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Dr Unsoy Presentation at BIMY Conference on latest developments in the mobile industry
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Dr Unsoy Presentation at BIMY Conference on latest developments in the mobile industry


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Keynote Presentation that was given by Dr Mehmet Unsoy, at a Turkish Informatics Society 18th annual conference for Enterprise CIOs, on the latest developments in the mobile industry and their …

Keynote Presentation that was given by Dr Mehmet Unsoy, at a Turkish Informatics Society 18th annual conference for Enterprise CIOs, on the latest developments in the mobile industry and their implications on the enterprise CIOs

Published in: Technology
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  • 1. mSolve Partners Latest Mobile Industry Developments and Implications for CIOs Dr. Mehmet Unsoy Managing Partner mSolve Partners April
  • 2. Background mSolve Partners Dr. Mehmet Unsoy• Founded by Dr. Mehmet Unsoy • Arpanet/Internet pioneer in ‘70’s and Steve Gaynor • Bell Canada, Bell Northern• Mobile Industry Focused Research Corporate Advisory Firm • Exec at Nortel in Asia & in USA• Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), • CTO for British Telecom,17 Business Development and wireless operators worldwide Strategic Advice • CTO / CIO for O2 mobile• HQ in Dallas, USA with global operator in UK, Germany, presence in 10 countries Holland and Ireland• Current clients are from USA, , • Advisor / board member of 30+ UK, France, Finland and young technology companies Turkey • Partner at Cartagena Capital, M&A firm (Munich based) (Munich-based) Confidential 2
  • 3. Attended Latest Wireless Conferences• Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2011 – Held in Barcelona, Spain – February 14-17, 2011 y , – World’s largest wireless and mobility show – 60,000 executives attending – Our detailed report @• CTIA Wireless 2011 – Held in Orlando, Florida, USA – March 20-24, 2011 – The largest wireless and mobility show in the Americas – 40,000 executives attending 8 members of mSolve team – Our detailed report @ participated at these conferences conferences, and held hundreds of meetings Confidential 3
  • 4. Content1. Key Trends and Implications2.2 Implications on Vertical Sectors I li ti V ti l S t3. Predictions for Mobile Industry Confidential 4
  • 5. Key Trends in Mobility Sector Smartphones CloudsTablets Location Implications on EnterpriseSocial Nets Device Mgmt OS’s Apps Great deal is happening in wireless / mobility industry, Huge impact on the Information Technology (IT) sector Confidential 5
  • 6. TabletsHow many of you think Tablets are devices to be considered seriously for enterprise applications? • 100+ new models have been announced by 64 different y vendors • 50+ million tablets are expected to be sold in 2011! • Total shipments of tablets will amount to 242.3 million units i t t 242 3 illi it in 2015Tablets are “Post PC Era Prod cts” St Products”, Steve Jobs, Apple CEO J b A l Source: iSuppli Confidential 6
  • 7. Apple iPad2• Apple’s iPad - launched only in April 2010 and sold 15+ million in 9 months• Started a brand new category of g y iPad iPad 2 mobile devices• 60,000 apps for iPad in iTunes • 1 GHz dual core processor, A5 Custom designed, about 30% faster g • Two cameras, one in front and one in back, recording 720p HD; FaceTime video chat • 33% thinner at 8 8 mm (one of the 8.8 thinnest in the market), and 607 gr. lighter, but not the lightest! • Announced by Steve Jobs on March 2nd, launched in the US on March 11th, • International launch started March 25th • Estimated sales in 20 days – 5 Million Apple currently holds commanding • Priced from $499 and up 78% of the tablet marketshare Confidential 7
  • 8. Motorola Xoom• 10.1 inch HD widescreen• 1 GHz Dual-core processor with Android 3 0 (Honeycomb) 3.0• HSPA+, Wi-Fi• Dual cameras: 5 Megapixel with 720p HD and 2 Megapixel HD, webcam• Announced at CES in January and launched in February• Available for CDMA networks, Priced from $599 Verizon in particular• 4G support / LTE upgrade coming G First Android Tablet to hit the market Confidential 8
