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Mumbai hikers newsletter vol1 issue 1

  1. 1. Top The Mumbai Hikers NewsletterInside this issue 1. My first Mumbai Pune Cycling Trip - By Nachiket Marathe 2. Independence Day trek to RAJGAD 2011 - by Omkar Juvekar 3. Alibaug Trip - Khanderi Fort and Undheri Fort - By Merwyn Rodrigues 4. Dhak Baheri Trek - by Aashish Chawla 5. Sandhan Valley - Ratangad - Kaladgad - Harishchandragad trek - by Nilesh Patil 6. List of Trekking Groups in Mumbai 7. Cycling Groups 8. First Aid 9. Rock Climbing Wall Goregaon 10.Trekking Gear Shops in Mumbai5 years ago all it was very difficult to find out treks events online .Most trekking groupshad printed event schedules which were only available to its members .Most trekkersused to stick to 1-2 trekking groups .5 years on all trekker do not have to depend on their friends or one trekking groupschedule .Earlier if a trekking group did not have a trek event the next weekend most ofus used to sit at home on that weekend. Now there is always some trekking group whowill have a trek or trip on the next weekend . You can also plan 2-3 weeks in advanceand do not need to wait for a printed trek schedule from a trekking group.Recently I had no net access for a week and found that a lot of trek event and excitingtrekking information online remains online and a lot of people are missing out on the funof meeting new friends and trekking and keeping healthy due to no net connection or notknowing anyone in the present trekking circles .So I decided to connect the offline world with the online world and get more people toenjoy trek events and trekking experiences of trekkers . Also the I would like thenewsletter to be a place people can find all the important information they need duringtrekking .If you have a blog or take photos during treks you can send me the links and we willshare your joys with people in the offline world via our free newsletter . Enjoy Nature and Happy New Year ! Regards NavinHikers Newsletter Vol 1,Issue 1 Page No 1
  2. 2. Top My first Mumbai Pune Cycling Trip - By Nachiket MaratheI started cycling 7 months ago. I invested almost all of my weekends post monsoon incycling. First I participated in Cyclothon which was held somewhere in April. I hadborrowed my friends cycle - Hercules Sport (18 geared). I was cycling after a gap ofaround 15 years. I saw many good cycles during the cyclothon event. I decided buy onewithout worrying much on budget. Started my research & purchased Hybrid bike -Schwinn Sporterra Comp. The bike comes with Disc breaks. Then cycling was stoppedduring the monsoon.I thought yes, I am now fit for attempting Mumbai - Pune. I took leave from work onFriday 18th November & decided to go to Pune on that day. I was lucky to get a seniorcompanion Mohinder Singh Bharaj who has done all the BRMs before. I didnt want totake any chances so decided to leave at 3 AM in the morning. I didnt want to climb theGhat when it was hot.Hikers Newsletter Vol 1,Issue 1 Page No 2
  3. 3. TopWell, I was 8 minutes late & started at 3.08 AM from Vile Parle. My parents came bycar just to see who is my companion & to be my guard against barking & chasing dogs.It was indeed helpful. There were many occasions where dogs started chasing me & Iwas saved as my dad started honking. Finally I reached Chembur / Deonar (TelecomFactory) & met Mohinderji. My dad had a word with him & we were off to Pune & myparents were off to bed.We started journey very nicely. We chit chatted & reached Khopoli at 7 AM. It was agood time. Had chai & Misal Pav. We started at 7.40 AM. Then the so called testingtime came! Ghat section started. I was riding on lowest gear. I actually did not have anyintention to do it non stop. I was going to take as many breaks as possible. Only onething I have decided. I am going to ride till the point I am able to control my breathing. Ihad purposely decided not to stop even if my knees start paining. Because that issuperficial pain. It vanishes after rest. But breathlessness kills yourmomentum. Andguess what? I was able to control my breathing even after the Ghat section ended! Yes Idid non-stop in my first attempt.Well Ghat ended at 9.05 AM. Mohinderji exclaimed "Kidhar gaya Ghat, Khatam hogaya!". I thought wow! We again took halt little outskirts of Lonavala. It was 9.20 AM.We again had some food. Pune was 65 Kms. We started. Lonavala till Kamshet Ghat isaround 10-12 Kms & nice flat road. But!! We were riding against wind. No joy of ridingon flat even after climbing the mighty Ghat. I was riding 3 X 6 or 3 X 7 combination.But couldnt manage to make it more than 22 Kms/hr. Then came Kamshet Ghat. I wasagain riding on lowest gear but my moral was very high since I climbed bhor Ghatwithout stopping. Time was passing. Didnt understand when it was 11.30 AM. At DehuRoad Mohinderji was waiting for me. From Dehu road one way goes to Pimpri & otherway goes to Wakad & then to Chandni chowk. I had a glass of sugar cane juice.Mohinderji told me that he will leave now. It was cool. He had to participate in the BRM200 (Pune - Panchgani - Pune) very next day.Hikers Newsletter Vol 1,Issue 1 Page No 3
  4. 4. TopMy knees started paining. My Reli-spray was empty. I was carrying empty spray withme. My butts were paining too. I was standing & riding from time to time. Surprisinglythere is not a single medical shopadjacentto NH 4. Then came Baner at around 1.30 PM.I went in the city. Found a medical shop. Purchased a spray. Used it. took halt nearMedical shop for some time. Did some stretching. I dont know if it worked but guesspsychologically it did!! I was not in position to understand much. I had decided that Ishould at least make it till Pune within less than 12 hours. and after this incident Ithought let it be. Doesnt matter even if I reach in 12 hours 15 minutes or 12 & halfhours. Rode few Kms. Again stopped at some Neera centre. Had Neera. I got a call fromMohinderji. He told me he has freshen up & now he is having lunch. I said great. Ithanked him & wished him success for the BRM 200.Started. Then finally came Chandni chowk & I saw the downhill of Poud Road. Saw theclock. It was 2.53 PM. I got some energy. Thought yes it is possible to make Punebefore 3.08 PM. I forgot my knee pain. sprinted. Reached Nalstop (My Pune Home) at3.03 PM!! I did it.Statistics (by Sigma BC 1609) :-Total Distance - 168 Kms.Total time - Close to 12 hoursRiding time - 9 hours 35 minutes (Nearly 80% of the total time)Average speed - 18 Kms/HourMax Speed - 49 Kms/hourHikers Newsletter Vol 1,Issue 1 Page No 4
