Transitioning from Class to Blended Learning Environment
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Transitioning from Class to Blended Learning Environment



A presentation on Transitioning from classroom to a blended learning environment for the Perfecting the Blend conference at Mt Clear, Australia. This presentation illustrates blended learning, how to ...

A presentation on Transitioning from classroom to a blended learning environment for the Perfecting the Blend conference at Mt Clear, Australia. This presentation illustrates blended learning, how to implement it, what to consider in planning the curriculum and some assessment strategies and tools.



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    Transitioning from Class to Blended Learning Environment Transitioning from Class to Blended Learning Environment Presentation Transcript

    • Transitioning from Classroom to Blended Learning Anne Mirtschin
    • Talking about…. Talking about….• Blended learning• Curriculum planning• Assessment - Learning analytics• New skills required with…• Classroom stories
    • What is Blended Learning?
    • “A mix of face to face and computer enabledinteractive/collaborative learning environmentsthat suit the learning styles of students eitherindividually or collectively”Students want learning to be mixed!
    • DigitalDigitalDigital
    • VirtualVirtual
    • Student BlogsStudent Blogs
    • Wikis
    • Collaborative DocumentsCollaborative Documents
    • Backchannels• Joshua: i like red rock• i hAVE BEEN UP THEIR• we are going there soon• Its pretty :)• do you know where mt eccells??• water looks awesome• Looks good to swim in ;)• wow thats blue, how did it get blue?• do you know where mt eccells is??• How many years ago did the volcano at Mt Gambier erupt?• Theres heaps of thoose rocks in Hawkesdale and Penshurst• James to Turtle: caught a barracuda there
    • MobileMobile
    • Global
    • Lunch with Indonesian students
    • Lunch with an author
    • An amazing blend
    • New Terminology
    • Games Based
    • Organic Learning
    • Technology enables students to choosewhat, where and from whom they learn
    • • ‘”Miss, can you please give me TRIAL EXAMS for unit 4 vce accounting 2011 and from previous years• My classes are big and my teacher isnt that good withrevision so i was wondering. i was wondering if you know any VCE MATH METHODS and ENGLISH  sites like this so i can email teachers if i dont undertand or want practise exams.”
    • Youtube guitar learningLearning slap for from youtube
    • 365 photo challenge 365 photo challenge guitar.wmvStudents opting to take up this challenge, getting feedback and learning from global adults in an online community.
    • Einige unserer Studenten lehrenselbst, wie Deutsch zu sprechenüber das Internet, wenn zu Hause.Students want to learn Germanso they do it at home!
    • Accounting class 2011 Renee
    • VCE Accounting An ESL virtual3 virtual rural studentstudents 3 different A year 11 and 12 schools combined f2f class Cash Journals
    • Transition to Blended!• Develop a professional learning network – twitter, email lists• Connect with vibrant online communities – nings, edmodo, mightybell, edutopia• Curation tools – diigo, delicious, scoopit, pinterest, bookbinders, RSS• Attend free online webinars eg Tech Talk Tuesdays, eT@lking, Community Connect (Australia Series), Classroom LIVE2.0 etc
    • Interpreting a Tweet@, #, hashtags, abbreviations, shortened links, RT
    • Twitter as search engine Twitter as search engine• Goto• Key in #perfecting2012• Key in earthquake• Key in a chosen search word ie a topic studied in class• View Commoncraft video search in Twitter
    • HashtagsHashtags are searchable• 300 hashtags• Cybraryman’s List of Hashtags• Educators Guide to Innovation• Conference hashtags of interest
    • Join online communitiesEmail lists
    • Planning the curriculumPlanning the curriculum Planning curriculumVELs, AUS VELs sets out thecurriculum for Victorian teachersBut……Technology use can drive newpedagogies
    • Be prepared for..• Teachable moments• Immediacy of learning ie Learning is NOW• Customized learning• Messy learning/teaching• Hacked learning
    • Created using
    • Learning Resources Lear MOOC ning netw o rk textbooksThe students commun it ies @ Em ail lis ts
    • Tools UsedSchool email
    • The virtual classroom Every student has a voice!!
    • ESL StudentsCan you pleasetell me asummary of thechapter?
    • Visual data!
    • Teachable MomentsWest Java Earthquake•7.3 richter scale•64 deaths, 37 people missing, and 27,630people displaced in nine districts in West Javaand one in Central Java.•Approximately 54,231 houses were damaged in12 districts in West Java and one district inCentral Java.
    • Speaking directly with earthquake victims 12hours later using skype
    • Learning is Now!What a great model for the immediacy of learning that can happen thesedays, and the relevance. When you think about all of the things that yourstudents could learn and practice here, interviewing skills, geography andgeology, information research, retrieval, editing, organization and sharing,all in the larger context of perhaps assisting those in need who werethousands of kilometers away. I want to make the point, however, that itsall grounded in your own understanding of these technologies and the waysin which they can help us connect. If you didnt have that knowledge andexperience, this probably would not have happened, and that really is thegoal of what were all trying to do here, get more comfortable in using thesetechnologies to learn in our own practice. Thanks so much for sharing thisgreat snippet of learning from your classroom.Will Richardson comment on blog post
    • You cannot ask a textYou cannot ask a textbook questions!book questions!
