MSHS AA Minutes of the meeting (091911)


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Minutes of the meeting from the Muntinlupa Science High School Alumni Association initiative committee that held on September 17, 2011

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MSHS AA Minutes of the meeting (091911)

  1. 1. MUNTINLUPA SCIENCE HIGH SCHOOL ALUMNI ASSOCIATION INITIATIVE COMMITTEE MINUTES OF THE MEETING created September 19, 2011 Initiative Committee 1st Special September 17, 2011 Subject: Date : Meeting (Saturday) Menard Molina Meeting President, MSHS Alumni Class 2003 Time : 7:00 PM Facilitator : OIC, MSHS Alumni Affairs Minutes Mia Rose Fernando Seattle’s Best Coffee, Location : Prepared by: (Alumni Class of 2003) Festival Mall, Alabang Attendees : Class of 2002 Mel Molina Class of 2003 Menard Molina Mia Fernando Class of 2004 Ricky So Randyh Laredo Class of 2005 NONE Class of 2006 Richard Casanova Class of 2007 NONE Class of 2008 Sherard Guico Peter Jim Paa Class of 2009 Lorenz Dela Athena Bisnar Class of 2010 Antholin Averion Class of 2011 NONE Associate Alumni Marck Valderrama (Batch 2002)Meeting Agenda: 1. INTRODUCTIONS 2. INITIATIVE COMMITTEE UPDATES 3. REPRESENTATION OF ALUMNI CLASS / BATCH 4. ALUMNI ASSOCIATION START-UP  By-laws  Alumni Council  Executive Committee  Committee Heads  SEC registration 5. ALUMNI HOMECOMING  Event Details (Date / Time / Venue)  Membership Update  Planning & Execution 6. FUND RAISING FOR THE HOMECOMING  Membership Contribution & Annual Dues 7. SCHEDULE OF NEXT MEETING Initiative Committee Minutes (092011) Page 1 of 8
  2. 2. ACTION ITEM REMARKS1. The meeting commenced at 19:30 and began with the introduction of the attendees.2. The initiative committee was formed with the blessing With the agreement of all the of current Muntinlupa Science High School principal attendees, Mr. Molina will serve as Mrs. Madeline Diaz, and appointed Menard Molina the Presiding officer of the Initiative (Alumni Class of 2003) to spearhead the effort to Committee, and the Officer-in-Charge create a more active Alumni Association of the school. of the MSHS Alumni Affairs until such time that a Chairman of the The aim of this committee is to establish and organize Association have been elected. an official SEC registered, non-stock, non-profit organization comprising of all the alumni of the It has been agreed that the attendees school, and create progams and activities that shall of the meeting shall be the members benefit the alumni body, its members, and the school. of the initiative committee and shall decide for their represented classes. The committee should ideally consist of two representatives from Batch 2002 until 2011. However, They shall be the “task force” to work no representatives attended from Batch 2005, 2007, on the proper establishment of the and 2011. Alumni Association3. A Certification form was given to the attendees in However upon discussions with the which two names of representatives must be filled attendees, representatives may and a significant number of signatures must be submit acknowledgement of submitted in the form in order for the two persons representation may come from called as the official representatives of their alumni printed documents (print screen of class. email thread, or facebook chat or messages thread) that may be (see attached separate document for the copy of the attached on their certification form. certification form) It shall be that the number of acknowledgements or signatures with the certification form will be the consensus of the alumni class and shall be considered quorum vote for that particular class. The Deadline for submission or acknowledgement of the Certification would be the same date as the next meeting for the Alumni Council formation. However, representatives may still add or continue to add signatures / acknowledgements of Initiative Committee Minutes (092011) Page 2 of 8
  3. 3. representations even after the alumni council has been formed (continuing effort to keep the alumni informed and active to the association)4. A sample printout of the Alumni Batch Directory was A soft copy of the directory shall be shown and given to the attendees in order for them given to the attendees via email to have an idea of a unified directory for the Alumni together with this minutes of the Body. meeting. This shall be used by all the alumni classes for easier Attendees agreed that they shall give compilation of the alumni information and for the their best in completing the future database system for the association information of their own alumni class. Each attendee had decided on their (See attached document for the excel file) own on who shall