  5. 5. TopLearnings:-When you are undergoing some venture make sure you at least have filled Reli-spray!Though planning & execution are two sides of one coin, former is more vital than thelatter.Dikhawe pe naa jao, Apni akal Ladao! One should definitely listen to others advises,opinions & experiences. But should not base ones opinions on that.Bhor Ghat is much over-rated. If one wants to attempt it first time make sure you startearly.Conquering Bhor Ghat isnt end! Pune is far far ahead from it. So there is absolutelynothing to celebrate when you finish climbing Bhor Ghat.Mumbai - Lonavala - Mumbai (Same day) will definitely be a good choice to spend yourholiday!Though I did Bhor Ghat non stop in my first attempt, I will never under estimate it.There are actually many factors involved. Weather is the key & start time from Mumbaiwill definitely play an important role while climbing the Bhor Ghat.As every individual is unique, every Ghat is unique.Tarmac of NH 4 is a great. (Except the fact that no medical shops nearby). Dontblameold things when you have got new ones!Nachiket Marathe I am very thankful to all the cyclist community whose indirect support is alwayswith me. Without them it wouldnt have been possible.Hikers Newsletter Vol 1,Issue 1 Page No 5
  6. 6. TopHYBRID TREKKERS 1st anniversary Independence Day trek to RAJGAD 2011by Omkar JuvekarYet another trek this monsoon season & this time a rather special one. It was our firstovernight trek & that too on the day of our 1 st anniversary. Independence Day trekto RAJGAD was our dream trek & we all were eagerly waiting for it. The journey being a longone we decided to leave the bus at night only. The excitement began even before the trekstarted when we lost our way in the darkness at around 4.30 a.m. Finding our way backthrough the narrow village lanes & taking much needed help from some awaken villagers, wereached our destination finally-Gunjavane (base village). Quickly getting ourselvesfreshened, we all got charged up for the real excitement to begin.The trend of loosing our way continued even in the trek when we took a longer route insteadof the simpler path. This time we hardly had any fresher along with us. So the regular‘constant encouraging’ part was being missed. But we had a very diverse team on board rightfrom a 9th std. girl to a 58 yr old professional trekker. Rajgad is a photographer’s delight withall its greenery & misty atmosphere especially in the monsoon. So the shutterbugs justHikers Newsletter Vol 1,Issue 1 Page No 6
  7. 7. Topwouldn’t stop. Especially the view of ‘Suvela Machi’ from our 1st halt spot is simply breathtaking.We entered the fort through ‘Chordarwaja’ after an exciting 10 min. climb through rockypatch at the final frontier. People from the last batch were given a grand welcome inthe Padmavati temple. A small tea break of 15-20 min. & all were again geared up to marchtowards Suvela Machi. It began with a photo shoot at the Sadar, where the strong cold windwas just blowing us apart. A brief walk through the misty, cloudy atmosphere brought us totheNedha. This was the best & the most exciting part of the trek. ‘Nedha’- a small cavity fewfeets above- provided that much needed challenge. Not everyone climbed it but those whodid had their trek worth. Some cotrekkers also went ahead to see the entire Suvela Machiwhile some hungry trekkers just wanted to come back to Padmavati.When we came back to temple, it was almost full. We had to drop our visit to SanjeevniMachi right there & by the time we finished our lunch, we had to take that tough decision toabort the trek. This was not what we had planned & before the situation would go out ofcontrol we had begun our descend. It was a rather disappointing end to our dream trek butthat one hour spent in the waterfall in the evening just made up for the loss. Apart fromNedha, this waterfall had brought smile on everyone’s face.The evening & night was spent in the temple at the base listening to some of the ghost storieswhich were rather hilarious instead of being scary. The next fresh morning began with the flaghoisting ceremony conducted in the village school. A feeling of pride for nation gripped all ofus as we stood saluting our tricolor singing our National anthem. Morning breakfast wasfollowed by a surprise gift for all. We distributed our badges to celebrate our one yearcompletion. A group photo & we all left Rajgad with a promise to come back again & conquerit entirely.On our way back, we went to The Rajiv Gandhi National Park, atKatraj. It was a nicerelaxing walk in the zoo watching all different types of animals & reptiles. I am sure everyoneloved this part of the trek also. As always the return journey was a smooth & quick one backto Ruia College.At the end of the day, the dream had come to an end with many more memories to cherishupon. But now its time to see more dreams ahead. It’s been one eventful year for HYBRIDTREKKERS & the journey has just begun. Here we thank all our trekkers for their activesupport for all our events. “Bulanda hauslon se shuru hua hain ye karavaan, Apni manzil ki ore badh raha hain ye kafila, Musafir to bahut jud gaye iss rah par hamare, Unko bhi yaadon mein samette chal raha hain manchala”HAPPY TREKKINGHikers Newsletter Vol 1,Issue 1 Page No 7
