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Show me conference 2012 collab makeover


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Presentation for educators - 3+1 "Ts" of Collaboration. Includes "Twitter" as a social media tool for collaboration and building a personal learning network.

Presentation for educators - 3+1 "Ts" of Collaboration. Includes "Twitter" as a social media tool for collaboration and building a personal learning network.

Published in: Education, Technology

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  • Transcript

    • 1. Extreme MakeoverCollaboration Edition
    • 2. Devices Are Welcome! FREE WIFI: gvwifi
    • 3. Who is Here Today?
    • 4. Our learning goals• Share our teacher collaboration “makeover” story in order to… – Help you identify and address your own struggles with collaboration and learn from each other – Give you a framework to “make over” your teacher collaboration model including practical strategies
    • 5. Our learning goals cont.• Share some strategies on how to build a digital professional learning network in order to… – Expand your professional learning through media and digital resources – Expand your professional collaboration networks for you individually and those “back at the ranch”
    • 6. TWITTERUse hashtag #showmemakeoverto comment, question, and summarize
    • 8. • Introduce Yourself• Share your current job role or position• Share 1 thing you would like to improve in your collaboration team
    • 9. BEFORE…
    • 10. Year 2 - 2006• Common plan time for all core content departments• Collab teams will meet 60 minutes per week during common planning periods• Collab teams will provide team meeting reports for each meeting• Topics for collaboration will be provided by the administration – including, but not limited to: A+ curriculum, assessment, teaching strategies, examining student work, analyzing or revising best practices in instructional policies, etc.• Admin will visit each collab team a minimum of once per month• Department chairs/ team supervisors will report to steering committee monthly and meet with admin monthly to address issues and collaborate
    • 11. Year 2 - 2006
    • 12. Year 3 - 2007• Common plan for “common course teams”
    • 13. Year 4 - 2008
    • 14. Year 5 - 2009
    • 15. “Family Meeting”• What connections can you make with our story?• What repairs are needed in collaboration at your school?
    • 16. 3 “Ts” of the Makeover TIME TEAM TARGET
    • 17. TIME"If everyone is movingforward together, thensuccess takes care ofitself." - Henry Ford
    • 18. • Protect the time – master schedule challenges• Be invested and accountable• Hold firm to the schedule, yet allow for flexibility
    • 19. MasterSchedule2010-2011 1A 2A 3A 4A 1B 2B 3B 4BTEACHER DEPT ROOM Per Fin Per Fin Rm 415 Rm 415 Applied Geometry Geometry PLAN PLAN Geometry Per Fin Per Fin Math Rm 415 Rm 415Marriott Math 417 Algebra 1 Geometry PLAN Geometry Algebra 1 PLAN Algebra 1 Algebra 1Lane Math 413 Algebra Pre- Pre- Algebra 1 Algebra 1 PLAN Algebra 1 PLAN Lab Calculus CalculusHughes Math 419 ACT Prep- Fall AP PLAN Algebra 2 Algebra 2 PLAN Algebra 2 Algebra 2 PLATO Calculus LabRusert Math 421 College College College College Algebra 2 PLAN PLAN Algebra 2 Algebra Algebra Algebra AlgebraReinert Math 418 Finite Finite Finite Freshman Freshman Freshman PLAN PLAN Math Math Math Geometry GeometryTaylor, J Math 414 Geometry PreAP Algebra PreAP PreAP PLAN Geometry PLAN Geometry Algebra 2 Lab Algebra 2 Algebra 2Dupree Math 402
    • 20. • “You wouldn’t consider taking away common plan time, would you?” – Heather G.• “The effectiveness of our collaboration is one of the main reasons we have not looked at moving away from block schedule.” – Jeremy P.• “How can we build in some vertical teams for common plan and collaboration as well?” – Val C.
    • 21. “FAMILY MEETING”
    • 22. TEAM"Gettin good players iseasy. Gettin em to playtogether is the hard part." -Casey Stengel
    • 23. • Chemistry & Relationships – "If two men on the same job agree all the time, then one is useless. If they disagree all the time, both are useless." - Darryl F. Zanuck• Leadership involvement• Agreed upon norms & roles
    • 24. “Family Meeting”
    • 25. TARGET“The secret is to gang up on theproblem, rather than each other."- Thomas Stallkamp
    • 26. • The TARGET must be authentic & relevant• Think school initiative & current school goals• Model effective collaboration & TRAIN staff in protocols
    • 27. Year 6 & 7 – 2010 & 2011
    • 28. Year 6 & 7 – 2010 & 2011
    • 29. Curriculum Then…
    • 30. “FAMILY MEETING”
    • 31. Room for “Remodeling”• “Non-core” Teachers• Inter-disciplinary team time• Special Education & co- teachers• Team Chemistry…ongoing
    • 32. TECHNOLOGY “I’ve learned more over the last year than I have in any kind of professional development conference." – Tiffany Della Vedova
    • 33. Is social media the new COLLABORATION tool?
    • 34. Expand your PLN• TWITTER – follow hashtags – #collaboration – #teams – #leadership – #edchat – #cpchat – #atplc – @learningforward – Search for other professional “stars”
    • 36. Extreme Makeover Collaboration Edition Beth Mulvey FaceBook: Beth Mulvey Twitter: @MulveyBeth Pinterest: Beth Mulvey overshowme/