update the info for their batch. Associate members shall be referred to Marck Valderrama. Marck Valderrama (Associate Alumni – Class 2002) & Sherard Guico (see details below regarding associate members) (agreed to “help out” in establishing this database system in the future for the association.5. Attendees were given a hard copy of the PROPOSED The Proposed by-laws was voluntarily MSHS Alumni Association Constitution and By-laws. prepared by Mr. Molina to fast track the creation of the association. Each attendee was advised to go through each article and section for any clarifications and suggestions as soon as a soft copy are sent.6. A Rundown of the important Articles from the By-laws was discussed with the attendees: Initative committee members were asked to read through the by-laws in Alumni Membership their own time for their comments, suggestions, and clarifications. Based from the Proposed By-Laws: The by-laws are still open for All graduates of Muntinlupa Science High School are discussion and may be finalized once considered as Regular members. the Alumni Council and the Legal and By-Laws Committee have been MSHS faculty or a personnel who has rendered five formed. (5)years or more of dedicated loyal and quality service may also become a regular member. Associate members Initiative Committee Minutes (092011) Page 3 of 8
  4. 4. An associate member is defined as:‘Students who have had at least one year of study butdid not graduate in MSHS, and not having beendismissed for misconduct or for any scholasticdeficiency may be admitted as associate members’and ‘any faculty or personnel who have significantlyserved the School for less than five (5) years, and stillwish to be identified as part of the Association andrecognized as an MSHS Alumni’.Other Membership Statuses: Lifetime and Honorary –which can be seen on the by-lawsAlumni CouncilA meeting will be set for the formation of MuntinlupaScience High School Alumni Association Council (TheAlumni Council). The details of this meeting wasThe Alumni Council shall consist of the following: parked, and was discussed at the latter part of the meeting. (see last a. The Officer-in-Charge for Alumni Affairs, as action item) appointed by the alumni council, nominated from the members of the council itself; b. Two (2) elected representatives of each Alumni Class; c. The batch president-elect, or an elected official representative of the graduating class of the current year; d. As ex-officio members, the current Principal of MSHS, or an appointed alternate, the current Faculty President, and the immediate Past President of the Association;(Ex-officio members may vote in the Alumni Councilbut may not hold office in the Executive Committee ofthe Association)  Executive Committee The Executive Committee shall be the governing body of the Association. The Members of the Executive Committee shall consist of the Chairman and four (4) Vice-Chairmen, elected-at- large by the alumni council, and the three (3) ex- officio members of the Alumni Council. The ex- officio members are part of the Executive Committee but may not vote nor hold a position in the Executive Committee. Initiative Committee Minutes (092011) Page 4 of 8
  5. 5.  Committee Heads Members of the Service Committees may be appointed by the President from among the association members upon the recommendation of the Committee Chair and subject to the approval of the Executive Committee. The committees are as follows: Membership and Communications Committee Events and Program Committee Mobilization and Promotions Committee Finance and Budget Committee Nomination and Elections Committee Constitution and Legal Committee Ad Hoc Committee6. SEC REGISTRATION OF THE ASSOCIATION There shall be an ad hoc committee to handle the SEC registration for the A registration from the Securities and Exchange association after the Alumni Council Commission (SEC) will make it clear that no and the Executive Committee have individual will profit from the association. been formed and elected. Everyone in the association is liable in terms of fund management. In addition, a bank account can be formally opened under the name of the association and all receipts will be named after it. Most importantly, a SEC registration number would formally institutionalize the association.7. ALUMNI HOMECOMING No exact details have been decided  Event details (Date / Time / Venue) yet but it will most probably take place February 2012, this should be in The Alumni Homecoming shall be the first line with the activities of the school. homecoming event of the Alumni. Attendees were asked to let their Hopefully, a significant number of alumni per batch batch be informed that the attend the homecoming in order for them to be homecoming shall push through but involved and updated in the alumni activities and the details are still being clarified and other programs of the association. planned by a committee. The payment or price of ticket for the homecoming Attendees have agreed to this and shall cover for the Initial Membership contribution for commented that it is likely that this the attending alumni, would pay for their ALUMNI would be a good way to jumpstart Initiative Committee Minutes (092011) Page 5 of 8
