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  • 4. Booth No. 4BB03 AROCOSMETIC CO., LTD. Office Address 3F, 70-8 Seokgwan-dong, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul 136-816 Korea Contact Person Mr. Sung, Su-hyun / Special Business Dept. Contact Number Tel : +82-2-3296-0346 Fax : +82-2-949-0169 Contact E-mail Website Item of Exhibition 1 Stem Cell Ampoule (1mlX30ea) This ampoule is effective in making dry and rough skin into the soft skin by forming protective layer on the skin with vegetable placenta and stem cell activator from Pea. As in concentrated ampoule capsule liposome water soluble small peptide from Pea, it enhances the absorption into the skin deeply and improves elastic skin by faster effect. 4 COSMOBEAUTE ASIA 2013 Basic Skin Care, BB Cream, Beauty Machine, Medical Machine etc.
  • 5. Arocosmetic as Aesthetic leader. - Arocosmetic has a technology of modelling mask based diatomite and over 20 years aesthetic know-how. Values of Arocosmetic. - 4C “Creativity, Challenge, Customer-focused, Co-operation” is values of Arocosmetic. Rhythm of nature and science - RONAS is best present for skin made by combination with nature and science. 2 Tox Volume Filler (10mlX5ea) It improves the fine wrinkles to protect the skin with protein nutrients of polysaccharide. This serum keeps supplying moisture to the skin for a long time. 3 Snail Filler Essence (10mlX5ea) As a highly enriched whitening and anti-aging filler essence, this essence made withextracts from snail slime supplies moisture for skin to be elastic. KOREA PAVILION 5
  • 6. Booth No. 4BB04 DERMAFIRM INC. Office Address #207, A-dong, Seongnam Woolim Lions Valley 5-cha, 144-3 Sangdaewon-dong, Jungwon-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do 462-739 Korea Contact Person Ms. Rachel Kim / Assistant Manager, Planning & Marketing Team Contact Number Tel : +82-2-545-6363 Fax : +82-31-750-0850 Contact E-mail Website Item of Exhibition 1 Brightening Essence This whitening complex is a state of the art Peptide complex which will give you a flawless, even and bright skin in tone and color. This new Amino Acid technology to stop the production of color pigments in the skin. As you renew your skin (every 25 days) your discolorations or spots will naturally disappear, depending how deep they are. Regain your clear, spotless and luminous appearance to look youthful and vibrant. 6 COSMOBEAUTE ASIA 2013 Cosmetics, Cosmeceutical
  • 7. Number ONE Cosmeceutical Brand DERMAFIRM : We are now supplying over 2,000 clinics and Hospitals in Korea. Our best brand “DERMAFIRM” was born to change skin cycle for healthy and cleanness regardless of ages and skin conditions throughout our effective materials natural herb, peptide, stem cell, organic materials and functional ingredient certificated by KFDA. Dermafirm’s products are 10 Free that safe for skin, and can use regardless of ages and skin conditions, even sensitive skin. 2 Purifying Essence Formulated with the advanced microparticle delivery system, this TTO based therapeutic essence has the ability to reduce Propionibacterium acnes bacteria as well as absorb sebum from the surface of the skin. 3 Brightening Blemish Balm Brightening Blemish Balm is a unique special skincare, especially for reddened, irritated and impure skin. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory and concealing effects, Blemish Balm instantly alleviates redness and irritations. A plant-based complex of active ingredients helps normalise imbalanced skin functions. This special balm contains a number of natural active ingredients for to protect skin. Outstanding adhension makes your make-up persistently. KOREA PAVILION 7
  • 8. Booth No. 4BB05 GCS GROUP CO., LTD. Office Address Namyang B/D 2F, 299-5 Yangjae-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul 137-896 Korea Contact Person Ms. JM Yoon / Director, Overseas Sales Dept. Contact Number Tel : +82-2-555-1536 Fax : +82-2-3142-7670 Contact E-mail Website Item of Exhibition 1 ART Lift Combi The advanced threads of ART Lift feature deeper, thicker and stronger cogs and they offer the most effective and the safest solution among the existing lifting thread methods. ART Lift Combi is a lifting thread which has overall uniform thorn-shaped cogs on the threads made of polydioxanone through special process. The procedure for ART Lift Combi lifting is carried out by inserting the cannular-shared needle into the skin according to desired design. It makes ART Lift Combi permit more simple procedure. 8 COSMOBEAUTE ASIA 2013 Medical Device for Plastic Surgery