  • 9. Blackberry Playbook• 1 GHz dual-core processor from Texas Instruments• 7 inch touch screen, 2 HD video cameras, 5 Megapixel on the back and 3 Megapixel in the front• Most extensive enterprise applications• M lti t ki Multi-tasking, Flash support Fl h t• 4 different models with Wi-Fi, WiMAX, HSPA+ and LTE combinations• Prices will match iPad 2 pricing• Recently announced that, in addition to Blackberry Java Apps, it will also fully support all Android apps but will be running on Android 2 3 (Gingerbread OS) apps, 2.3• Will be launched on April 19th ! Blackberry owners will love this Playbook! Confidential 9
  • 10. HP Touchpad• 9.7 inch touch screen, 97i ht h• WebOS platform• Powered by a dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor running at 1.2GHz• Superb User Interface, from Palm• Outstanding multitasking capabilities• Will be launched in the US in June• Prices will match Apple iPad 2• However, lacks full commitment of HP executives• Blown out of the water by iPad 2 announcement Need major commitment from top HP execs to be successful against Apple Confidential 10
  • 11. Samsung Galaxy Tabs 7, 8.9 and 10.1• Galaxy Tab 7 launched last year• 7 inch touch-screen, Android 2.2 OS• Slow performance, not a g p good match with iPad• Galaxy Tabs 8.9 and 10.1• 8.9 8 9 inch and 10 1 inch to ch screens 10.1 touch• 1 GHz Dual-core processor, Android 3.0 OS• Tab 8.9 is the thinnest tablet (8.6mm) and lightest ( g (470 g ) gr.)• Much better competition to iPad 2Example Prices:Tab 8.9 with 16GB ($469), & with 32GB ($569) Samsung has the widest selection of Tablets in the market Confidential 11
  • 12. LG G-Slate• 8.9 inch touch-screen• 1 GHz dual-processor, from NVIDIA• 3D display, a first for tablets, even p y though it requires wearing 3D glasses• Two rear-facing 5-Megapixel cameras t record 3D content, as to d t t well as 1080p HD content• Front facing camera for video conferencing• T-Mobile USA availability in April 2011, for $529 with 2 yr contract First 3D Display on TabletsWith this much power and capabilities of Tablets, who needs PCs and Laptops? p p p p Confidential 12
  • 13. Tablets vs. PCs at Enterprise• 25+% of all tablets sold this year, will be acquired by enterprises• 5 Million tablets will be deployed in Retail and Healthcare sector this year• Deloitte estimates for 2011: – 390 Million PCs + Laptops +Netbooks sold – 375 Million Smartphones sold – 55 Million Tablets – So, Smartphones + Tablets already overtook PCs +• Cannibalization of PCs by Tablets is expected to be around 20-30%• Tablets T bl t are not just a North American phenomena (M t j t N th A i h (Morgan St l ) Stanley) – Extreme interest to purchase tablet in the U.S. is only 11% – Extreme interest to purchase tablets outside of the US is 21% – E Extreme interest to purchase tablets i Chi i 41% i h bl in China is• Oracle, SAP etc are working hard to have all their enterprise software to be extended to tablets and Smartphones It is time to declare that “Post PC era” has started Confidential 13
  • 14. Some New Smartphones – from MWC 2011Samsung Galaxy S II LG Optimus 3D HTC ChaCha and SalsaWith HD screen First Dual-core Smartphone, With dedicated “F” logo to facilitate8 Megapixel Autofocus HD g p Displays 3D content without p y Facebook integration with every g ycamera, and a 2nd camera requiring glasses, has double function of the phonefor video Conf. camera for 3D user-generated content Smartphones are breaking new grounds in technology Confidential 14
  • 15. Best Smartphone from CTIA ?• HTC EVO 3D Smartphone• 4.3 inch, glasses-free 3D display,• 1.2 GHz dual-core processor• Android 2.3 Operating System• Dual 5-Megapixel cameras for generating 3D content• Mobile hot-spot support for up to 5 Wi Fi devices Wi-Fi• WiMAX support• Will be launched on Sprint in the summerGlass-free 3D Display for Smartphone !Similar 3D Displa for Tablets is on the way Display a Confidential 15
  • 16. Smartphones• Chinese operators / manufacturers are coming up with their variants – Ophone (an Android Smartphone) – Uphone (a Linux Smartphone)Implications:• Smartphones will get far more smart!• Featurephones will get smarter as well ! 31% of Europeans and 27% of• Device hardware is becoming American subscribers are already commodity using Smartphones• Prices of Smartphones will come down drastically y• Smartphones will exceed Enterprises must • Incorporate Smartphones into their corp. Featurephones by 2014, and network, and• Soon, almost everyone will have a • Take advantage of almost all their g “Smart” phone customers having a “Smart” Phone Confidential 16
