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Workbook introducing few TRIZ (Theory of Inventive Problem Solving) tools. We use this as a handout in TrizIndia workshops and bootcamps. Includes proformas for
Problem Explorer, Ideal Final Result, FAA, Resources, Silent Brainstorming, Trimming with appendices on Parameters in Conflict and Inventive Principles

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Triz india workbook 2012

  1. 1. TRIZ India Workbook 2012TRIZ Workbook Shankar Venugopal and Murali Loganathan1
  2. 2. TRIZ India Workbook are often left with grand theories and no proforma to work with when it comes to practical innovation.Practitioners in TRIZ or other systematic innovation method portfolio range from lab assistants, Chief Technology Officersheading full-fledged research, individual innovators/entrepreneurs, strategy departments, New Product Developmentgroups, or facilitators working across companies supporting innovation programs. While practitioners may choose a fewtools or may adopt a larger method set and build progressive combinations depending on their need. We developed thisworkbook keeping in mind the growing need for using systematic methods to innovate in almost all industries with astarter kit. We have deliberately left most sections without the background theory, and left enough space for doodling andwriting.We hope this introductory set of methods gain critical following and the need from the community to enlarge thisworkbook to include other methods comes forth in the near future.BangaloreFeb 2012 Shankar and Murali2
  3. 3. TRIZ India Workbook of ContentsIntroduction to TRIZ TRIZ Case StudiesFace the real world: Constraints Problem ExplorerIdea lies in wonderland – IFR Ideal Final ResultRender the scenarios – FAAFrugality guide – ResourcesSilence is Golden - Silent BrainstormingFire and Ice: Contradiction ID and MatrixTravel Light: TrimmingAppendix 1 Parameters in ConflictAppendix 2 Contradiction MatrixAppendix 3 Inventive Principles3
  4. 4. TRIZ India Workbook
  5. 5. TRIZ India Workbook to TRIZTRIZ is a collection of methods and tools with a philosophy that are based on few fundamental principles below 1. There are only a few fundamentally different problems Precise problem definition in most cases will uncover solutions and there are specific tools to define problems 2. Someone, somewhere has already solved a similar problem like yours Your problem context is just a new instance of a generic problem already solved elsewhere 3. There are only few strategies to generate inventive solutions to problems Systematic Innovation provides directions to generate solutions or possibilities based on solutions already available across domains5
  6. 6. TRIZ India Workbook Case StudiesSystematic Innovation methods are successfully applied in several global industry majors including GE, Honeywell,Samsung, Tata, DOW, MindTree among many others.Boeing 767 refueling system by Boeing Crest Whitestrips by Procter & Gamble Decreasing costs of DVD pick- up system by SamsungTRIZ helped to develop a new refueling system for Boeing “TRIZ was used to develop Crest Whitestrips™ for A new DVD pick-up system was767 aircraft, which resulted in extra sales of 1.5 billion US Procter & Gamble (P&G). From a TRIZ perspective, developed by Samsung which savesdollars. “A TRIZ workshop solution was developed for the the key problem was that tooth whitener should be 100 million Euro annually. “During767 Tanker (air-to-air refueling) aircraft project. As a on the teeth to bleach, and it should not be on the last 3 years, our TRIZ team didresult teeth to avoid contact with saliva. A TRIZ concept, successful consulting activities. Theof that TRIZ solution, the program was successfully a thin flexible film saturated with whitener that economic benefit after applying TRIZlaunched with a customer who preferred the TRIZ solution selectively adhered to teeth, proved to be the ideas is impossible to count (moreover the competitions solution for the same answer. Whitestrips was P&Gs most successful than 1 billionsystem, thereby ordering aircraft from Boeing. “ product launch ever, generating $130 million dollars US$)” of sales in the first year of operation while capturingDon Masingale over 45% of the whitening market.” Hyo June KimAdvanced Research Engineering Program Manager, Samsung Advanced Institute ofBoeing, USA Larry R. Smith Technology, Korea President, Altshuller Institute for TRIZ Studies, Inc, USA6
  7. 7. TRIZ India Workbook workbook will help you apply a few tools from the TRIZ portfolio and suggest specific strategies to generate solvutionsfor your problem context 1. Problem Definition using Function Attribute Analysis, Ideal Final Result, Problem Explorer 2. Solution Generation using Trimming, Contradiction Matrix, Inventive Principles, Resources?What is the problem I want to solve?Why is it a problem? Whose problem is it?Why do I want to solve it?Who else might have already solved it?7
  8. 8. TRIZ India Workbook the real world: ConstraintsMost brainstorming methods suggest thinking without constraints on the problem. TRIZ on the other hand allows you toprobe deeper and question the nature of constraints. Problem Explorer suggested below is one of the way of the ways tovisualize the constraints of your problem. Strong evidence exist to prove that the first problem that occurs to the humanmind is not always the right problem to solve, problem explorer allows you to look around the problem space and clarifythe problem.?Why do I want to solve this problem? Why else?What is stopping me solve this problem? What else?Are there contradictions in my definition?Any other constraints?Problem Explorer8