  • 9. GCS Group has contributed to human life through products that provides innovative technologies, convenience, and customer values to our precious customers. Due to the high quality standard of our products and their usability, GCS Group aims to become a global leader as a healthcare and beauty care company. With ART Lift, GCS Group has envisioned a new way of healthcare and beauty management that gives more satisfaction, convenience and advancement of medical technology. 2 ART Lift Multi A Twenty-stranded single thread gets twisted and forms one thread. Compare to common single threads, ART Lift Multi threads have roughened surface which shows amazing effectiveness in lifting the sagging skin. In case of removing nasolabial folds and wrinkles of forehead or adding volume and fullness to the skin by inserting embedded threads, ART Lift Multi threads help to have stronger volume and to keep it by producing wider and harder collagen band during its absorption. 3 ART Lift Uni ART Lifting Uni is a very simple but ideal way to lift the sagging cheek, chin and jaw line of the face with non-invasive procedure. The interposed ART Lift Uni threads which have overall uniform thorn-shaped cogs on the threads made of Polydioxanone also lead the chemical change of the skin. By inserting ART Lift Uni into SMAS layer, the multiple effectiveness such as smooth skin, bright look and wonderful elasticity is obtained by improvement of blood circulation as well as the instant optimal lifting effect. KOREA PAVILION 9
  • 10. Booth No. 4BB06 GREENCOS Office Address 62, Samjak-ro 163beon-gil, Ojeong-gu, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do 421-806 Korea Contact Person Mr. Kim, Dong-hwi / Section Chief Contact Number Tel : +82-32-678-5670~1 Fax : +82-32-678-5672 Contact E-mail Website Item of Exhibition Skin Care, Make-up, Hair Care, Body Care 1 Deoproce Color Combo Cream Triple function CC CREAM!! Varied Color Change Pigment capsules in the white silky cream base burst to make skin fair. As triple function CC cream (UV protection, wrinkle improvement, skin whitening) good for skin health, it contains different kinds of essence ingredients essential for the skin. And CC cream is developed as a high-grade formula using a new color change capsule technology, which keep the skin glossy and moisturized for a long time as well as provides nutrition to the skin. 10 COSMOBEAUTE ASIA 2013
  • 11. GREENCOS was established in 1997, we are cosmetic manufacturer and promising export company with ISO9001, ISO14001, and CGMP. Deoproce means energetic cosmetics developed by specialists. The goal of Deoproce is to develop and supply naturalistic cosmetics and achieve the dream of every woman to have beautiful skin. In particular, we aim to produce and supply pure naturalistic cosmetics with excellent pacification, moisturizing, and pliability by using various natural substances such as green tea and albutin, and we also aim to minimize consumer’s burden by eliminating costs from distribution and advertisement. Snail 2 Deoproce Cream Recovery “Whitening Anti-Wrinkle Deep Moisturizing” Snail Secretion contains amazing vital powers that help provide nourishment for rough skin with the snail secretion filtrate, which restores its damaged shell, and the root extract of a yam containing the mucin ingredients, it forms a protective film of moisture and prevents water loss. 3 Deoproce Special Water Plus Cream “Whitening Anti-Wrinkle Fresh Aqua Cream” It quickly and tightly moisturizes dry and sensitive skin as if it were a water film on the skin by protecting moisture even under the conditions in which water easily dries out and prevents the skin from aging by maintaining an optimal skin condition at all times. KOREA PAVILION 11
