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40827146 sd-resume

  1. 1. RESUMESummary : • 9 + years of SAP R/3 functional consulting experience along with 4 years of functional experience in wide range of industries. • SAP SD both order to cash and LE consultant with additional implementation experience of SM, VC, WM and a clear understanding of cross-functional applications of PP, MM and FI/CO in industrial scenarios and Variant Configuration. In addition have worked with the integration of CRM with SD. In depth configuration knowledge in Resource related billing, fixed billing with billing plan, configuration of DIP profile, DMR, CMR. • Experience involved in all phases of SAP implementation life cycle from initial project planning and scoping through Fit/Gap analysis, customizations, Go-Live, Post-Live Production support, User training and Documentation - 5 full cycles implementation experience using ASAP methodology . • Have worked exhaustively in Variant configuration using classes, characteristics, configuration profile, dependencies and BOM. • E2E implementation of Customer Service module CS. • Hands-on experience with Order Management, Pricing, Inter company sales, stock transport orders, Account determination, Credit Management, Revenue Recognition, Deliveries, Transportation and Billing processes. • Experience in configuring Scale Pricing, Promotional Pricing, Free of Goods etc. experience in Partner Determination, Account Assignment, Text and Output Determination. • Experience in configuring Material Requirements Planning MRP, Transfer of Requirements TOR, Availability checks ATP and overall inventory management. • Interfacing like R/3 - WMS, EDI, SIS and user exits. • Worked closely with project team members, end-users, management and Basis to provide long-term solutions to the business requirements. • Working Knowledge in SAP ABAP, SAPscript, SmartForms, Dialog Program and work flow. • Basic ABAP Knowledge, IDOC monitoring, creating SAP queries to create small reports. • Highly motivated, goal oriented team player with excellent leadership qualities, presentation, analytical and interpersonal communication skills. • Implementation experience in varied industries like defence industry, Chemical industry and Service Industry and have worked as a solution architect for projects in this industry verticals.EmploymentMarch, 2007 - PresentProject Lead and SD/CS ConsultantClient : Volvo IT , NC
  2. 2. Volvo IT is the IT arm of the Volvo Corporation and they are into implementation andsupport of IT products like SAP for Volvo and Non Volvo companies.Supporting the Global Finance System GFS from offshore.The modules involved are FICO, SD, BW, CRM, PS and ABAP.Configured the resource related billing cycle for Volvo IT and Fixed Price Billing.Setting up DIP profile and billing plan for Resource related billing and fixed periodbilling respectively in the system.Supported and configured SD-PS interfaces projects and WBS elements for completingthe resource billing configuration.Interacting with Global key user/Functional expert in identifying new requirements andproposing solutions for new CR s and delivering the new solutions.CRM and SD related interfacing and configuration.Creation of new order types, item categories, customer groups, customer pricing groups.Creating tax conditions depending on country specific requirements.Creating output types for EDI solutions.Creating specifications for new Y reports enabling the business to know what would bethe invoiced amount before the actual billing happens.Unit testing and Acceptance testing along with preparation of documentation.Part of the team to implement CS for the EUS solution which involves creating BBP,GAP analysis.Managing technical objects like equipment, functional location, serialization ofequipments, creation of different types of warranties and assigning warranties toequipment with start and end dates.Configuring, service notifications, service orders, repair orders along with DIP profile forcreating follow up DMR from the repair order. Configuring RFQ in case of customerrequirements.Complete confirmation of time and material booking.Client : Volvo IT, NCRole : SD/VC Functional ConsultantVolvo IT introduced a new functionality called End User Services EUS, where in theVolvo IT personnel can order hardware, services through the company portal. The portalacts as the front end and the CRM and the R/3 systems act as the back end. The servicesoffered differ from country to country and from business to business and accordingly thepackages modules where developed. The project was rolled to theSweden, Belgium, France and the USAKey ResponsibilitiesProject lead for the entire roll out project.Interacting with core team members of different countries and different business to devisea uniform modelling approach for the entire product range.
