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Presentation on WWE

  1. 1. By Muneeb Ahmed By Kimberley Johns
  2. 2. Introduction I chosen to talk about one of my many interest which is World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) as it was introduced to me by my parents during my childhood in 2003. World Wrestling Entertainment was at first called World Wrestling Federation (WWF) but has forced to changed its name to WWE by the World Wildlife Fund as they were entitled to the name first. Apart from that WWE has its own place on television in the sky sports and box office section. It also currently the largest professional wrestling company in the world, it shows in 30 different languages to more than 145 countries and promotes under two brands known as Raw and Smackdown.
  3. 3. About Professional Wrestling Professional wrestling is not just about the big pay check they like to receive performing for the fans, or knocking their opponent unconscious left right and centre for an easy win, or winning as much championships belts and matches as they can. Some wrestlers like to think its their passion, its what they like to do to be able to win the crowd over with their personality in and out of the ring. Some simply like the electrifying energy they receive from the crowd, the adrenaline they feel even. Some wrestlers are talented at what they do, and even like to be a performer, an entertainer even, or even centre of attention. There are many reasons why wrestlers like to become pro wrestlers. Professional wrestling of course takes years of practice to prefect and to do safely, however all wrestlers have there different, staged names, personalities, charisma, techniques and specific named moves to go with the character they like to show worldwide. But most of the time they like to display all these areas in the ring in front of the worldwide nation.
  4. 4. Men’s Wrestling Midget Wrestling
  5. 5. The ring and thousand of viewers watching at ringside
  6. 6. Types of matches A traditional wrestling match is usually fought between two wrestlers or two tag teams, with the rules being a winner is declared via pinfall, submission, countout or referee decision such as disqualification or a wrestler unable to continue. Here is a comprehensive list of match types you may see in World Wrestling Entertainment. Some of these are not even standard wrestling matches, but unique contests introduced at various events. •Triple Threat match •Tables, ladders + Chairs match •Royal Rumble •Hell in a Cell •Steel Cage Match •Special Referee •No Disqualification •Money in the Bank •Elimination Chamber •Lumberjack match •Last Man Standing •Ladder match •Lingerie match •Ironman match •I Quit match • Handicap match • Hardcore match • Falls Count Anywhere • Flag on a Pole • Fatal Four Way • First Blood match • Elimination match • Casket match • Costume match • Battle Royal • Boxing match • Buried Alive match • Beat the Clock match • Body Slam match • Tag Team matches
  7. 7. John Felix Anthony Cena born April 23, 1977 is an American actor, hip hop musician, and wrestler. He is with WWE and performs on their Raw brand. Stats Height: 6'1 Weight: 251 lbs. From: West Newbury, Mass. Signature Move: Attitude Adjustment; STF Career Highlights: World Heavyweight Champion; WWE Champion; U.S. Champion; World Tag Team Champion; WWE Tag Team Champion; 2008 Royal Rumble Winner; 2010 Superstar of the Year Slammy Award winner John Cena
  8. 8. Is Wrestling Real or Fake? 65% Fake 55% Real  Accidents, injuries and pain  Most matches are scripted  Almost all matches are staged  Some wrestlers go with there passion by choosing there own path Writers work on plots and storylines for most wrestlers  Jumping life threatening heights and risking their bodies are real  Its mainly for sports entertainment and for the wrestlers to have a bigger pay roll  Most wrestling moves aren't tricked  Have been cases of steroids used  They practice for years to learn both the moves and how to execute them safely while still making it look dangerous and real to the viewers  Most wrestlers are exceptional athletes who train for many hours each day to maintain their physical condition  You can see and experience for real
  9. 9. Thanks for watching! Any Questions?
  10. 10. Thanks for watching! Any Questions?