  • 12. Booth No. 4BB07 GENIC CO., LTD. Office Address Seonggyeong B/D, 15-5, Gangnam-daero 27-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul 137-889 Korea Contact Person Mr. Nam, Tae-wook / Sales Manager, Overseas Sales Dept. Contact Number Tel : +82-2-579-8265~7 Fax : +82-2-3463-8268 Contact E-mail Website Item of Exhibition 1 Sheet Mask One of our brands pure tree is running with sheet mask. Our sheet mask is a therapeutic cosmetic that is natural, like a pure and clean tree. The feature of our sheet mask is a kind of tissue or cloth wetted with cosmetic essence fluid with the type of collagen, green tea, aloe, coenzyme Q10, lemon, pomegranate and so on. The sheet is made by cotton, silk, rayon etc. 12 COSMOBEAUTE ASIA 2013 Mask Pack, Skin Care
  • 13. Genic was established in 2001 and now we are specialized in facial mask pack and skin care products. In 2012, our total sales’ amount was about 82 million dollars and we are continuously growing on sales. We are on the position of number 1 market share in mask pack and it’s unique technology of our gel type mask pack which is registered with local and international patent. Our main brand, “CEL-DERMA” and “PURE TREE” will take you in beauty skin care world. 2 Hydrogel Mask Pack Hydrogel mask is cosmetic brand based on bio-technology. It is ‘Water Soluble Hydrogel’ applied trans-dermal DDS (Drug Delivery Systems) become commercialized successfully. New concept of cosmetic delivering nourishment and active ingredients into skin deep as plaster and patch with slow evaporating moisture & active ingredients, unlike normal cream or lotion. 3 Water Free Shampoo Our shampoo is no need with water for hair cleaning so, it’s a kind of eco-friendly item. Cleaning ability is very superior than other shampoo on the function of anti-mildew and washing fine dust etc. It is a foam type so, it’s very simple & easy to use especially for patients and handicapped persons. KOREA PAVILION 13
  • 14. Booth No. 4BB08 IBEAU Office Address Dahyung B/D 7F, 157-13 Samseong-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul 135-880 Korea Contact Person Ms. Emily Jeon / Sales Manager Contact Number Tel : +82-2-562-5991 Fax : +82-2-562-1995 Contact E-mail Website Item of Exhibition 1 Herb&Bee A.CLine Control Care Herb&Bee A.C Control Cleansing Gel Herb&Bee A.C Control Mist Herb&Bee A.C Control Spot Herb&Bee A.C Control Serum Herb&Bee A.C Control Lotion Herb&Bee improves sensitive skin by using bee venom and herb ingredients (extract of ecucalyptus leaves, grapefruit, citron, sophora root, clove flowers). 14 COSMOBEAUTE ASIA 2013 Skin Care, Makeup
  • 15. IBEAU engages in the development and sale of specialized cosmetics. Our top brand is “Benenet”. Benenet is a total cosmetic brand which signifies connection of skin by beauty. It is our top priority to produce good products which are always faithful to basics to fulfill a higher level of customer satisfaction. Our company strives to achieve consumer satisfaction through better service and create more value through constant innovation and product upgrade. 2 Functional Ampoule Care Line Propolis Magic Ampoule - Recovery, Elasticity & Moisture function - It contains 15% of propolis that helps providing moisture and nutrient to the sensitive skin. Pore Tightening Ampoule - Pore minimizing function - It contains golden larch extract which is a patented ingredient that helps control sebum level and reduce pore size. Diamond Illuminator Ampoule - Whitening function - It contains diamond powder and niacinamaide that makes skin clean and bright. 3 Vita Whitening Pack It is a wash-off type whitening mask pack containing Makgeolli (rice wine) extracts, mulberry root and niacinamide which are main ingredients to make your skin clean and clear. It includes highly refined extracts derived from derivatives of Vitamin B, C and E, hyaluronic acid. These ingredients help hydrating and moisturizing your skin. KOREA PAVILION 15
  • 16. Booth No. 4BB09 UYOUNPLUS CO., LTD. Office Address #606, Chumdan Venture Valley, 958 Gosaek-dong, Gwonseon-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do 441-813 Korea Contact Person Mr. Kim, Pyoung-il / Director, Sales Dept. Contact Number Tel : +82-31-8007-6770 Fax : +82-31-8007-6771 Contact E-mail Website Item of Exhibition Portable Skincare Machine 1 Hermippe (Auto Vibration Massager) Hermippe is the total massager to introduce the wrinkle care cream and essence into skin. This product automatically operate when the massage head comes into contact with the skin surface. Additionally, the automatic operation ceases as soon as the applied cream is cleanly absorbed into the skin to avoid manipulating dry skin. 16 COSMOBEAUTE ASIA 2013
