be achieved only by marginalizing the rest of the curriculum /learning.
  • 57. Teachers are accountable daily for the students in their classroom and for their development………
  • 58. We need to find a new balance between authentic and real learning, assessment and accountability…. Reduce role of Provincial curriculum to 60-70% of class time and let teachers create the balance Trust teachers assessment Sample test on standard tests Restore the engagement of community in their school
  • 59. some of you may think that there will be no change to the Alberta accountability regime until Hell freezes over…..
  • 60. It’s really a matter of evolution….. we can’t get to where we need to be by remaining where we are…
  • 61.  
  • 62.