  • 17. Mobile Cloud for Enterprises• Given that – Smartphones become smarter and more widespread – Mobile broadband becomes more real, and – Delay / Latency comes down with new wireless t h l i i l technologies• Mobile Cloud based services become feasible and economical – Mobile operators – Public Clouds Some well-known examples today – Enterprises • Mobile social networks – Media companies, or • Mobile gaming – Any organizations, institutions (e g organizations (e.g. • Recent HP Cloud Services schools) or individuals announcements Enterprise should consider flexible Hybrid Cloud Architectures, including Public & Private Clouds with Fixed & Mobile Access Confidential 17
  • 18. Mobile Social Networking for Enterprise• About 170 Million enterprise social networking users by 2014• Increasingly significant portion of social networking is through mobile Use mobile social networking to improve effectiveness of your enterprise Sources: Radicati Group Research Source: Confidential 18
  • 19. Location, Location, Location• 2010 was the year of the Location Based Services (LBS)• Analysts predict: global market for LBS will be $21B by 2015• Integration of LBS, with various vertical services, such as retail, social networking, m-commerce, advertising,• Barcelona announcement of deCarta effectively challenging Google Maps, with free, while-label mapping APIs,• Location-based social networking, Facebook Places, g foursquare, etc.• Turkish company Telenity, is a global success, especially in India with LBS Implications: • Leverage location information for all your relevant enterprise apps • Some cloud services you use may already incorporate location info • Offer your service to your clients, based on the location information Sources: ABI Research Confidential 19
  • 20. Operating Systems Good Old Days! OS Challenges for Enterprise ahead • Today Microsoft dominates the PC / Laptop world at the Enterprise • However, – Big shift of increased use of Tablets and Smartphones, – Diversity of OS’s at the Tablets and Smartphones, Enterprise Apps need to span multiple OS’s, not just multiple devicesYou must develop strategy, acquire new skill-sets, & re-allocate budget! strategy skill-sets Confidential 20
  • 21. Mobile Enterprise Apps & Device Management• End users spent $6.2 Billion, downloaded 4.5 Billion Apps in 2010 • Have you got your mobile• Downloads are expected to increase 5-fold enterprise apps strategy? to 25 billion apps by 2015• Microsoft and RIM announced major partnership at CTIA • Is device / OS specific• Microsoft Cloud computing, Blackberry strategy good enough? Playbook tablet and enterprise apps• Expect 3 cloud service launches for RIM• E.g. MaaS360 Cloud service by Fiberlink already offers Mobile Device Management strategy for all devices at the enterprise Enterprises need comprehensive Mobile Device Management strategy g gy Confidential 21
  • 22. Content1. Key Trends and Implications2.2 Implications on Vertical Sectors I li ti V ti l S t3. Predictions for Mobile Industry Confidential 22
  • 23. Mobile Money Mounts Momentum • Mobile money services by mobile operators • Mobile apps on Smartphones by Banks International Remittances I t ti l R itt Mobile P M bil Payments t• World Bank estimates $440B • In developed world, m-Payment is part of sent by 175 M Subs in 2010, convenience• This amount will grow to $ $72 • For mobile banking, Turkish banks Trillion by 2040 already offer various apps / services;• Use of handsets and mobile • In developing world, there is a huge un- technology would drastically banked population; reduce the cost of international • 1.7 Billion mobile subs don’t have a money remittances bank account • m-Banking is perfect to meet the needs of un-banked f b k d Confidential 23