  8. 8. TopV.A.S.K.O. Alibaug Trip - Khanderi Fort and Undheri Fort - By Merwyn RodriguesA visit to the forts at Alibag had been on my agenda for a long time. But somehow,something or the other kept coming in the way, and my visit to this sleepy beach townkept getting put off.So then I finally sat down to do some research on the Internet and, armed with whateverinformation I could gather, made plans to go to Alibag. Nimish and Darshan, who hadaccompanied me on my visit to Lohagad Fort and Bhaje Caves earlier, and Niket andPiyush, both first-time trekkers, agreed to accompany me on my visit to these forts. Boat to Undheri and Khanderi fort from ThalHikers Newsletter Vol 1,Issue 1 Page No 8
  9. 9. TopWe boarded the first ferry of the day, the 6.15 am ferry from The Gateway of India toMandwa. These ferries ply at regular intervals during the day.Alibag can be reached both by road and water. Travelling by sea is faster and cheaper.The price of a one-way ticket is Rs 65 (inclusive of the ferry service from Gateway toMandwa and the bus service from Mandwa to Alibag). By road Alibag is 35 km awayfrom Mumbai and with the rising price of fuel, it’s an expensive way to travel.It took us around 1½ hrs to reach Mandwa jetty. From there we boarded a bus to Alibag.After around 30 minutes, we reached Alibag where we had a few refreshments. Our planwas to visit Khanderi and Undheri forts which are located in Thal, 7 km away fromAlibag. Khanderi FortAlibag is home to many beautiful beaches and forts; the town was developed by KanhojiAngre, a Maratha warrior, in the 17th century.We boarded a tum tum. The best part about the tum tum is that you need to pay Rs 10per seat regardless of the distance. Readers, please do not go for a private tum tumbecause they are very expensive. When we approached a private tum tum, he quoted afare of Rs 500. Instead of going for a private tum tum, it is better to share a tum tum.Hikers Newsletter Vol 1,Issue 1 Page No 9
  10. 10. TopWe decided to carry with us beer bottles from a local wine shop. Surely it would be agood idea to have chilled beer at one of the sea forts. Fortification of Khanderi FortWe got in touch with a person named Ashwin who had made arrangements for a boat totake us around as Khanderi and Undheri are sea forts. Ashwins contact details are easilyavailable online on a few sites providing information on Alibag. Please make sure thatyou negotiate the rates well in advance with him because the rates rise as the day of thetrek nears. We had negotiated for Rs 1100 to take us to Khanderi and Undheri Forts.Hikers Newsletter Vol 1,Issue 1 Page No 10
  11. 11. TopIt is also advisable to go as a group to see these forts as the cost of the boat trip is morethan Rs 1000 plus. The more is indeed the merrier in this case as you can divide the costof the trip. Cannons on the fortBy the time we reached the boat, our beer bottles had grown warm. We should haveknown chilled beer wouldn’t stay chilled. But there was nothing to do but have warmbeer.We didn’t come across any hotels here. So do carry food and water. We carried ours.We boarded the boat at Thal. This is a quiet fishing village with a very silent life.Thal does not look like a fort today. Maybe at some point in the past it must have lookedlike one. The fishing village is based here and the fisherfolk lay out their fish to dry onthe small walls of the fort. No boundaries can be located on this fort as it is inhabited bythe local people. There is not much to see here.Hikers Newsletter Vol 1,Issue 1 Page No 11
  12. 12. Top Light House on the FortAt Thal, we could see Undheri Fort and Khanderi Fort in the distance. So we set out tosee these forts in the motor boat provided by Ashwin.It took us around 30 minutes to reach Khanderi fort. On the way we passed Undheri Fortbut we could not land there as there was no jetty on the fort. It was literally a sea view ofa different kind for us. Undheri Fort is small as compared to Khanderi Fort. Though inruins, the walls of the fort are in very good condition.Khanderi Fort has a jetty where we landed. The walls of this fort have been defaced bythe kind of losers who should be locked up and never allowed within 100 metres of anyheritage site. Some people don’t have sense. They just know how to dirty nature aroundthem. Helipad on the fortHikers Newsletter Vol 1,Issue 1 Page No 12
  13. 13. TopThere are a lot of interesting things to see on this fort. For instance, there is a templewith a huge white heart shaped stone; this temple was built sometime in the 17thcentury. Till date prayers are offered at this temple. We saw a lamp burning inside itspremises.The best way to see the fort is by walking along the walls. There are two water tanks onthis fort and a lighthouse. One of the water tanks is very close to the sea at a distance ofhardly 20 feet, and yet it supplies fresh drinking water to the caretakers of thelighthouse. I pondered over how the water could be so sweet despite being surroundedby salt water.The cannons on this fort had my attention. This was the first time in my trekking historythat I had seen a complete cannon mounted on wheels. Stone which makes a bell soundWhat a sight it presented! Even though it was quite rusted, it still commanded awe. Ishot a few pictures there.We then decided to go see the lighthouse situated on the topmost part of the island.Although this fort was built by Shivaji in the 17th century, the lighthouse was built bythe British in 1852 after they conquered the fort. It was thrown open to the sea in 1853. Ihad a small chat with the caretaker of the lighthouse. His name was Nitin Pawar and hegave me a lot of valuable information.Hikers Newsletter Vol 1,Issue 1 Page No 13
