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  • 1. The Portuguese Empire By David Napoli
  • 2. Consolidation of the Monarchy
  • 3. Consolidation of the Monarchy
    • In the late 1200’s Portugal faced a series of economic and social problems
    • King Denis faced many problems, such as a mix of different races, agriculture that was in shambles, and education that was virtually nonexistent
    • Kings Denis, Alfonso Iv, and Peter the First had foreign policies that allowed Portugal to prosper
    • King John I Also encouraged commerce, agriculture and peace with England.
    • With this events, and the consolidation of the monarchy, Portugal began its expansion, with the first outpost being built in Ceuta
  • 4. Period of Discoveries
  • 5. Period Of Discoveries
    • With the Muslim population in Northern Africa immersed in civil war, Portugal had the upper hand in seizing Ceuta
    • Between 1427 and 1431 Portugal had colonized the Azorean Islands
    • They had also discovered the Canary Islands, however this was not recognized, and they later became Spanish colonies
    • One of the greatest achievements was the passing of The Cape of Good Hope. This allowed trade with India, and the East Coast of Africa.
    • Another of the great achievements was the discovery of Brazil in early 1500.
  • 6. The Portuguese Empire
  • 7. The Portuguese Empire
    • At the signing of the Treaty of Tordesillas Portugal and Spain split the the world outside of Europe
    • Portugal also controlled much of the Persian Gulf, and also had an extensive slave trade in China
    • The Portuguese also defeated the Ottomans, with the Egyptians and Turks withdrawing their navies and allowing the Portuguese to travel the Indian ocean freely
    • One of the reasons the Portuguese Empire eventually declined was its relationship with Spain. The Netherlands, Britain, and France all attacked Portuguese ports and outposts, slowly loosening the grip Portugal had
  • 8. Colonial Brazil
  • 9. Colonial Brazil
    • Realizing that the Portuguese claim to Brazil was going to be contested, John III ordered that Brazil be settled
    • The first order of business was to rid the area of French, a mission which Martim Alfonso de Sousa undertook
    • Next came the settlements. 12 individuals were chosen to fund these tracks of land. Of these only 2 were successful, trading sugar, and profiting on cheap local labor, and slave labor