Local and global blended learning


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A presentation given at the recent Perfecting the Blend Conference in Melbourne, Victoria. How to use Videoconferencing, Virtual Classrooms for local and global use with Blackboard Collaborate, Skype and MS Lync - free tools that are provided by our Department of Education are shared. The ideas and uses can be easily transferred across to other free tools and options.

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Local and global blended learning

  1. 1. Local and Global Blended Learning http://bit.ly/glblend Anne Mirtschin @murcha
  2. 2. • Description: Hawkesdale P12 College is a small, rural school, where innovative teachers have reached out to connect, communicate, collaborate and learn collectively, both locally and across the globe. Anne Mirtschin will discuss the importance and benefits of global connections and some of the tools used for synchronous and asynchronous learning. Stories will be shared to outline the learning that takes place, the challenges confronted, where to find learning partners and global projects. Tips and resources to support blended learning will be shared with participants.
  3. 3. About Me! http://techtalktuesdays.global2.vic.edu.au
  4. 4. Our new Australian Curriculum
  5. 5. Impact? Learning is NOW! me ssy 24/7 New skills -digital, social, global, networking etc F li pped Classrooms BYOD
  6. 6. Benefits of Learning Online • curriculum access and delivery eg languages, specialist subjects eg accounting, specialist maths, physics, chemistry etc • Strengthen communication and curriculum delivery links within regions, rural locations and cluster schools • Virtual professional learning • continuity and planning of curriculum provision • Bring in outside experts into classrooms virtually
  7. 7. Virtual linkup with Sydney
  8. 8. Sharing learning between schools
  9. 9. High definition videoconferencing with students from another school
  10. 10. Virtual Tour of another year 4 classroom
  11. 11. Demonstrating write on tables through polycom webcam
  12. 12. Education Week – Year 6 Ocean Grove share Cultural Garb with Hawkesdale years 3/4
  13. 13. How we looked from Ocean Grove’s point of view
  14. 14. Sharing Anzac Stories with Lismore PS
  15. 15. Mark Wilson - artist
  16. 16. Polycom equipment, interactive whiteboard and document camera
  17. 17. The artist’s sketch using elctroboard/document camera/polycom for Year 5/6
  18. 18. Student Outcomes
  19. 19. Virtual Drama Through Literacy!
  20. 20. Hands on Literacy through Pottery Ms Delightful (Sydney) teaches Year 4/5, Hawkesdale, Australia
  21. 21. 2013 Election Youth Forum – students across Australia question Canberra
  22. 22. Ghungalin College, Canberra Host School
  23. 23. How it looked - #gcf2013!
  24. 24. http://global2.vic.edu.au/2013/04/12/deforestaction-2013-polycom-event/
  25. 25. Global in Blended
  26. 26. Terry Baynton – NZ illustrator/author
  27. 27. Replicating the f2f teacher
  28. 28. Learning through polycom
  29. 29. Student engagement
  30. 30. Time to sketch!
  31. 31. Student Outcomes
  32. 32. Subsidiary Tools/Accessories • Backchannel for backup support if technical difficulties eg MS Lync, skype chat etc • Twitter as backchannel in actual session • Electroboard • Documentary Cameras
  33. 33. Backchannels •Twitter •Skype •Backchannel chat •Email alerts •MS Lync
  34. 34. http://projects.twice.cc/
  35. 35. http://bit.ly/M5GP36
  36. 36. https://edugate.eduweb.vic.gov.au/virtualconf
  37. 37. Cyber Safety http://www.guidetoinnovation.ning.com
  38. 38. Zoo Victoria
  39. 39. Learning with members from the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra
  40. 40. The virtual classroom! Using BlackBoard Collaborate - Every student has a voice!
  41. 41. Virtual classrooms can be recorded for those who are ill etc
  42. 42. The Bats • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Cara hawk: his wing looks like it's going to brake 4B DGPS: what age do the bats learn to fly? Billy-Jo Hawk: Did it try to escape from you? Grade 2/3 Woodford: How many teeth do bats have? Trevo hawk: what happen to it eye Cara hawk: how easy is it to brake a bats wing smithy: arent they posisoness Grade 2/3 Woodford: What do bats feel like? jasmine .j: do they hurt scottinea: are the bats dead or did u catch them alive? Grade 2/3 Woodford: What do bats eat? 4B DGPS: are they really blind? Billy-Jo Hawk: Is there black bats, like full black? Moderator (Miss Iro, Mrs Gow and year 6/7): do bats carry any diseases Grade 2/3 Woodford: What sort of fauna and flora live in the sinkholes?
  43. 43. .......................more chat! • dont confuse me this tinme • i dont get why you have that 400 on the debit side • i always get confused between debtors and creditors, who do we pay, and who pays us??