  14. 14. Top Undheri FortThe lighthouse, he said, stands 48 feet tall and provides signals to the distant ships in thesea. The entire mechanism of the lighthouse was imported from Germany. The oldmechanism was later replaced by the modern mechanism around two years ago.The lighthouse functions at a speed of 3 RPM (revolutions per minute) and the light isthrown all around at a radius of 40 km. If you are on a ship 40 km away, you will see thelight blinking.We began a slow tour of the lighthouse. The caretaker told us that if we were to walkdown a little, we would find a huge stone with metallic properties. We decided to go andsee this amazing stone.Hikers Newsletter Vol 1,Issue 1 Page No 14
  15. 15. Top Entrance to Undheri FortThe caretaker also pointed out a small pad on one of the bastions of the fort. It was alanding point for helicopters, he said. The Navy, Army and Airforce personnel oftenpaid them a visit and when they did, they parked their helicopters there.We all took turns throwing small pebbles at the huge stone that the caretaker had told usabout. It gave us a childish thrill to hear it ring out loud like a bell. What a great way tointimate the inmates of the fort about the approach of an enemy! Truly amazing.After that, we decided to head back to Thal. This time we were able to see Undheri Forta little closer.Hikers Newsletter Vol 1,Issue 1 Page No 15
  16. 16. Top Fortification of Undheri FortBy the time we reached Thal, it was already 2.30 in the afternoon. We figured that it wasbetter to head home. We boarded a ferry to Mumbai.Hikers Newsletter Vol 1,Issue 1 Page No 16
  17. 17. Top Khanderi and Undheri Fort in a distance from ThalOn the ferry Darshan, Nimish and Niket started feeding the seagulls that were followingus. Believe me, these birds can do anything for food. After having their full, theystopped following us. I don’t know if that was because they had had their fill or if it wasbecause they did not want to step into unknown territory.Finally onshore at The Gateway of India, we clicked a few pictures and called it a day.Read More Trip Stories by Merwyn on http://merwynsrucksack.blogspot.comHikers Newsletter Vol 1,Issue 1 Page No 17
  18. 18. Top Dhak Baheri Trek -- by Aashish Chawla Friends very often it happens that we are waiting for a release of a big film and we are very excited about the same..brimming with high level of expectations but generally after we seethe film most of the time the expectations exceeds the actual things and we are left feeling high and dry full of disappointment. However in case of Dhak Baheri Trek I want to confess that this trek superseded all my lofty expectations. I got more than what I could have dreamt of. To cut the long story short Dhak Baheri Trek was perhaps the best Trek that I did till now. It was the most Frightening,Daring,Adventurous, Dangerous and Endurance testing trek done by me !!!! 27th Nov,2011. Morning 3.00amHikers Newsletter Vol 1,Issue 1 Page No 18
  19. 19. Top My medicines !!!!The alarm clock was screaming at the top of my brain and my body was aching due to the viralflu that I was suffering from.I had to make a choice either I stay in bed, take my medicine andenjoy Sunday afternoon napORHikers Newsletter Vol 1,Issue 1 Page No 19
  20. 20. Top Call of Wilderness on the other hand listen to the call of wilderness which was pulling me towards itself.....thateternal thirst of nature which simply doesnt seems to get quenched and leave me standing onthe brink of indecision. But as usual the heart wins and I end up slinging my bag over myshoulder, popped a pill of crocin and multivitamin and off was I on my way to Dadar Station tocatch Indrayani Express to Lonavala....Dhak Baheri Trek here I come ...!!!Hikers Newsletter Vol 1,Issue 1 Page No 20
  21. 21. Top Nikhil..My buddy Standing at Dadar station waiting for Indrayani Express I was getting worried that my friend Nikhil who was suppose to join me hasnt yet turned up. Nikhil to me is someone like Dr Watson was to Sherlock Holmes.Always a good friend to have with you.I called up Nikhil to enquire as to where have he reached he replied "buddy I am on my way,train me hoon bandra cross kar raha hoon" I checked the time it was 5.35am. few minutes passed I again checked time it was5.42a.m "Nikhil Kider !!!" Nikhil replied "Chill Matunga cross kar raha hoon will be soonin dadar"5.45am : Called Nikhil again "where" Nikhil replied "tension maat le I have reachedDadar ,stairs chad raha hoon...5.52am The train arrives I shouted in the phone "Nikhil Gadi aa gayi hai..." he replied "arrecentral side aa gaya hoon5.53 I was in the train and the trains moved I panicked !! I knew my dear friend has missed thetrain...and as they say in invitation ...missed the trek too.!!!!5.55 am. Dejectedly I called nikhil "abbe saale late ho gaya na... kya tere liye chain pullingkaru train rokne ke liye nikhil replied "dude I made it ..train to pakad li...lekin reservedHikers Newsletter Vol 1,Issue 1 Page No 21
  22. 22. Topcompartment me hoon...thane me change karke ke tere paas aata hoon."So the script was written in a thrilling way for this thrilling trek!!!! Lonawala StationLonawala StationOur train Indrayani express reached Lonawala at 8.00am and from here we were to catch localtrain to Kamshet. We hopped from one platform to another to catch the local.Hikers Newsletter Vol 1,Issue 1 Page No 22
  23. 23. TopPune local was quite empty still Nikhil and I preferred the foot board we had good steaming hottea with equally hot batata wadas. View of Kamshet Station Kamshet stationKamshet station is hardly 2 stops away from Lonawala.It is a small station with a beautifulriver flowing along the station on western side. We all started walking on the eastern side of thestation to catch the ST bus. The ST bus stop was hardly 5 minutes walkable distance from thestation. We all boarded 9.00am ST bus to Jambivali .Hikers Newsletter Vol 1,Issue 1 Page No 23