  • 17. UYOUNPLUS Established in 2008, Uyounplus Co., Ltd. is an export-focused company based on worldwide cosmetic market. It is specialized in business areas such as portable skincare machine and total home care products. With a main focus on the excellent technology for product development and manufacturing know-how we will continue to lead global cosmetic industries. 2 Hot & Cool Ion Massager Heating and Cation Function (Cleansing mode) Maintain hot effect : 40°C Hot and cation effect opens up the pores and discharge of waste materials from the skin. Cooling and Anion Function (Treatment mode) Maintain cool effect : Under 10°C Cool and anion massage tightens the blood vessels and pores to provide elasticity to the skin and help penetrating of skincare products into the skin effectively. 3 Scalp Massager Treatment effect (absorption through ion influx effect). Injection of hair solution by pumping push button. Specially designed cushion and vibration head for scalp massage. The specially designed cushion and vibration head is optimized for providing stimulation needed for hair growth. It is also optimized for stimulating the scalp without applying unwanted stimulations. KOREA PAVILION 17
  • 18. Booth No. 4BC05 PARA TECH CO., LTD. Office Address 178-274 Gajwa-dong, Seo-gu, Incheon 404-812 Korea Contact Person Ms. Joo, Yun-hee / Director Contact Number Tel : +82-32-582-7006 Fax : +82-32-582-7116 Contact E-mail Website Item of Exhibition Perfume, Skin Care, Body Care, Men’s Line, Essential Oil, Aroma Massage Oil, Make Up, etc SERUM, 1 WHITENING CREAM SET PRIMER, BB WHITENING SERUM - Calms down the sensitive skin and gives nutrients. - Whitening, brightening, and building a protective barrier that resists melanin. DUAL EFFECT BB CREAM (Whitening, Anti-Wrinkle) - Good coverage and excellent adherence conceals flaws of skin for long time and makes it smoothen. PRIMER - Prepares, your skin for a perfect foundation application and extends make up wear. 18 COSMOBEAUTE ASIA 2013
  • 19. We are responsible for quality control, development of new products for the Asian markets, preparation of registration and regulatory data and assistance to the purchasing and production departments. KYREY - Reasonable priced Korean cosmetics / skin care, body care, men’s line, etc. - Skipped all the route from the factory to the consumer, down the price. 2 O’neill Pheromone O’neill Pheromone is a sexual signaling aroma based on the chemistry of the attractant. This subtle pheromone-based fragrance is scientifically designed to provide you with one of the most precious and powerful forces of nature. MOISTURIZING 3 KYREY FOR MEN BODY WASH KYREY MOISTURIZING BODY WASH FOR MEN lets you energize and moisturize your skin and provide superior cleansing while stimulating the skin. Apricot fruit Extract and Portulaca oleracea Extract help protecting and maintaining the skin’s natural moisture balance. KOREA PAVILION 19
  • 20. Booth No. 4BC06 PRUN LIFE CO., LTD. Office Address 538 Junggil-ri, Seongsu-myeon, Jinan-gun, Jeonbuk 567-893 Korea Contact Person Mr. Lee, Jik-hwan / Director, Oversea Marketing Dept. Contact Number Tel : +82-63-433-0460 Fax : +82-63-433-4864 Contact E-mail Website Item of Exhibition 1 ENZYME FAT DOWN Natural Enzyme Diet products created your health and power while reducing fat and losing a weight. Natural Enzyme Diet for your slim line and health together with nutrient balance. PRUN LIFE ENZYMES are effective for inner beauty as well as beautiful skin, fat loss, weight loss, cholesterol reduction, detoxification, increasing immunity, constipation. 20 COSMOBEAUTE ASIA 2013 Skin Care, Inner Beauty Food
