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Future proofing your student
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Future proofing your student


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This was a half day working session for faculty development done recently at SJBIT, Bangalore. Objective is to introduce innovation and initiate action for set up a structure for developing student …

This was a half day working session for faculty development done recently at SJBIT, Bangalore. Objective is to introduce innovation and initiate action for set up a structure for developing student ideas.

Published in: Education, Technology
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  • 1. Future Proofingyour StudentMurali LoganathanApril 2013
  • 2. Do you want this?Do you want your student tobecome a glorified clerk?Do you want your student totake up low paying,mundane job with a badboss till retirement?Do you want your student tosearch for a fulfilling job formore than 2 years?
  • 3. or this?Do you want your student to be thinkingcreative everyday at work?Do you want your student to be dedicated todeveloping his/her own ideas?Do you want your student to create newvalue and create jobs for many?
  • 4. Future Proofing your Student• Prepared for new challenges• Understands Innovation• Solves tough problems
  • 5. Agenda• Nature of Innovation• Cant do it alone• Systematic Innovation
  • 6. Nature of Innovation
  • 7. Nature of InnovationDefinitionProblem / OpportunitySolver
  • 8. Defining Innovation••purposeful action and aligns with some personal ororganizational vision•developing ideas that are perceived as new andvaluable•impactful at a scale, may include financial, social,
  • 9. ProblemsGlobal ProblemsUniversal ProblemsLocal Solutions
  • 10. Dennis MeadowsUniversal versus Global ProblemsIt’s useful to differentiate problems into two categories, which I calluniversal or global. Universal problems affect everybody, but theycan be dealt with locally. Not only you can do it, but you personallycapture a lot of the benefits. Lakes have been cleaned up, rivershave been cleaned up, forests have been regenerated and so forth.Global problems affect everybody but they can only be solvedthrough global action. Climate change, the proliferation of nuclearweapons, the spread of really virulent viruses, global energydepletion – these are global problems. Looking back, I think it’s safeto say that there are quite a few examples of success with universalproblems [but] when we looked at the global problems, the only onewe found was dealing with ozone depletion.
  • 11. Solver ProfilesVisionaryExperimentingFollowing
  • 12. Round 1 Action ItemHow can you help students find a universalproblem around the campus?Who should team together?How will you know if the actions wassuccessful at all?Your next action
  • 13. Cant do it Alone
  • 14. Cant do it AloneHandling differing viewpoints / perceptionsWorking with a teamWorking with a customer
  • 15. Handling Viewpoints6 Thinking HatsPerception MappingConflict time outs
  • 16. Six Thinking Hats
  • 17. Working TogetherOpen Source DevelopmentGithubDistributed Teams
  • 18. Working with a CustomerDesign Thinking Basics
  • 19. Round 2 Action itemHow can you help students find ways towork together? or help find a customer?Who will team?How will you know if the actions weresuccessful?Your next action
  • 20. SystematicInnovation Methods
  • 21. Systematic Innovation MethodsProblem DefinitionProblem SolutionBrainstorming
  • 22. Introduction to TRIZ• Discuss various options to get the water outof this glass• Without touching the glass
  • 23. Knowledge from the world around us• Absorption• Acoustic Cavitation• Acoustic Vibrations• Archimedes’ Principle• Bernoulli’s Theorem• Boiling• Brush Constructions• CapillaryCondensation• Capillary Evaporation• Capillary Pressure• Coanda Effect• Ionic Exchange• Jet Flow• Lorentz Force• Magnetostriction•Coulomb’s Law•Condensation•Deformation•Electrocapillary Effect•Electroosmosis•Electrophoresis•Electrostatic Induction•Ellipse•Evaporation•Ferromagnetism•Forced Oscillations•Funnel Effect•Gravity•Inertia•Mechano caloric Effect•Osmosis•Pascal Law•Resonance•Shock Wave•Spiral•Super ThermalConductivity•Superfluidity•Surface Tension•Thermal Expansion•Thermocapillary Effect•ThermomechanicalEffect•Ultrasonic CapillaryEffect•Ultrasonic Vibrations•Use of foam
  • 24. Knowledge base – Limit and OpportunitiesWhat I know IknowWhat I know Idon’t knowWhat I don’t know Idon’t know – World’sknowledge base•What is an orangejuice manufacturingcompany doing?•How does it happenin space?
  • 25. A situation like MineMy Specific ProblemWorld’s best ideas inthis situationMy specific solutionIntroduction to TRIZ
  • 26. Introduction to TRIZ• Russian inventor in the 50s• Wondered how people invent• Looked for patterns of invention• Investigated 200,000 inventions in the Russianpatent database• Found only 40 principles to invent acrossindustries• Concluded there are 40 ways people think forinnovative solutions• Proposed TRIZ, Theory of Inventive ProblemSolving• After 54 years of Research• 2 million patents have been investigated• We still have only 40 principles for invention..!!
  • 27. Big Picture 9-WindowsIdeal Final ResultFunction AnalysisResourcesContradictionsThe MatrixInventive Principles
  • 28. 9 Windows of OpportunitySuper SystemSystemSub SystemPast PresentFuture
  • 29. Why? What isStopping?
  • 30. Ideal Final ResultBenefits / (cost + Harm) Heaven / WonderlandFree Perfect Now Self
  • 31. How to define IFRWhat is the final aim of the system?What about Sub-system and Super-system?Whose IFR are we thinking?Customer, Supplier, Manufacturer,Dealer, Banker ...By When do we intend to become Ideal?This quarter, end of year, 2022, ...
  • 32. Resources OpportunityAs per 2009 WHO data more than25,00,000 affected by water bornediseasesWhat resources can you think of to providesafe drinking water in remote places?
  • 33. Where to Look for Resources?• Around and Inside the System• Other uses of Functions performed• Man, Material, Machine, Signals,Relations, Money, Space, Time, ...• Services
  • 34. SoDis ResourcesSunlightPET BottlesCourtesy:
  • 35. More TRIZContradiction of 31 ParametersTRIZ 40 principles76 Standard Solutions8 Trends of System Evolution
  • 36. Round 3 Action ItemWhat is the Ideal Final Result for youmaking a student future proof? Whatresources can you find around you?Who will team for action?How will you know if any actions aresuccessful?Your next action
  • 37. SummaryIdentifying Problems/OpportunityBuilding Creative TeamsInnovating Systematically
  • 38. Any Questions / Comments /FeedbackMuralidharanl at gmail dot comhttp://trizindia.org