  24. 24. Top Village ST bus...note the smashed wind shieldST bus Journey from Khamset to Jambivali VillageOur ST bus just like most village ST bus was old rickety and creaky with a icing on the cakeby the way of broken wind shield . The journey was full of bumpy ride but made enjoyable bybeautiful mountain ranges on the both side of the road , goan ka phan ghat ,an occasional glimpses of a dam and a river the name of which I could not gather. We reachedJambivali in 1 hour time.Hikers Newsletter Vol 1,Issue 1 Page No 24
  25. 25. Top Beautiful view along the route to Jambivali VillageHikers Newsletter Vol 1,Issue 1 Page No 25
  26. 26. Top goan ka phan ghatHikers Newsletter Vol 1,Issue 1 Page No 26
  27. 27. Top enchanting views on the way to Jambivali Jambivali Village:We reached Jambivali Village at 10 am. We had introduction and instruction round. I must addhere that I was very happy to be among the company of very experienced trekker. V Rangerswere the organiser Ananda, Sudhir , Sandeep had done this trek several times earlier somentally I was assured that I am in safe hands.Hikers Newsletter Vol 1,Issue 1 Page No 27
  28. 28. Top Gang is all set for the TrekThe Treks Starts:Hikers Newsletter Vol 1,Issue 1 Page No 28
  29. 29. Top Trek is on !!!Hikers Newsletter Vol 1,Issue 1 Page No 29
  30. 30. Top mesmerizing views on the wayHikers Newsletter Vol 1,Issue 1 Page No 30
  31. 31. Top mesmerizing views on the wayHikers Newsletter Vol 1,Issue 1 Page No 31
  32. 32. Top mesmerizing views on the way 10.15 am our trek started . Initially it was a gradual walk for about an hour through the fieldsand shrubs then slowly we were in incline gear walking on the rocky patches the scenery alongthe trek route was something straight out of story book such mesmerising peaks, lovely breeze,enchanting valley below.Hikers Newsletter Vol 1,Issue 1 Page No 32
  33. 33. Top Add caption.some superb rocky peaks you name it and it was there. At times Ananda has to literally pull usaway because we were all busy capturing nature on our lenses.I pleaded to Ananda "Kya karedost yeh nazare itne zabardaast hai ki yeh dil mange more..."Hikers Newsletter Vol 1,Issue 1 Page No 33
  34. 34. Top Rocky portionWe kept walking for more than 1.45 minutes through the canopy of trees that even during theday time you get the feeling that it is evening,jungle patch,descent,ascent,rocky boulders cowshit and many other unexplored shit we came across all possible things enroute.We moved ahead till we came to a point where we saw two mountains kind of over lappingeach other making a crevice. We stopped there was a moment to catch our breath.Hikers Newsletter Vol 1,Issue 1 Page No 34
  35. 35. TopV shaped way between two mountains and most of us were getting down in a sitting positionAnanda then instructed us that we will now have to walk through this crevice to the bottom onthe other side. we all slowly moved forward from this point the wind that was blowing wasvery wild as if it wanted to blow us away but somehow sitting down and moving cautious wemade our descent here as standing option was not possible due to this windy situation.Hikers Newsletter Vol 1,Issue 1 Page No 35
  36. 36. Top making our way cautiouslyThis whole section was nothing but a kind of V and through this V we could see the sky andthe valley on the other side. We made our descent for about 30 to 40 feets total rocky patch and when I reached the bottom of the patch what I saw almost made me make thestatementoh! what the F...Hikers Newsletter Vol 1,Issue 1 Page No 36
  37. 37. Top the deep valley belowBelow the last section there was hardly any ground underneath and you get toviewsomething like the above picture and on the right hand side there was this mammothrocky mountain and in the distance I could see small figures of trekkers making a literally 90degree heart came into my mouth "boss meri toh puri tarah fhat gayi !!! KonKambakt bolta hai ki darr ke aage jeet hai...abhi to aisa lag raha tha ki dar ke aage badadarr hai !!! Ek time toh socha yaar ghar walo ne trek karne ke liye beja hai na ki suicidekarne ke liye !!! My God kya karoo !!! Aaj toh bara ke bav gaya Aashish tu....Hikers Newsletter Vol 1,Issue 1 Page No 37
  38. 38. Top narrow passage on the right sideBut Yeh Saala Dil bahut shaitan hai...Fhasa deta hai, Marva deta hai... Bola abbe Fattuaaghe baad ...Tujhe maloom tha tu kahaan per trek karne ja raha hai.(This heartis incorrigible as it always gets you in a troubled spot...makes you inch forward saying youknew what you were getting into)Once the mind was made up then nothing could stop me now ....even though I was feelingfeverish i said move buddy and like a seasonal trekker I jumped into the fray. how could I denymyself the lifetime experience of walking on the edge of theHikers Newsletter Vol 1,Issue 1 Page No 38
  39. 39. Top Slip from here and you are a past tensemountain...with a perquisite of a slip here and you are nowhere.Hikers Newsletter Vol 1,Issue 1 Page No 39
  40. 40. Top Slip from here and you are a past tenseSlowly we all started moving along the edge of the cliff it was just 2 feet wide path whichmoving forward ends at the extreme rocky patch the highlight of this trek a horizontal move ofof around 80feets with a space to hardly keep your foot in the grove on could keepone feet at a time and trekkers have to move in single file. one has to be very careful because aslip can prove to be a very costly slip. one can lose his life too !!!! I could see people with feettrembling as they were moving along the cracks of rock. however my mind was made .."Abchahe sar foote ya matta tum toh bindass rahege....Dil par hhaat rakha aur zoor se bhola Allizz well!!!"Hikers Newsletter Vol 1,Issue 1 Page No 40
  41. 41. Top Kon bola darr ke aage jeet haiafter covering a horizontal stretch next comes vertical climb of nearly 90degree someonebehind me shouted aloud "saala ek musibat jaati nahi ki doosri sar par khadi hai" I wantedto tell him very much "Beta is ke aage aur badi musibat khadi hai tyar hoja" because justyou complete this vertical climb then you see a long rope hanging in front of you and one mustbe ready for circus like activity,Hikers Newsletter Vol 1,Issue 1 Page No 41