  9. 9. TRIZ India Workbook
  10. 10. TRIZ India Workbook lies in wonderland – IFRIdeality is one of the overarching trends in system evolution i.e. all systems will get perfect, cheap and will do no harm. Inan equation form Ideality = {Benefits / (Cost + Harm)}IFR is typically used by visualizing the most ideal or perfect solution to the problem and thinking backward to the currentsituation, gradually noting intermediate solutions. Metaphors like wonderland, heaven are common during facilitation tohelp imagine a perfect future state.?What function do I want to achieve?What is the Ideal Final Result outcome?What is stopping me from achieving this? Why?What can be an intermediate goal?What is stopping me from achieving the intermediate goal?10
  11. 11. TRIZ India Workbook Final Result11
  12. 12. TRIZ India Workbook the scenarios – FAAFunction Attribute Analysis is one of the key elements of the problem definition process, that helps you detail the workingof the system visually.2 steps to doing FAA are Finding elements of the systems 1. 2. Identifying interactions between system elementsWe do this by drawing an interaction matrixElements Element A Element B Element C Element NElement A ----Element B ----Element C ----Element N ----Types of relationships as we identify in FAA are as follows Useful 1. 2. Insufficient 3. Excessive 4. HarmfulInteraction matrix can be mapped as a Function Analysis Map as below12
  13. 13. TRIZ India Workbook
  14. 14. TRIZ India Workbook diagram14
  15. 15. TRIZ India Workbook guide – ResourcesAnything in and around the system that is not being used to its full potential is a resource. Resources can be inside oroutside the system, can be functions performed by other elements in the system, can be wasted resources of the system,can be time, space, money or network relations in the system, or even actions and emotions of users.15
  16. 16. TRIZ India Workbook
  17. 17. TRIZ India Workbook is Golden - Silent BrainstormingTo reflect in silence is a powerful tool and we recommend you begin by recording ideas you already have before applyingany TRIZ tool. Think both objective and constraint, and preferably do the exercise in groups.SILENCE PLEASE17
  18. 18. TRIZ India Workbook Free form for more ideas from Silent Brainstorming18
  19. 19. TRIZ India Workbook and Ice: Contradiction ID and MatrixAnalyzing over 3 million solutions extracted across several domains, researchers have found just 40 inventive principles,and they can be used as solution triggers for your problem. 2 steps in finding the principles to apply are Identifying the parameters that are in conflict 1. 2. Using the contradiction matrix for the conflictPlease see appendices for the parameters, contradiction matrix and principles19
  20. 20. TRIZ India Workbook Light: TrimmingTrimming is one of the simplest and most powerful TRIZ tool. It is usually coupled with Function Analysis to generateelegant solutions to problems. We do trimming by asking a series of questions? Do we need this useful function performed by this element? Can any other element in the system perform the same useful function? Can we modify any other element in the system to perform the same useful function? Is there an element around the system that can perform the same useful function? Is there an element around the system that can be modified to perform the same useful function? Can we combine elements to perform the same useful function?20
  21. 21. TRIZ India Workbook 1 Parameters in Conflict 1 R&D Spec/Capability/Means 2 R&D Cost 3 R&D Time 4 R&D Risk 5 R&D Interfaces 6 Production Spec/Capability/Means 7 Production Cost 8 Production Time 9 Production Risk 10 Production Interfaces 11 Supply Spec/Capability/Means 12 Supply Cost 13 Supply Time 14 Supply Risk 15 Supply Interfaces 16 Support Spec/Capability/Means 17 Support Cost 18 Support Time 19 Support Risk 20 Support Interfaces 21 Customer Revenue/Demand/Feedback21
  22. 22. TRIZ India Workbook Amount of Information23 Communication Flow24 Harmful Factors Affecting System25 System Generated Harmful factors26 Convenience27 Adaptability/Versatility28 System Complexity29 Control Complexity30 Tension/Stress31 Stability22
  23. 23. TRIZ India Workbook 2 Contradiction MatrixDue to copyrights we are not publishing any in this workbook. Our suggestion is to clip at least one version ofcontradiction matrix here for reference.23
  24. 24. TRIZ India Workbook 3 Inventive Principles1 Segmentation2 Taking Out3 Local Quality4 Asymmetry5 Merging6 Universality7 Nested Doll8 Counter Balance9 Prior Counter Action10 Prior Action11 Prior Cushioning12 Remove Tension13 Other Way Around14 Curvature15 Dynamization16 Slightly More/Slightly Less17 Another Dimension18 Resonance24
  25. 25. TRIZ India Workbook Periodic Action20 Continuity of Useful Action21 Hurrying22 Blessing in Disguise23 Feedback24 Intermediary25 Self Service26 Copying27 Cheap Disposable28 Another Sense29 Fluidity30 Thin and Flexible31 Holes32 Color Changes33 Homogeneity34 Discarding and Recovering35 Parameter Changes36 Paradigm Shift37 Relative Change38 Enriched Atmosphere39 Calm Atmosphere40 Composite Structures25
  26. 26. TRIZ India Workbook