  6. 6. CARD and at the same time all the freebies for the the association and the funds for the event (food, drinks, etc.) activities / program. With these in mind, it was raised that  Planning and execution only the announcement from the Alumni Council shall be considered The Events & Programs Committee from the Alumni factual regarding the homecoming Council shall deal with the exact details of this event. No other source shall be activity. deemed truthful which could be incoherent with the plans of the association.8. FUND RAISING The funds from Membership shall be primarily used for the homecoming event. It has been agreed upon that all alumni shall be considered a member upon the individual’s registration and paying the membership contribution. The registration fees agreed upon are The attendees discussed about the possible amount as follows: for the following: - Initial Membership Contribution INITIAL CONTRIBUTION - Annual Memebership Fee PhP 200.00 - Lifetime Membership Contribution **ANNUAL CONTRIBUTION PhP 100.00 LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP The floor was opened for discussions on the possible CONTRIBUTION PhP 2,500.00 amounts. (**will be computed retrograde starting from the year the alumni Possible perks and other benefits from being an graduated) this is because to make Alumni Association Member (whether regular, up for “lost” years of the association associate, or lifetime) shall be determined in the and contribute to the advancement future by the Alumni Council of the group. Sponsorships and discounts and other perks were suggested by the attendees and were taken into consideration for future purposes.9. ALUMNI CLASS REPRESENTATION The representatives who attended the meeting were They shall be unofficial considered to be their batch representatives. representatives of their batches until such time that they submit a written However, Batch 2002, 2006, and 2010 will require one document of their official more representative. representation shall they be Initiative Committee Minutes (092011) Page 6 of 8
  7. 7. considered and shall be included in Batch 2003 will be represented by JL Henson and the Alumni Council. Menard Molina. Surely their effort to attend this Batch 2005 will be informed through more eMails, important meeting serves as their nomination to be the Alumni Council Batch 2007 and 2011 will be informed by Batch 2008 as Alumni Class Representatives. and 2010 respectively. If the representative in the committee is the batch president or an officer, as elected by their batch The representatives have agreed on during their senior year or upon graduation, no this and shall complete the attachments (signatures) will be further required. documents on time at the Alumni Council Meeting. IF not, gather as many signatures certifying the batch members’ agreement of the representatives. Emails, print screen of FB threads and the likes will also be considered. Certification must be brought to the next meeting.10. COMMUNICATION LINES A Facebook group page (closed) shall be made by Marck Valderrama for the Initiative Council. Updates will be posted. Once the alumni council is established, a bulletin-style page will also be made by Marck Valderrama. One email address shall be set up for the council.11. NEXT MEETING Mia Fernando and Menard Molina shall handle the logistics of the next The next meeting shall be the ALUMNI COUNCIL FIRST meeting. MEETING will be held on October 8, 2011 (Sunday) at 10AM. All other attendees were tasked to inform their batches regarding this Venue is yet to be confirmed and informed to all meeting and those concerned. Alumni Class Representatives MUST attend this meeting. No representation means agreement to all the decisions made in the meeting. Once the ALUMNI COUNCIL meeting has been established, this Initiative Committee shall be dissolved as agreed upon the members. Initiative Committee Minutes (092011) Page 7 of 8
  8. 8. Alumni members are welcome to observe in the meeting, only the batch representatives (two) can vote and freely discuss matters during the meeting12. The meeting was adjourned at 22:30. Initiative Committee Minutes (092011) Page 8 of 8