  • 21. Prun Life Co. has cooperated with Wonkwang University for R&D for 15 years and produced functional health enzymes. It has established an Enzyme Health & Beauty Clinic Center. MIZYME brand means NATURAL BEAUTY ENZYMES for skin beauty plus Inner Beauty, and promotes cellular proliferation. Our natural-fermentation production technique developed by academic and industrial R&D, as its own exclusive process, uses 100% of Korean origin grains, producing other beauty-related enzyme ingredients and various enzyme-application products. 2 NATURAL ENZYME ESSENCE NATURAL ENZYME ESSENCE advanced by enzyme nano-biotechnology such as RED-GINSENG ENZYME, SILK-COLLAGEN ENZYME, PUERARIA ENZYME are excellent effect of skin regeneration, wrinkles, anti-aging, whitening and moisturizing. RG-Cell is the first cosmeceutical with the power to activate old and dormant stem cells naturally and restore your skin to a healthier, younger appearance. 3 NATURAL ENZYME BEAUTY Natural enzyme beauty is powerful enzyme food for inner beauty & skin beauty by in-taking. Used for : Antioxidant, anti-aging skin beauty improvement for women. Osteoporosis prevention. Vitality enhancement for female. Cure for Menopause and Post-menopause symptoms, super natural enzyme supplement. KOREA PAVILION 21
  • 22. Booth No. 4BC07 HABALAN MED & BEAUTY CO., LTD. Office Address #907, Byucksan Digital Valley 6-cha, 481-4 Gasan-dong, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul 153-704 Korea Contact Person Ms. Angela Lee / Assistant Manager Contact Number Tel : +82-2-856-6636 Fax : +82-2-859-6636 Contact E-mail Website Item of Exhibition Beauty Equipment Home Use 1 Poya Body Care RF -System - Professional RF-System Care at home, at anywhere. - Outstanding effects by activation of collagen from the deep heating. - Body Care / Foot Care/ Obesity Care / Muscle Relaxing / Lifting / Cellulate Reducing - Wireless / Portable / Easy Homecare - 120mm x 120mm x 140mm - 1MHz / 40W 22 COSMOBEAUTE ASIA 2013
  • 23. HABALAN Med & Beauty : high frequency heat specialist As a high frequency heat specialist, Habalan has developed its own unique technology by adapting high frequency heat treatments used in the medical industry to a continuous program for home beauty care. Products using Habalan Medical’s high frequency technologies have already been used widely in skin care businesses and beauty salons. HABALAN Med & Beauty as health designer for women Health is just important as beauty and youth. Habalan does its best to help its customers maintain healthy and elastic skin, not just lose weight. 2 Poya Face Care RF-System - Professional RF-System Care at home, at anywhere. - Outstanding effects by activation of collagen from the deep heating. - Facial Care / Facial lifting / Wrinkle Care / Whitening Care - Wireless / Portable / Easy Homecare - 60mm x 30mm x 170mm - 1MHz / 20W 3 Po bling pore cleansing brush - Removes makeup better than manual cleansing without irritation. - Leaves skin feeling and looking smoother - Removes impurities that keep creams and serums from working their best - Minimizes the appearance of visible pores - Reduces oily areas, dead skin parches even black head KOREA PAVILION 23
  • 24. Booth No. 4BC08 JS SPONGE CO. (C&B PRODUCTS) Office Address 190-16 Munbong-dong, Ilsandong-gu, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do 410-560 Korea Contact Person Mr. Nam Lee / Director, Overseas Sales Dept. Contact Number Tel : +82-31-976-9880 Fax : +82-31-977-0632 Contact E-mail Website Item of Exhibition Make-Up Sponge & Puff 1 Tulip Blending Sponge Whole side for applying BB Cream, Liquid Foundation or Blush on the larger area of face such as your forehead, cheeks and chin. Tulip Blending Sponge’s fine edge lines for hard-to-reach spots like around the nose and mouth and below the eyes. 24 COSMOBEAUTE ASIA 2013
  • 25. JS Sponge Co. (C&B Products) is a specialized manufacturer and supplier in various cosmetic accessories such as make-up sponge & puff and brushes, which are qualified made in Korea. To meet the various demands of customers over the world, we do our best to present updated and creative products periodically through continuous research and technical renovation. We hope our products meet your satisfaction and will be waiting for your contact. 2 NBR & NR Sponge Make-Up For Liquid Foundation and BB Cream 3 Make-Up Brush - Natural or Artificial Hair - For Make-Up Artist KOREA PAVILION 25
  • 26. Booth No. 4BC09 NOKSIBCHO PHARM Office Address 1011-20 Doksan-dong, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul 153-829 Korea Contact Person Ms. Jung, Ju-ee / Assistant Manager, International Development Dept. Contact Number Tel : +82-70-8852-2240 Fax : +82-2-896-6817 Contact E-mail Website Item of Exhibition Skin Care 1 La’ perle lighting serum The main ingredient of Lighting Essence reduces the movement of melanin and activates cells to promote collagen secretion, stimulating the microcirculation that strengthens the dermis. 26 COSMOBEAUTE ASIA 2013