  3. 3. Worked primarily on variant configuration, characteristics, classes, object dependencies,variant keys, variant functions, configuration, configuration profile and variant pricing.Designed and developed object dependencies, created new constraints, constraint net forrestricting the characteristic values.Developed dependency procedures, select conditions for validating characteristics valueassignments.Uploaded the modules developed in R/3 into CRM system.Solved tickets raised for CRM and R/3 issues related to transfer of data from CRM toR/3, developed solutions for new functionalities through change requests andimplemented the same.Working knowledge of CRM base customising, Organizational Model, BaseCustomization SAP CRM solution, Maintaining the Business Partner RelationshipDeveloped functional specifications for new developments.December, 2006 - March, 2007Role : Solution ArchitectClient : Chembond Chemicals MumbaiChembond chemicals is a chemical manufacturing company having tie up with Henkeland DrewTreat of Ashland, USA for Surface treatments technology and water treatmentrespectively.Key ResponsibilitiesSolution architect cum SD Consultant.Modules involved are SD, MM, FICO, PP, ABAP.Provided the solution of handling the sales of packed chemicals and chemicals in liquidand powder form.Creation of 3 sales organisation to represent the 3 sales operations.Setting up of 3 plants which were already in production plus setting of another 3 plantswhich were going to go live in the coming financial year.Creation of order types, item categories for meeting various business processes.The different sales processes addressed where Factory sales, depot sales, intercompanysales, 3rd party sales and stock transfer orders.As project lead was involved in weekly customer meetings with management committee,team building, motivating the team members, participating in the steering committeemeetings.Using the ASAP methodology of implementing the project.Was instrumental in creating the project charter, SOW and project definition.June, 2005 - November, 2006Role : Team LeadClient : Bharat Electronics Limited IndiaBharat Electronics is a public sector company who are into production and sales ofdefence related equipments. They have in total 9 business units and manufacturingfacilities across India. At the time of implementing the above project BEL project was thebiggest SAP implementation project in India.
  4. 4. Key ResponsibilitiesDeveloped different sales process to meet BEL specific Defence related processes like Aand B Bill Sale : specialised sales process involving sale of defence material to Army,Navy and Air Force. Revenue Recognition as a add on feature in case of under utilizedadvances.BOOT : Build Operate Own and Transfer business process.Sample sale, converting the same later to a commercial sale.Factory sale for commercial purpose.Composite contract processThird Party Sales, Intercompany sales.Stock transfer orders between various plants.Various complex pricing procedures to meet the above requirements.Leading a team of 4 consultants.Developed technical specifications for 70 odd reports, user exits to meet specific BELrequirements.In the LE process, customised to develop different delivery types, item categories to meetthe business requirements.LE integration with the Quality module.LE integration with the warehouse management. This includes creation of warehouses,customising the same along with plant and storage locations, movement types to movethe goods from production to sale order stock.Customised and used serial number profiles, batch management in LE process.Customisation of picking through transfer orders to integrate with the WM.Customising of return delivery process.Inventory management based on availability check, transfer of requirements, safety stock,scope of check, lead time.Implemented Customer Service module for the following processesUnder warranty service and outside warranty.Under Contracts AMC.Integration of CS module with costing, SD process to complete the cycle.Worked extensively with technical objects like functional location, equipments.Worked with service notifications, service orders, repair orders, returns delivery.Worked exhaustively in creating DIP profile for creating Resource related billing andbased on repair orders create DMR and CMR.Implemented service contracts with milestone and periodic billing.Implemented the Warehouse Management ModuleConfigured the WM structure by defining storage locations, assigning the warehouse thecombination of plant and storage location, creating storage sections, bins, doors etc.Defined the various movement types to meet the customer specific requirements.Activating the creation of transfer orders, confirmation of transfer orders.Aligning batch determination and serial number determination to meet customer specific
  5. 5. business scenario.Define picking and put away strategies.December, 2004 - May, 2005Client : SAP Labs Shanghai ChinaRole : SD Lead Consultant for developing the best practices for India for theSmall and Medium Business Industry SAP R/3 ECC 5.0Key ResponsibilitiesFactory saleExports, Deemed exportsIntercompany sales, Third party sales with and without deliveryConsignment process as applicable for India.Returns, batch recall process.Returns of packing materialCustomer Service module incorporating various scenarios like on site repair, under andoutside warranty, under AMC, bring customer material into factory for repair.Sale of Services, using project template create resource related billing scenario.Sample and free goods sale.Created the various pricing procedure to meet the above business process. Used routines,requirements exhaustively to meet the pricing requirements.Created the copy controls for the mapping the data flow from quotations to orders todelivery to invoices along with the data flow from invoices to sales orders in case ofreturns.Packaging the above configurations into BC sets and repackaging the same into Ecatt sfor easy implementation in customer site.Used the latest Tax procedure offered by SAP TAXINN in developing the product.Product developed tested by SAP and approved for delivery to the customer site by SAP.In addition to SD had the additional responsibility to develop the baseline best practicefor Project System and Customer Service modules which incorporated various scenariosof business processes practiced in India.May, 2004 - November, 2004ConsultantClient : UB Global India Client : SAP Labs Shanghai ChinaUB Global is an export house who are into manufacturing and export of shoes,agrabatties, fruit pulp and incenses.Introduced the concept of Variant Configuration, implemented the same for 1 of theprofit centres.Introduced and Implemented the Packing List functionality for 1 of the business group,the output type to meet customer specific requirement.Introduced the functionality of domestic sales, taxation and implemented for 1 of theprofit centres.Added new output types to meet domestic and export invoice requirements.Preparing Technology specs for development.Testing the functionality in the system.