  42. 42. Top Circus rope trick"ek hath rassi se pakado,paer baju me tree ka branch hai usme rakho aur left hand se samebranch ka help lekar upar aa ja ooo.... Paas khade bunder bi hum par huns rahe the ki yehlog hamari harkate kyo kar rahe hai....( hold rope with right hand,put your feet on the treebranch,hold the upper branch with left hand and pull yourself up...seeing this the monkeys toowere laughing on wondering why we are aping the ape...)Hikers Newsletter Vol 1,Issue 1 Page No 42
  43. 43. Top Bander bi hamare maje le raha tha!!! I very much wanted to do this rock patch without the rope but sudhir scolded me from the top.Must be thinking over-smart ban raha hai but the problem was that I dont get the chance to dothis dare devil act everyday( upar se me local train me travel bi nahi karta...toh koi chance hinahi ) aur us ke upar se 127 hours movie dekh kar aaya tha...fulltoo inspired tha......Anyway after completing all this acrobatics We reached the top. It was a cave dived intotwo major section. First part had 2 water tank.How I wish my dear trekker understand that weall drink from this tank so they must try to keep it clean. I was very disappointed tosee cooking utensils lying at the bottom.There was also a small make shift temple. second partof the caves had small sub section . View from here is breathtaking...Hikers Newsletter Vol 1,Issue 1 Page No 43
  44. 44. Top Breath taking View from the top We all had lunch in the caves few of our friends decided to catch up with a nap at the top,witha break of over I/2 hour we were all ready for the descent. Same rocky patch same 90 degree allover again Sab ki aachi me pose dene ko bi dar lag raha bola bhaicamera rakho jaisa bi latka honga photo nikal lena...aage bhagwan malik... one look downin the valley aur apke hosh gul man !!!! somehow we crossed the whole section again for meit was was double bonanza daring act plus style mar mar ke photo lene ki opportunity..(andarse kya halat thi woh mere ko hi maloom tha...)Hikers Newsletter Vol 1,Issue 1 Page No 44
  45. 45. Top andar se Darr lag raha ha phir bi pose mar raha hoonThe daring and the thrilling part behind us we moved forward for the final descent towardswadhap village. From here onward it was the turn of endurance part...Chal chal ke waat laggayi descending to wadhap village was no easy task. You will ask why ? well the reason is thatthere was no proper defined route lots of thickets all around, diverse footfall trails in otherwords plenty of options by which you can lose your way and get stranded ek point per apnesath bi aisa hi hua...rahul aage gana sunte sunte jungle me ghus gaya and we wereHikers Newsletter Vol 1,Issue 1 Page No 45
  46. 46. Topsubsequently told that we are on lost path.Worst thing was that the sun was setting on thehorizon and if if dont get out fast then we will also have to negotiate darkness Dil toh chilachila kar bol raha tha Bhaag bhaag DK bose agar time par pahuncha hai to.... returning to base is always a taskHikers Newsletter Vol 1,Issue 1 Page No 46
  47. 47. Top Chal chal ke waat lag gayi!!!!Somehow we all bravely negotiated the steep slopes, wayward route and over loomingdarkness to come to Wadhap village as a victorious lot.Hikers Newsletter Vol 1,Issue 1 Page No 47
  48. 48. Top looming darknessI want to thank Ananda, Sudhir and Sandeep from Vranger for managing this trek so well.Hikers Newsletter Vol 1,Issue 1 Page No 48
  49. 49. Top Thanks to all my co trekker ..Aashish ChawlaRead more of Aashish Chawlas adventures on http://chawlaaashish.blogspot.comHikers Newsletter Vol 1,Issue 1 Page No 49
  50. 50. TopSandhan Valley - Ratangad - Kaladgad - Harishchandragad trek - by Nilesh PatilThis was a long weekend. and I just wanted to be out for a long trek. So I planned forthis cross country trek.After I had done Ratangad, ones in the rains and Harishchandragad many times via afew of its many routes, and heard a lot of things about the cross country trek betweenthese two (from Prasad), I was very eager to do this trek.Accordingly, the plannings were done, and the publicity was done on Orkut hardly 3-4days before the plan execution. I expected 10 ppl including the coordinators for this trek.and received 12 names for the plan. whereas only 9 turned up at the last moment.It was me, Prasad(Pashi), Vikram(Langdya) and Priti, Saurabh Thakrey, Parag, Amit,Pragat, and Saurabh Vishwas. all starting on 23rdmorning from my place at Thane.Day 1, 23rd Jan 09:We met in the very first Kasara local.Prasad had other plans too. he wanted to explore the other route till Samrad valley aswell.So he got down at Asangaon with Vikram, and heeded towards Dolkhamb to extend histrek from Dehne to Samrad via Karoli ghat.Meanwhile the other 6 carried forward their journey till Kasara (by local), then Shendi(by ST bus) and finally till Samrad village (by private jeep). We reached here by 10 amand rested till 12. Further we descended the Sandhan valley till its mid and climbed backto Samrad village for our stay.Hikers Newsletter Vol 1,Issue 1 Page No 50