  • 27. Our company Noksibcho ( was established in 1979 by the current company president Mr. Park. We started with dietary supplements (Health care) and expanded into cosmetics. We have offered cosmetics for nearly 30 years and launched The Skin House and Sferangs two years ago. The Prices of our products are reasonable in the market and their greatest strength is that we are made using our own patented method (Ellipeace Energy) which was founded by our affiliated company and hospital (Noksibcho Pharmaceuticals and the Noksibcho Medical Center). 2 Vita Complex Solution Perfect treatment ampoule for hyperpigmentation and skin tone correction. It contains pure vitamin C and niacinamide that prevent melanin growth before it releases into the surface of skin. It gives immediate effect and provides much brighter and even skin tone. 3 Wrinkle Healing System Cream This luxurious wrinkle snail system cream helps cellular renewal for a supple and toned skin. It minimizes the formation of early wrinkles and helps self collagen production. KOREA PAVILION 27
  • 28. Booth No. 4BC10 SUNRISE FAMILY CO., LTD. Office Address 276-2 Cheonhyeon-dong, Hanam-si, Gyeonggi-do 465-110 Korea Contact Person Mr. Hank Lee / CEO Contact Number Tel : +82-31-795-0577 Fax : +82-31-795-0578 Contact E-mail Website Item of Exhibition Eyelash, Mask Pack, Hair Coloring Shampoo, Whitening Essence, Cream, Body Cares. 1 Healing Theraphy Mask Sheet Pack It’s consist of 4 kinds of Intensive Healing Line and 4 Kinds of Double synergy Healing Line. Each mask pack has different effective and function. 1. Intensive Healing Line Caviar Aqua - Moisturising Black Pearl - Lightening Argan&Oatmeal - Whitening Teatree - Soothing 2. Double Synergy Healing Line Placenta - Moisturising Vita Collagen - Lightening N.M.F - Resilience E.G.F - Anit-wrinkle 28 COSMOBEAUTE ASIA 2013
  • 29. Sunrise Family is one of the famous herbal cosmetic manufacturers for skin, hair, body and make-up items. Now we are exporting all over the world and main brand Laurarosse means beautiful and passionate woman. Laura is a common female name in France, means the typical appearance of beautiful woman. Rosse is ‘red’, with a ‘rosy’ in Italian means the passionate woman. Also another famous Eyelash brand is “Secret Star girls” our advertising model is SECRET who is the one of the famous Top K-POP girl group. We are ready to serve you. 2 Laurarosse Body Care It’s consist of 4 kinds of Body cleanser and 4 kinds of body Lotion - Body Cleanser & Lotion fragrance : Lavender, Jasmine, Rose, Lemon Ideal for daily cleansing, it contains extract of shea butter that Nourishes and softens skin restoring its natural suppleness and dryness or irrigation. (4 fragrance, each 500ml) After using the body care, customers may enjoy aromatheraphy effect and feel better. 3 Secret Star Girls Eyelash 1. It’s shown natural Image by made of Knitting Type. 2. It’s setting type 3. It’s one touch type for easy applying. 4. Various kinds of 2 set and 5 set style. 5. K-POP Star marketing By Girl Group SECRET. KOREA PAVILION 29
  • 30. Booth No. 4BC11 LIFE TOGETHER Office Address #1203, College of Business Administration, Kangwon National Univ., 1, Gangwondaehak-gil, Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do 200-948 Korea Contact Person Mr. Yang, Hyun-su / Manager, Oversea Dept. Contact Number Tel : +82-33-250-7298 Fax : +82-33-253-7298 Contact E-mail Website Item of Exhibition 1 Super Aqua Moisture Line Skin Giving the Moisture to dried skin. Therefore, skin is smooth, moist and has fine luster. Moisture Lotion Make lustrous and absorb quickly to dried skin when you apply it to skin. Cream Magical bubbles that provide moisture. Keep skin soft and smooth for long time. 30 COSMOBEAUTE ASIA 2013 Skin Care
  • 31. We are skin care company in Korea. Our company has many lines about the whitening, anti-winkle and etc. As we are a manufacturer, we operate the 5,000 cosmetic shops in Korea. 2 Color Perfume Body Line Body wash Consist of 3 fragrances; blue sweet, pink floral, green refine. These help to activate the fresh and keep the flavor longer. Body Lotion After shower, it help to recover the dried skin 3 i want It is a total set - 4 kinds. It is consisted of 4 items (Microneedle Roller, Deep cleansing gel, Pore Tightening Ampule, Whitening Control Ampoule, Wrinkle Managing Ampoule, Aqua Soothing Gel Cream). Particularly, the Mi-roll (microneedle roller) helps to penetrate into the skin more effectively. After using roller, the 4 items which are effective to pore, whitening, wrinkles improvement, helps to maximize the effects. KOREA PAVILION 31
