K2 s rule-book


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K2S The inter-collegiate night adventure race on 29th, 30th July 2011

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K2 s rule-book

  1. 1. RULE BOOK ENTRY FORMSRegistration Fee : Rs.100/-Entry Fee : Rs.400/- Visit us at : www.enduro3.comDATES : 1st & DATES- 29TH JULY AND 30TH JULY 2011T Last Date of submitting forms : 22ND JULY 2011 ARTICLE 1 : GENERAL1.1 The Inter - Collegiate Night Adventure Race (henceforth referred to as “the Race”) will be governed by the rules framed hereunder by the Race Committee and the Race Director. This committee and the race director have complete discretion in formulating and applying all rules and penalties. These rules may be modified or altered at the discretion of the Race Committee at any time.1.2 The official languages of the race are English and Marathi and all competitors are responsible for reading and understanding these rules, race signs, directions and any oral instructions given before and during the race.1.3 The course will include mandatory checkpoints and sections which may be modified at any time before and during the race.1.4 The Race Committee reserves the right to impose time penalties or to disqualify teams for conduct in violation of these rules and contrary to the best interest of the Race. The decisions of the Race Committee are final and cannot be appealed for the protest clause as mentioned in the preceding Article 61.5 ‘Time cut off’ points may be designated at various places along the course. Teams arriving after the designated time at any cut-off point may be disqualified at the discretion of Race officials.1.6 Failure of any team member or a team, to immediately and respectfully comply with a direction or decision of a Race official will result in the disqualification of the team.2.1 Each team should consist of at least one girl member .ARTICLE 2 : THE TEAM2.2 Each team will have a team leader who should be a member of the participating team. The team leader will be fully responsible for the team.
  2. 2. 2.3 The organizers will communicate only with the team leader. All correspondence from theorganizers will be addressed to the team leader. Only the team leader is allowed to interact withNEF organizers during all briefing meetings and seminars convened by the organizers2.4 The Teams are classified into the following categories: Category : A, B, C, D, E Category A - Intercollegiate Mix : This category comprises of three members. The team will have one member of the opposite sex. All the three members shall be from the same college or educational institute. Category B - Intercollegiate All Girls : This category shall comprise of three female members. All the three members can be from the same college or educational institute. Category C - Collegian All Girls : This category shall comprise of three Female members. All the three members shall be from the different colleges or educational institutes. Category D - Collegian Mix Open : This category shall comprise three members. The team will have one member of the opposite sex. All the three members can be from the different college or educational institutes. Category E – Collegian All Boys : This category will comprise of three male members. All three members have to be from same or different institutions or colleges OUTSIDE the territorial limits of PUNE, PIMPRI CHINCHWAD LONAVALA AND ALANDI2.5 The entry form should be accompanied with the letter head of the institution to which the team belongs, with the following details for category A, B , C and D. a) Name of the team members with the team leader along with their details viz. Course, year and Roll number and Photocopy of I-Card. (Annexure III A, B, C) b) Confirmation that they belong to the same college. c) Parents contact number. d) That the college has full knowledge of the nature of the race and has no objection to the team taking part in “Enduro3 , the collegiate night adventure race” (Annexure II) e) That all the team will abide by all the rules and regulations of the race.
  3. 3. 2.6 Every team member should submit a medical certificate, issued by a doctor authorized by the Indian Medical Council. No objection certificate from the doctor is mandatory. (Annexure IV A, B, C) i) Blood Group ii) Ailments if any and their prescription/medicines regularly required for the same and information of allergies if any. iii) Assurance about the physical fitness of the competitor to compete in the race.2.7 The team should have all the medicines as prescribed by the authorized doctor. The team should not carry any medicines other than those mentioned in the doctor’s list.2.8 All participants should have general insurance covering temporary as well as permanent disability and life. NEF gives no insurance cover.2.9 The entry fee will not be refunded under any circumstances.2.10 Once any team is disqualified, it will no longer be considered as a part of the race.2.10 Use of any special equipment or race tactic, the legality of which is unclear under these rules, must be disclosed in full to the Race Director prior to the Race to be approved. In the event that the equipment or tactic is approved, the Race Director will keep the inquiry confidential. In the event that a team fails to pre-disclose and receive pre-approval, this fact will weigh against the team in the determination of any protests filed on account of such equipment use or tactic. Mandatory Equipment : The following equipment is mandatory and must be carried by each team/member at all times between the start and finish line. • 1 Haversack • 1 Whistle • 1 Water Bottle (2 liter) • 1 Rain Jacket, • 1 Good quality torch (With extra batteries), • Extra set of clothes