  44. 44. You can’t ask questions of a textbook!
  45. 45. Accounting Class Cash Journals
  46. 46. The Tools
  47. 47. File sending and polling
  48. 48. Gifted Students
  49. 49. Year 8 learn from a Virtual Year 11 student
  50. 50. It’s weird knowing that students and teachers in three different countries plus my own peers were listening to what I had to say. As I was talking, students would write questions in the chat and I would try to answer them. Georgia, Year 10 I was a bit nervous but once I started talking I was alright. It’s a weird feeling knowing that students and teachers in three different countries plus my own peers were listening to what I had to say. As I was talking students would write questions in the chat and I would try to answer them if I could. Rachael, Year 10
  51. 51. Ability to teach anywhere and any time – 24/7
  52. 52. Moderator access? • username and registration with DEECD Virtual Conferencing Centre 1-2 hours web conference coaching internet access headset (w microphone preferably) laptop, desktop or mobile device latest java download • • • • •
  53. 53. Pre-service teacher continues to teach from China!
  54. 54. What can you do with Text chat
  55. 55. Thursday lunchtimes
  56. 56. I enjoy doing linkups like this one as it is a easy way to learn about other cultures. They say there is no better way to learn than to learn from your peers. Using a virtual classroom and talking to students in other countries is more interesting and more valuable than any textbook! Georgia Year 10
  57. 57. International Peace Day with a Special School
  58. 58. Learning Scratch with Lana from Boston
  59. 59. Sprites for World Friends project on World Museum site
  60. 60. Useful twitter handles @see_share_shape @chetty @polycomalert #edvc – educational videoconferencing #videocollaboration #polycom #realpresence @MsftLync @skypeclassroom
  61. 61. Mystery Skype
  62. 62. • [10:56:31 AM] Living Maths: Daivd and Anne,... have you considered using a google doc.,.. let the kids read and ask questions and you type all your responses - it will be nice to keep the "evidence“ • https://docs.google.com/document/d/1M31ubTjERmWsD6Odn9Ht APZhYSMo0TmhLlyxw8UVnos/edit • [11:01:28 AM] Living Maths: map in ... now its too easy ;) • [11:03:38 AM] Living Maths: Chicago = coghaci • [10:57:07 AM] David Karnoscak: See you then. Just knock on my door when you are ready. • [10:58:18 AM] Living Maths: A true and you can load maps in it and you can insert QR codes too • [10:59:18 AM] Living Maths: and you can make an anagram from the letters in your state's name and let them unjumble the,m • Or for 10 grade cnelstnriaiogssuiottahicaldoeieimfca • [11:17:49 AM] David Karnoscak: wow..I don't think even grad students could figure it out.
  63. 63. Students…. Could only ask questions that could be responded to by ‘yes’ or ‘no’ eg •are you on earth? •Are you in the northern hemisphere? Yes •are you in france •Are you on a island near Australia
  64. 64. Do you teach or have any knowledge of the native wars between the americans, seminoles, iroquois, cherokee etc, in the times of george washington?
  65. 65. Parent Information evening with year 1 class from Zambia
  66. 66. Virtual teacher from Japan
  67. 67. Getting help from Boston, USA
  68. 68. Request from Reinhard Marx, Germany Could you send me a picture of a typical lunchbox?
  69. 69. Led to teaching year 7 Science students in Germany
  70. 70. Shared Australian and German food days- Canteen managers from Australia/Germany connect with skype and share via interpretor.
  71. 71. Sharing samples of our typical canteen food
  72. 72. German students decorate their canteen with Australiana
  73. 73. Two cultures, two languages share with each other over skype
  74. 74. Skype in the classroom https://education.skype.com/ • a free global community • enables teachers to collaborate on classroom • projects share skills and inspiration around specific teaching needs.
  75. 75. • • voice and audio,
  76. 76. Integrated Suite!
  77. 77. Available on: Computer Mobile device Browser
  78. 78. Online debating
  79. 79. Ghangout for International Peace Day
  80. 80. Google Hangouts A free tool, video calls with 10 others, chat, apps, records to youtube etc
  81. 81. Learning from and with German students and global educators in ghangout
  82. 82. Challenges • • • • • Bandwidth Finding connections Accessing technology Maintaining the connections Time zones/holidays/school curriculum
  83. 83. Impact – some thoughts! • • • • • • • • • • • Increased engagement Reduced racism Empathy No barriers to learning Understanding of cultures Greater awareness of own culture Netiquette, digital citizenship 21st Century Digital and Communication Skills Increased confidence Awareness beyond the textbook Variety of communication skills etc