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Presentation kuwait

  1. 1. Kuwait
  2. 2. this is their flag thathas a famous colors ( red, white , green and black)
  3. 3. It symbols Kuwait and coasts located KuwaitTowers, consisting of three towers, designed in the form owatering fragrance heritage Kuwait and the length of themain tower about 185 meters and consists of twoballs, Lower gelato and upper hall and snacks includemonitors to watch Kuwait City, and the length of thesecond tower 145.8meters and is used as a store ofwater, and the third supplement them
  4. 4. Grand Mosque
  5. 5. Fatimah Mosque. The state religion of Islam, the religion of the majority of the population, as The Constitution provides for freedom of other religions. Muslims constitute 85% of the total population and the remaining 15% of non-Muslims, mostly Hindus and Christians
  6. 6. The oil industry in Kuwaits largestindustries, covering nearly half of GDP andmost of the exports, and Kuwait owns 10% ofglobal oil reserves.
  7. 7. Arabic is the only officiallanguage by theconstitution, and use Englishas a second language inofficialdealings, maps, signage
  8. 8. Mediates Kuwait Liberation TowerCity, which stopped its constructionduring the invasion and after theliberation of the Iraqi construction wascompleted and was named by that namein relation to liberalization, and uses mostof the tower by the Ministry of Transportand some telecommunicationscompanies, as the seat of governmentwas inaugurated Mall. And open tovisitors once a year to visit and watch theKuwait summit, and often that periodduring the month of February.
  9. 9. KuwaitMuneeraAbdullahGroup49