  51. 51. TopThis was my first visit to Samrad valley. I had heard many things about this valley fromPriti. But whatever I had heard about its beauty was too less. I liked the valley more thanany other trekking spot that I had ever visited. The valley is a beauty. And one needs tocross a patch through the chilling water, around 4-5 ft deep to explore the valley. Noescaping the waters over here.We visited the valley, explored it, had our lunch in the valley itself, and climbed backthe valley.Meanwhile Prasad and Vikram completed their trek through Karoli ghat and reachedSamrad village by 3. Vikram was a bit disappointed to see only 4 feet water and that tooonly in 6 feet wide area. He had plans to swim, but couldnt.Later, we stayed in a school at Samrad village and had our dinner at Yashwants place.Had campfire, star gazing and songs and fun till 11.30 pm, our bed time.Day 2, 24th Jan 09:This was the day when we made blunders. The actual plans were to climb Ratangad,explore it, get down by the other route, cross the Katrabai jungles, and reach Kumshetvillage. This was very hectic to execute, and therefore we had to start early. We startedour day with the morning tea at 6.30 am, and then started for Ratangad. The route wasunknown and still we decided to trek without a guide. This was the greatest mistake thatwe did on the day; rather the greatest one in the whole trek. We lost the way in the verybeginning and instead of taking the way to Ratangad; we headed towards the BAANpinnacle. We found that we were on a wrong track and so decided to climb the colbetween the Khutta pinnacle and Ratangad. This col later on got divided into two. Herewe had to split our team- me and Vikram in the right, while Prasad and Priti wenttowards the left to find out the way. Meantime, the group rested at the tree shade. Aftersearching the way for three long hrs, we decided to get back to the group and againHikers Newsletter Vol 1,Issue 1 Page No 51
  52. 52. Topdescend a bit till the water source, where we can have our lunch which we had carriedfrom Samrad village.We had our lunch and were about to start our journey back to Samrad and start toRatangad with a guide. As we were starting for the same, there came a lady from thevillage and directed us to the correct road. We laughed at ourselves, as the correct routewas the one from where we had descended till here.We gave ourselves one more start to the same route and ascended to Ratangad in nextthree hrs. We met a group from Sinnar who stared at us with their mouths wide open tosee us climb through such a difficult route. We were on the top by 4pm. We entered thefort via the Trimbak Darwaja. Here onwards we explored the fort for 2 more hrs, andstarted preparation of our dinner. We had our dinner by 9pm and again decided todescend the Ratangad through the chimney and Shidi vaat and started for the junctionwhere the road gets divided, one towards Ratanwadi and the other till Harishchandragad.We carried on in the Katrabai jungles till 12.15 am and decided to halt in the jungleitself. This jungle is a great habitat for leopards and other wild animals. So we had twocampfires, one at each side, and decided to stay awake turn by turn. I heard many soundsof wild boars while I was awake in my allotted time of two hrs (0200-0400).Day 3, 25th Jan `09Today we had to reach Pethe-chi- Wadi and visit Kaladgad. We started at 7.30 am andmoved towards the Katrabai pass. I had heard many things about this jungle fromexperienced trekkers. "This is very difficult route, very confusing, etc., etc." But found itvery easy and well marked. However it had some patches where one can get lost. Butnot many. We walked for an hr or so and then halted for tea at a place where we can getwater, enough for drinking, preparation of tea and washing utensils. We were having teawhen we heard a call from two trekkers who had lost their way in the Katrabai jungle.Hikers Newsletter Vol 1,Issue 1 Page No 52
  53. 53. TopHelped them to the right way and started with our trek further.We crossed the Katrabai patch by 12 and descended the pass by 1 pm. Here we met avillager "Patil mama", where we had hurda, while Prasad had a short nap and missed thefun. We started from here and reached the Kumshet village in next one hour. Here wetasted some honey from the villagers. Myself and Priti bought one bottle each. And thenwe started our journey further to Pethe-chi-Wadi.While walking till Pethe-chi -Wadi, we came across the Mula River, and wasted 2-3 hrsin swimming and playing in the water. This was the most enjoyable time for me in thewhole trek. We started from here and reached Pethe-chi-Wadi by 5.30 pm. It was late tostart for Kaladgad. But still we started from the Wadi and visited the fort. we reached thetop right for the sunset scene. This fort provides an awesome view of the surroundingarea. The sunset from here was one of the best ones that I had ever seen. We descendedback to the Wadi by 7 pm. Decided to stay in a mandir for the night. The menu wasMaggie and Pohe. And again the campfire was the way to fun and songs. And went tosleep by 11.Day 4, 26th Jan 09This was the worst day of my life.We had enquired about the first bus from Pethe-chi-Wadi to Pachnai a day before andcame to know that there is a bus which starts at 6.00 am. We got up at 5.15 to get a holdon the same. But the driver amazed us by saying that the bus would be off by 5.30 as itis Republic day and therefore the day starts half an hour earlier. We were thereforeforced to pack our bags in 15 mins and rush towards the bus. This made me and theother coordinators sleep in the bus. I had asked the conductor to let us know when wereach Pachnai.Hikers Newsletter Vol 1,Issue 1 Page No 53