  4. 4. • FoodPer Te• 1 First Aid kit • 1 Match box • 1 Pen Knife • 1 10 feet (10 mm thick) cotton sling3.1 The race will run from Time Control to Time Control. The Time Control (T.C.) will be the location where each team will report after every segment of the race and get their respective timings recorded on their time card for that segment.3.2 Passage Control (PC) will be the location in between any segment where the Time Cards will be stamped but no time will be recorded.3.3 All the members of the team should arrive at every Time Control (TC) together. Once they arrive, the team should stand inside the time box (Defined area by the time control Marshalls). Only after the TC/PC official signals, the team leader should step out the time box and approach TC/PC counter. Here the TC official will record the time of arrival of the participating teams time card as well on the official’s time card. Both these cards should be counter signed by the TC/PC official and the team leader. This procedure should be followed at every TC/PC. Any deviation or any behavior contrary to the above mentioned procedure would lead to instant disqualification of the participant team.3.4 Every team will have to pass through all the TCs and PCs in the prescribed sequence only.R Failing to do so will lead to disqualification.3.5 The time once recorded by the TC official will be final. Any argument with respect to the recorded time will lead to disqualification.3.6 Physical damage or irresponsible handling such as tearing in part or totally of the time card will lead to disqualification.4.1 Any action by the team that degrades deteriorates or damages the environment through which the race will run will lead to disqualification. If the team is spotted littering or throwing garbage along the way of the race, altering or tampering with any of the natural surroundings for any reason whatsoever will lead to disqualification of the team.
  5. 5. 4.2 No outside (i.e. non-team) support is allowed between the start and finish lines of the Race. Only the Team is allowed in any official race area. Teams must be self-contained except for the official support provided at official aid stations at transition areas.4.3 All members of a team should be within visual range of each other till the completion of the race. If not found so the race officials have the right to disqualify the team.4.4 The Race Director has the right to disqualify any team on grounds of indiscipline or indecent behavior or any such action that is detrimental to the conduct of the race.4.5 If any information provided by the participating team is found to be false or incorrect, the team will be disqualified. 4.6 Consumption or possession of alcohol, tobacco, cigarettes or any banned substances will lead to instant disqualification of the team.4.7 The time once recorded by the TC official will be final. Any argument with respect to the recorded time will lead to disqualification.4.8 Tampering with or loss of the time card will lead to disqualification.4.9 Every team will have to pass through all the TCs and PCs in the prescribed sequence only. Failing to do so will lead to disqualification.4.10 Argument with race officials, race marshals, other team members will lead to disqualification.4.11 Teams must make reasonable assumptions and decisions with regard to the direction of the course. Any Team, which removes or changes the location and/or direction of course markings will be disqualified.4.12 Race officials reserve the right to prohibit a competitor from starting or finishing any segment of the Race on medical grounds. Any such decision of the Race committee is final.4.13 All decisions given by the race officials will be final and binding on all the participants. No arguments whatsoever will be entertained and will lead to disqualification of the team even if the race is over and the results are yet to be declared.RAny participating team, who wishes to protest, will have to submit the protest in writing to theRace Director along with a protest fee of Rs. 2000 cash ( No other mode of Protest will beentertained) The Race Director will then look into the matter and give the decision. The decisionof the Race Director will be final
  6. 6. If the decision of the Race Director is not in favor of the protesting team then the protest feewill be forfeited. Only if the decision of the Race Director is in favor of the protesting team theprotest fee will be refunded to the protesting team.Once the final results are declared no protests, arguments or any such action will beentertained. Any misbehavior in the protest will lead to instant disqualification. ARTICLE 6 : PRIZES6.1 Prize Money : 1st Prize 2nd Prize 3rd Prize Category A Rs. 5000/- Rs.3000/- Rs.2000/- Category B Rs.5000/- Rs.3000/- Rs.2000/- Category C Rs.5000/- Rs.3000/- Rs.2000/- Category D Rs.5000/- Rs.3000/- Rs.2000/- Category E Rs.3000/- Rs.2000/- Rs.1000/-6.2 Prizes will depend upon the number of entries in that category. • To form a category a minimum number of 5 teams are essential. • For all the 3 prizes to be available for claim, the minimum number or participating team entries in that category should be 10. • If the number of entries in a category is between 6 and 10, only the first and second prizes will be awarded.
  7. 7. • If the number of entries in any category is 5, only the first prize would be awarded.NOTE : • All decisions by the Race Director regarding the results and the prizes will be final and binding on all the race participants. • Teams (all the 3 members) MUST attend the prize distribution ceremony. Any team failing to do so, will not get prizes/ race completion certificates/ race participation certificates, irrespective of their standings in their results. ( Fine of RS- 200 per team will have to be paid to the organizers in order to get the certificates or the prize)