    • The Backchannel• Joshua: i like red rock• i hAVE BEEN UP THEIR• we are going there soon• Its pretty :)• do you know where mt eccells??• water looks awesome• Looks good to swim in ;)• wow thats blue, how did it get blue?• do you know where mt eccells is??• How many years ago did the volcano at Mt Gambier erupt?• Theres heaps of thoose rocks in Hawkesdale and Penshurst• James to Turtle: caught a barracuda there
    • Beyond the TextbookLearning about Digital Citizenship using skypewith a lecturer from Doha, Qatar
    • Should Australia go to India to play sport?Should Australia go to India to play sport? Skype intros with the American School of Bombay
    • Discussion Questions• Please write some bullet points about what has been happening to Indians in Australia in the past year. Include the response from Indians as well as the impact of these events on the upcoming Commonwealth Games 2010 in New Delhi.• Why do you think these incidents of violence have been occurring against Indians? Is it happening against other ethnic groups in Australia?
    • Collaborative Google docsCollaborative Google docs
    • Ian Lewis Kanawinka – Young Ng – Hong Kong -The Volcanoes and Caves World’s Smallest Geopark
    • Global, mobile teacher
    • Spontaneous Learning
    • Involve StudentsInvolve Students
    • Teachable Moments
    • Flatclassroom Student Summit for Global Education conference
    • Hurricane SandyA teachable moment!
    • CrowdsourcingMystery SkypeFill in lesson organized over HLWgroup skype by teachers from SthAfrica, USA and Middle America forme and my class.
    • • [10:56:31 AM] Living Maths: Daivd and Anne,... have you considered using a google doc.,.. let the kids read and ask questions and you type all your responses - it will be nice to keep the "evidence“• APZhYSMo0TmhLlyxw8UVnos/edit• [11:01:28 AM] Living Maths: map in ... now its too easy ;)• [11:03:38 AM] Living Maths: Chicago = coghaci• [10:57:07 AM] David Karnoscak: See you then. Just knock on my door when you are ready.• [10:58:18 AM] Living Maths: A true and you can load maps in it and you can insert QR codes too• [10:59:18 AM] Living Maths: and you can make an anagram from the letters in your states name and let them unjumble the,m• Or for 10 grade cnelstnriaiogssuiottahicaldoeieimfca• [11:17:49 AM] David Karnoscak: wow..I dont think even grad students could figure it out.
    • On return from morning recess a google doc was setupready to use with the class!
    • Mystery Skype
    • What it looked like!Could only ask questions that could beresponded to by ‘yes’ or ‘no’ eg•are you on earth?•Are you in the northern hemisphere? Yes•are you in france•Are you on a island near Australia
    • Clues! Clues!Michael JordanMichael Jordanwas from here!was from here!
    • Do you teach or have any knowledge of thenative wars between the americans,seminoles, iroquois, cherokee etc, in thetimes of george washington?
    • Melbourne Work Experience Tweeted for suggested mobile phone apps for students to use
    • AssessmentFormal SACs
    • Sharing assessable work!• Dropbox• Emails• File transfer in skype• App sharing in BbC• Yousendit• Google drive• Evernote
    • Monitoring Progress Monitoring Progress• Check sheets• Blog comments• Google forms• Perusing saved chat or backchannel• Observing students via application
    • Google forms for testing
    • Measures of success?• How do we measure success?• Not just VCE scores, naplan data, but connectedness to school• Community involvement & social competencies.• Pathways to tertiary study and employment• Enjoyment of learning
    • Outcomes!Outcomes!
    • Measuring Engagement• Quantitatively by increased attendance• Student opinion data• Qualitatively by curiosity for more information• Willingness to attend night-time or extra classes• Increased motivation, enthusiasm and involvement• Increased focus on tasks
    • School’s in at 9pm! Flat Classroom Project students from Germany, China and Australia
    • Grade 6 USA student teachesAustralian year 10 IT class about Halloween Halloween
    • Prep to 10 Assessment• Group work – Collaboration/Interactivity• Communication – oral, visual, transmedia• Contribution to discussion• Assessing empathy, cultural understanding
    • International Friendship DayInternational Friendship Day
    • The Backchannel – the Bats• Cara hawk: his wing looks like its going to brake• 4B DGPS: what age do the bats learn to fly?• Billy-Jo Hawk: Did it try to escape from you?• Grade 2/3 Woodford: How many teeth do bats have?• Trevo hawk: what happen to it eye• Cara hawk: how easy is it to brake a bats wing• smithy: arent they posisoness• Grade 2/3 Woodford: What do bats feel like?• jasmine .j: do they hurt• scottinea: are the bats dead or did u catch them alive?• Grade 2/3 Woodford: What do bats eat?• 4B DGPS: are they really blind?• Billy-Jo Hawk: Is there black bats, like full black?• Moderator (Miss Iro, Mrs Gow and year 6/7): do bats carry any diseases• Grade 2/3 Woodford: What sort of fauna and flora live in the sinkholes?
    • Minecraft• How to assess leadership, mentoring, collaboration, interactivity, group work• Creativity• Degree of griefing, overcoming griefing• Positive/negative negative contributions
    • Use Polls
    • Assessing Blogs Assessing Blogs Blogs…..• Comments• Pingbacks• Number of visitors• Tags/categories• Reflective posts
    • Kailyn
    • From Beatriz (grade 4)Learning about scratch with Lanna was great I reckon it was magical the way she showed us the snow outside it was the first time I ever saw snow. I asked a lot of questions I was very interested in what we were learning for example……how long have you been using scratch? she had been using it for 3 years which means she has a lot of experience with scratch.
    • Screencasts
    • Some assessment toolsGoogle apps
    • Assessment Resources•Rubrics for Blogs•Reflective Assignment•DEECD assessment
    • eFind me•• Twitter:• Teacher blog:• Class blog:• Tech Talk Tuesdays:• eT@lking: