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Marvel The Sheep12


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shee pokk

shee pokk

Published in: Business, Lifestyle

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  • 1. MARVEL THE SHEEP By Paige & Kimberley
  • 2. Once there was a sheep called Marvel. He lived on a farm with lots of other farm animals. Marvel was the boss of the farm; all the others thought he was really cool.
  • 3. Marvel had big wool. His body appeared to be rather round with an oval shaped head. Soon it was wool harvesting time and he had to have his wool shaved off. Marvel was quite upset about this; he liked his wool a lot and thought it very much complemented his figure.
  • 4. On wool shaving day, Marvel lined up behind the other sheep nervously. When it was his turn he stepped forward, his knobbly knees shaking. The farmer started to sheer off the wool from his back half. Then Marvel had a thought. “I am the boss of the farm. I don’t have to have my wool shaved if I don’t want to!” So he jumped away from the startled farmer. Dashing off down the paddock with a bare bum.
  • 5. Marvel arrived back to where the rest of the farm animals were. He thought he heard laughing but he wasn’t quite sure what everyone was laughing about. Mrs Moo the old mother cow came over to him.
  • 6. “ My goodness Marvel” she said “what happened to all the wool from your behind? It’s bare!” Marvel suddenly realised why his lower half felt so breezy. The farmer must have shaved half of his wool off before he could get away.
  • 7. “ Oh no” he said to Mrs Moo “oh what will I do?” Mrs Moo walked over to the farmer family’s clothes line. She reached up and pulled off a spotty pair of underpants with her teeth.
  • 8. “ Here you are” she said putting them on for Marvel “you’ll have to wear these until your wool grows back.” “ Thank you Mrs Moo” Marvel said to her looking at his attractive new underpants in the farmhouse window.
  • 9. He spent the day strutting around the farm showing off his new look.
  • 10. THE END By Paige & Kimberley