  6. 6. Unit testing and Business Integration Testing, handling and resolving defects.End user documentation.Delta training for the core team.Client : Du- Pont Surfaces US Dec2003 April 2004Role : SAP SD Consultant R/3 4.6CImplementation.DuPont Surfaces are into manufacturing of vertical and horizontal surfaces for kitchensalong with accessories for the same.Key ResponsibilitiesPreparation of functional specification for testing in the customized system.Preparing Technology specs for development.Testing the functionality in the system.Unit testing and Business Integration Testing, handling and resolving defects.End user documentation.Project Implemented through off shore or onshore model.New Order types for different business processes.Sales scenarios include factory sales, intercompany sales and sales through dealer.LE processes involving transfer order for picking, creation of packing list, creation ofuser exits for packing instructions to be send to the plants.Integration with APO for availability and transfer of requirements.Integration of the transportation module along with the LE module.November, 2002 - November, 2003ConsultantClient : ABC Bearings Gujarat .ABC Bearing is into manufacturing of bearing of various types for commercial andindustrial segment.Key ResponsibilitiesWas part of the steering committee in creating the project charter, SOW and projectdefinitionModules involved are SD, MM, FI/CO, PP, ABAP.Understood the various business processes, created the BBP to publish the AS-IS and TOBE process along with identifying the gaps.Creation of 2 sales organisations, 1 for domestic sales and 1 for export sales.Setting up of 1 plant along with shipping points, loading groups, transportation groups, 3distribution channels and 3 divisions.Creation of order types, item categories for meeting various business processes.The different sales processes addressed where Factory sales, 3rd party sales, export salesand deemed export sales.As project lead was involved in weekly customer meetings with management committee,
  7. 7. team building, motivating the team members, participating in the steering committeemeetings.Using the ASAP methodology of implementing the project.January, 2002 - October, 2002ConsultantClient : AT and S Pvt Ltd Client : ABC Bearings Gujarat .AT and S are a chip manufacturing company headquartered in Austria and having plantsin India and China.Key Responsibilities.Delta training for core team members.Mapping functional gap between the source and destination versions of SAP.Planning the unit and integration test strategies and test documents.Deploying the new functionality available in 46C.Implemented CIN 40A since a lot of changes exist between 2.2b to 40ACut over planning.Client : Orissa Mineral Corporation September 2001 - Dec2002Role : SAP SD Consultant 4.5BOMC is the first mining company in India to go for SAP implementation. OMC is agovernment owned company and are into iron ore manufacturing.Key ResponsibilitiesMapping AS to To be and coming out with the blue printCustomizing SAP to meet specific customer business process like Factory sales.Sales to OEM with special rebates incorporated into the pricing procedure.SAP Training for core team members.Integration with the FI module for the consolidation of AR/AP and CO module forCosting.Planning the unit and integration test strategies and test documents.Cut over planning.Rolling Out the solution to various plants across the state.August, 2000 - August, 2001ConsultantClient : UB Global IndiaUB Global is an export house who are into manufacturing and export of shoes,agrabatties, fruit pulp and incenses.Modules involved are SD, MM, FICO, ABAP.BBP prepared mapping the AS-IS to the TO BE and submitted for sign off.Enterprise structure configured in coordination with the FI and MM module. There are 1sales org and 3 distribution channels and 4 divisions.