  • 32. Booth No. 4BC12 COTTERANG INC. Office Address (Sunrin B/D 2F, Gaepo 4-dong) 14, Nonhyeon-ro 16-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul 135-963 Korea Contact Person Mr. Yu, Chang-seon / CEO Contact Number Tel : +82-2-579-0544 Fax : +82-2-579-0545 Contact E-mail Website Item of Exhibition Skin Care, Cosmeceuticals 1 Bio Peeling Program FERMENTATION BIO PEELING PROGRAM Any Stimulus, Side Effect NO Brightening, Whitening, Anti-Wrinkle, Anti-Aging, Anti-Acne YES 32 COSMOBEAUTE ASIA 2013
  • 33. Our company was established in 2006 for the patented Skin Exfoliation Peeling Pads, and other multi-function mask pack, blackheads are patented products, etc. Our Brand are sold to of dermatology clinic and Esthetic clinic where more than 700 famous in Korea. We have more than 80 Variety kinds of Products. WISH FORMULA BRAND all products are Research, Development, Manufacturing and Sale by Skin Physiologist, Cosmetic Scientists, Dermatologist, Acupuncturist, etc was established Bio Company. Fermentation Science, Technology, Humanity’s best high performance on the basis of the know-how for more than 20 years of experience in cosmetic development, marketing representative. 2 Blackhead & Blackmask BLACKHEAD(SEBUM) & PORE CARE DUAL EFFECT PROGRAM Removal of Sebum without Any Stimulus! Get rid of Blackheads by pulling sebum out of the pores with natural plant ingredients gently 3 Panda Eye Essence Mask EYE CARE PROGRAM NEW WAY SKIN CARE AROUND THE EYES !! PLEASE ATTACH THE EYE ESSENCE MASK ! Brightening, Anti-Wrinkle, Anti-Aging, Whitening, Dark-Circle, Reducing Fine Wrinkle Great Stickiness KOREA PAVILION 33
  • 34. Booth No. 4BC14 SKINFACTORY CO., LTD. Office Address Jinil B/D 5F, 722-3 Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul 135-920 Korea Contact Person Ms. Hwang, Sun-young / Planning Manager Contact Number Tel : +82-70-7521-5155 Fax : +82-505-999-5515 Contact E-mail Website Item of Exhibition Skin Care, Mask Pack, Makeup 1 Skinfactory Ampoule Mask The Skinfactory started as a cosmecutical brand which emphasizes the balance of the skin. Through many clinicaltests, we received positive responses from customers after the development of our cellulose sheet masks. We think about people and our natural environment to develop elements. Therefore, we launched our “four no added” line of products, which are no added pigment, no added paraben, no added ethylalcohol, and no added mineral-oil. 34 COSMOBEAUTE ASIA 2013
  • 35. Skinfactory is a portmanteau word of skin and factory. Skinfactory is a brand that has been developed and researched by cosmetics and dermatology experts, plastic surgery experts, oriental medicine doctors All of our products are Cosmeceuticals, which have been clinically test by Dermatology (Mirror clinic franchise). All cosmetic lines are low stimulation by excluding chemical compounds such as paraben, alcohol, artificial dyes, synthetic perfumes and mineral oil. Our brand prefers not to use chemical compounds to reduce stimulation on one’s face. 2 Skin Care Fragrance-free, pigment-free, preservatives-free, alcohol-free, and mineral oil-free These products can be used on sensitive skin. - Alcohol : when alcohol evaporates, it takes moisture from skin. - Paraben : mainly used as a preservative in cosmetics. When over-used, it can affect the endocrine system. - Mineral Oil : this element can prevent your skin from breathing. - Artificial coloring : chemical colors can cause allergic reactions. - Fragrance : it can result in negative health effects like allergic reactions. 3 O’lala Makeup Colorcreation - Created by formulators and designer with savoirfaire in the field of cosmetics. Easy approach - Eye-catching, fun and witty. Addictive - Addictive quality, leaving you happy and beautiful. Together - Join a community of happy customers who love the one brand created by cosmetics researchers and innovative designers. KOREA PAVILION 35
  • 36. MEMO