  • 24. Mobile Phone Replacing your Wallet• Only about 15% use mobile banking in North America• However, 94% of North Americans would use mobile phone for m-payment if they know it is secure (*)• 73% of the North Americans identify Security as the most important barrier barrier, followed by 12.5% for simplicity and 8.4% for speed Implications for Enterprises: • Incorporate most secure technology and products into your service • Promote security as part of the marketing of the service • Do not sacrifice security for sake of simplicity (*) Mobio Survey March 2011 Confidential 24
  • 25. Mobile Health – Endless Opportunities• MyGlucoHealth – Bluetooth • Piix Smart Bandaid (by Qualcomm), enabled blood Glucose meters • Provides heart monitoring and• GlucoTel – Java & Bluetooth wireless ECG transmission• Connected thru Smartphones to secure databases• Lower-power Bluetooth technology will make them even cheaper Prescription • Significant use of Smartphones bottles with a and tablets wireless cap, that flashes and plays • Drastically changing the way a ringtone to ringtone, the medicine is practiced p remind patients to • Tons of medical apps take their pills • A lot more to come Our September 2010 Newsletter at Confidential 25
  • 26. Mobile Health – Revolution Ahead• Use of Brain waves and • Augmented Reality Smartphone Apps Bluetooth • Using the camera and smarts in the• Non-invasive Central phone Telemetry Unit • Recognizing everyday objects eg objects, eg. Money, packaged goods, bottles,• Controlling devices, robots, e.g. dialing a medication, signs and landmarks phone number, • Helping elderly and visually impaired• Significantly improving the lives of spinal consumers cord injury or paraplegic patients• Human Signal Engine and Personalized • Real-time speech recognition through Medicine Smartphones• Connecting patients to caregivers, with • Real-time translations non-invasive sensors, • Contextually aware speech• Gathering info from assistance for hearing Genomics, Proteomics, impaired or speech tests, scans, sensors impaired• Chronic disease mgmt Smartphones, Tablets and M2M are coming together in the mobile healthcare revolution Confidential 26
  • 27. Machine to Machine (M2M)  Internet of Things• Ei Ericsson CEO H CEO, Hans V tb Vestberg h d predicted 50 had di t d Billion devices to be connected to Internet by 2020• Skeptics questioned the number; but it is possible: • Connected Healthcare devices • Smart Grid and Energy / Utilities • Connected Appliances and Consumer Electronics • Connected Automotive and Transportation • All security gadgets, • All retail outlets financial & banking devices outlets, Source: Ericsson -2010 S Ei 2010 • Government institutions and outlets • Military institutions, personnel, and devices CIO’s need to focus on: • Issues like, connectivity, addressability, security, authentication, privacy • How to converge Internet of People and Internet of Things synergistically • How to leverage Internet of Things for corporate business objectives Confidential 27
  • 28. Content1. Key Trends and Implications2.2 Implications on Vertical Sectors I li ti V ti l S t3. Predictions for Mobile Industry Confidential 28
  • 29. Predictions for Near Future• Tablets are here to stay, & will play a major role in Enterprise – Tablets will exceed laptops in 2012/2013• Less than $100 Smartphones – By 2012, without operator contract 2012• Locations, Locations, Locations – Leveraging location will be commonplace!• Rich Communication for everyone! – HD Video communication on your Handset or Tablet Confidential 29
  • 30. Predictions for Near Future• Social Networking for Enterprise – Corporations leveraging Facebook and Twitter• Internet of Things – Let’s connect everything that makes sense Let s• Unseating of Nokia from the top – Will lose market share and industry influence• End of Microsoft dominance in the Enterprise – End of the monopoly! Confidential 30
  • 31. Thank You! Contact References• Email: mehmet@msolvepartners com • CTIA 2011 Report – March 2011 Newsletter p• Link us at LinkedIn • Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2011 – • February 2011 Newsletter • mSolve Partners • Mobile Money Mounts Momentum – January 2011 Newsletter• Friend us on Facebook: • Internet of Things and People Converge – • November 2010 Newsletter • MSolve-Partners-LLC • 2010 is the Year of m-Health – September• Follow us on Twitter 2010 Newsletter • • Everything above and this presentation will be • available at Confidential 31