  8. 8. Setting up of 1 plant distribution plant as there are no production facilities.Creation of order types, item categories for meeting various business processes.The different sales processes addressed where export sales and wholesale.Configured Z order types, item categories, delivery types and billing types to mee thecustomer specific requirements.2 Z pricing procedure where created to meet the requirementsUsing the ASAP methodology of implementing the project.Cut over planning, master data and transactional data uploading done through LSWMand BDC..May, 1999 - July, 2000Client : Falcon Tyres LtdRole : SAP SD Consultant 4.0B E2E implementation.Falcon tyres are a sister concern to Dunlop and was 1 of the biggest manufacturers of 2wheeler tyres.Key Responsibilities.Mapping AS is To be and coming out with the blue print which acts as the project bible.Customizing SAP to meet specific customer business process like Factory sales.Depot salesSale through dealer networkRetail sales through company showroomsSale of tyres to employees.SAP Training for core team members.Integration of the sales process with manufacturing module for the requirement transferto happen and in some cases for the availability check to happen.Integration with the FI module for the consolidation of AR/AP, MM module forprocurement strategy and CO module for Costing.Planning the unit and integration test strategies and test documents.Cut over planning.April, 1997 - April, 1999SalesEmerson Network Power INDIA Pvt Ltd Bangalore : formerly TATA-LIEBERTLtd Regional ManagerRoles and ResponsibilitiesIn charge of Sales for Karnataka and Kerala.Key Accounts Manager.Responsible for overall Sales Targets for the region.Building Customer Satisfaction through quality services and values.Increase market penetration by bringing in new clients into the company fold.Retain Existing clients.Managing a team of 4 persons. 2 sales and 2 service personnel
  9. 9. Receivables Management.Budget Preparation.July, 1996 - March, 1997SalesCarrier Aircon Ltd Coimbatore .In charge of sales for TamilNadu excluding Chennai.Dealer Management - Identification and Appointment of new dealers and providingappropriate training to them.August, 1995 - June, 1996Senior EngineerLtd Coimbatore .SkillsProject Management. Master Data : Customer Master, Vendor Master, Material Master,BOMs, Item Proposal, Material Determination, Customer Material info, RebateAgreements Info Record, Source List, Quota Arrangement and Pricing Conditions. SD-MM Interface : Third party sales configuration and Intercompany Billing configurationand Stock Transport orders. SD- PP Interface : Transfer of Requirements, Bill ofMaterials. SD- FI Interface : Accounting Determination, Invoicing, Credit Management,Revenue Recognition. Inventory Management : Goods Receipt, Goods Issue and ReturnsDelivery. Sales : Inquiry, Quotation, Sales Order different types, Back Orders,Scheduling Agreements and Contracts. Shipping and Transportation : Delivery documenttypes, Delivery Item Categories, Shipping Point Determination, Picking, Packing, RouteDetermination, Shipment Creation, MRP and TOR, Availability Check, Batchdetermination and handling, serial number, transportation planning point, legs and routesdetermination and transportation costing and pricing. Warehouse management :Movement types, transfer orders, storage location and plant configurations, lean and fullfledged warehouse configurations, batch management, serial number management.Billing : Billing Document Type, Credit Memo, Debit Memo, Pro forma Invoices,Resource Related Billing, Inter Company Billing. Basic Functions : Pricing, TextDetermination, Output Determination, Partner Determination, Material Determination,Account Assignment, Sales Incompletion Logs, Customer Hierarchies, CreditManagement, Copy Control between various documents and Tax Determination.Service Management : Creation of technical objects like equipment master, functionallocations, serial numbers, integration of serial number with equipment creation,warranties, maintenance contracts, integration with SD for pricing, deliveries and DMR,CMR creation, DIP profile creation. Creation of notification types, service orders andhandling different business cycles like service under warranty, service at customerpremises, etc. Variant Configuration : Creation of Configurable material, MaintainedCharacteristics, Values and defined Classes. Configured Variant Pricing Conditions,Object dependencies for specific characteristic values
  10. 10. MiscellaneousRoles and ResponsibilitiesProject involves primary design, followed by detailed designing.Providing Technical back up for sale-engineers.Preparing production and execution schedule for the project.Quality control of equipments procured from the local vendor.Education and Experience SummaryAn engineer B. Technology with specialisation in Mechanical Engineering from Collegeof Engineering, Trivandrum and MBA from Bharthidasan University, Tiruchirapallispecialisation in Marketing.Over 5yrs of SAP S and D implementation, training and support experience.SAP Certified SD Consultant.Over 4 years of Functional experience in Sales and Distribution.Excellent communication skills and client interface abilities