  54. 54. TopThe conductor forgot to do so and we realised this after we had crossed 12 kms afterPachnai, in some other village named `Lavhale. We then got down at Lavhale andenquired about the route till Pachnai or towards Harishchandragad. Here we came toknow about this new route till the top of Harishchandragad. This route is called as `Tatachi vaat (way from the border). I had never even heard about this route from Lavhalevillage and so we decided not to go back to Pachnai and discover this new route. We hadour tea in the Lavhale village, attended the republic day function and the flag hoistingevent, and then started for Harishchandragad.The reason I said this was the worst day in my trekking life lies further. I had severeback pain from a month before this trek, and was asked to rest and no treks for 2 month.And still I was on a trek; and that too for a 4-day long cross-country trek, with a bagweighing around 18-20 kg. I was a bit exhausted and also was in no mood to climbHarishchandragad, as I was aware of what would be the conditions on the fort after along weekend. So I, with Priti and Saurabh decided to trek till Tolar Khind and furthertill Khireshwar to arrange for food. Whereas Prasad and Vikram led the group till the topof the fort, and then till Kokan Kada and back to Khireshwar.We waited at Aishwarya hotel at Khireshwar and also arranged for our lunch over there.The time I spent at the hotel till the remaining group joined us, I came across a fewpeople who climbed down from Harishchandragad. Being an MBA student formarketing, I was taught to keenly observe your customers before dealing with them.And I keep on practising this every now and then. I observed these people and waslistening to their conversation. and I found many of them had been to the fort just for thesake of enjoyment. Some didnt reach the top and had quit the trek. Some went till theHikers Newsletter Vol 1,Issue 1 Page No 54
  55. 55. Topcaves, some were unaware of Taramati, and I was amazed when I met a group who wasunaware about Kokan Kada, and even more when I found a person hadnt been toGanesh Guha. The nearby villages were renamed by these people as Panchai and Rujar,and so on. A group saw the map of the fort at the hotel and discovered that the Nali chiVaat route starts right next to the Ganesh Guha. I felt bad to hear these experiences butthen wasnt in a mood to tell them the originality, as they were in tons, and rather theywerent trekkers but picnickers, who were there for enjoyment and not for knowing thefort.At 3.15pm Prasad and the team came back. They told us about what they hadexperienced on the fort. According to the info from Tukaram and Badrinath (these arethe people who stay on the fort during the weekends); the fort was visited by more than1000 people this weekend, and only nali chi vaat had seen 113 people on sat itself. Therewas garbage lying all over on the fort, mainly plastic, papers and empty liquor bottles. Ifelt very bad to hear all this but then was happy that I didnt go and experience the fort inthis condition.We had lunch at the hotel and then started our journey back to home. The half an hourjourney on the top of the jeep from Khireshwar to Khubi Phata was like a strawberry onthe cake (as I like strawberries more than cherries.).The jeep went to Mhad (not the Ganesh mandir wala Mhad). This is hardly 7-8 kmsfrom Khubi Phata towards Junnar. And then we realised that Amit has left his back inthe jeep itself. After thinking what to do now, we decided to move on without the back.We started walking towards Kalyan side till the hotel where the buses normally halt. Wewalked for 15-20 min, and saw the jeep returning to Khireshwar. A few choruses fromus were all that was needed to stop the jeep. Amit and Prasad ran till the jeep andcollected the bag.We now were waiting at the hotel for last 30 minutes. But no bus or truck till Kalyanhalted for us. At last a truck came and we were very delighted to know that it is goingtill Ulhasnagar.Hikers Newsletter Vol 1,Issue 1 Page No 55
  56. 56. TopWe got into the truck and were our journey towards home. This was more spacious andcomfortable journey than by any bus. Again the songs and trekking experiencesaccompanied us till Ulhasnagar. We took 9.05pm local to CST and I was at home by10.15 pm Sunday.Monday se again the boring routine.Nilesh Patil is the founder of the trekking Group Trek Mates .Read More of the Trek Mates Experiences on Trekking Groups in Mumbai1) Aasamant Group - BorivaliC/O A-13, Ankur Palace,Shimpoli Road,Borivali (West),Mumbai 400 092,Akshay MulyeMob. No. +919819212975 /Vaibhav BhosleMob. No. +919892000782Email ID. info@aasamant.com Newsletter Vol 1,Issue 1 Page No 56
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  69. 69. TopFirst Aid Program CourseOnly for 25 People,Faculty : Mr. Dhiren Talpadeph 9619793983Jumpstart, Mumbai, for First Aid Program :1. Initial Assessment2. Patient Examination3. Vital signs and documentation4. Spinal immobilization, body rolls, body elevation & movement5. Reduction of dislocations6. Splinting of fractures and sprains7. CPR for adults & childrenPlease carry : Carry matt, Small rope around 20 mtr. And your personal 1 day trek gear.Lunch Box, Dry Snacks, Drinking Water etc.Artificial Rock Climbing wall-GoregaonArun Samant Climbing WallNandadeep High School,Jayprakash Nagar, rd no. 4,Goregaon [e], Mumbai-400 0635 min walking from stn.Arun Samant Climbing Wall is open from 6.30 pm to 8.30 pm every day, and from 9 amto 11 am on Sunday. Participants must be over 9 years old. For details, call SukanyaSamant on 980428077 or Ram Vengurlekar on 9930992329http://essential.mumbaihikers.comHikers Newsletter Vol 1,Issue 1 Page No 69
  70. 70. Top Trekking Gear Shops in Mumbai1) BorivaliMountain Sports Academy Adventure Gear ShopB/22, Shubham, Plot No.151,Gorai Part II, Gorai,Near Suvidhya High School,Borivali West, Mumbai - 400 091.,Cell.: 9892042704. Nandu Chavan2) BandraWildcraft Linking roadBandra Linking road & SV Road Junction Mumbai3) Wadala WestThe OutdoorTravelGear Store207, Hanuman Industrial Estate,G. D. Ambekar Road,Wadala ( West ), Mumbai 400031. INDIA+ 91 - 22 - 2412 store timings: Monday to Saturday - 10:00am to 7:30pm4) Matunga EastAvi Industries13, Shriji Sadan,352, Chandavarkar Road,Matunga (E), Mumbai 400 019,Maharashtra, India. Newsletter Vol 1,Issue 1 Page No 70
  71. 71. Top5) Grant Road WestAdventure 18 mumbai4, wallace Apartments ,9/10 Spark CenterOpp Grant Road Post OfficeGrant Road (W)Mumbai 400 007www.adventure18.comPhone 022-23803102 ,mobile - Amar 09819293020For the latest Equipment check out"Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave atrail" - Ralph Waldo EmersonHikers Newsletter Vol 1,Issue 1 Page No 71