Wedding jewellery for tamil brides


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Wedding Jewellery For Tamil Brides presented by Tamil Matrimony-

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Wedding jewellery for tamil brides

  1. 1. Presents Wedding Jewellery for Tamil brides
  2. 2. Suriya kala & Chandra kala . These are ornaments that are in the shape of sun and moon. These are encarved with stones basically. These can be available with emeralds, rubies and also with uncut diamonds. It will be on the partion of the hair along the forehead. It gives visibility to the head of the bride. It simply decorates the forehead
  3. 3. Netri Chutti This is an essential ornament for the forehead. It is mostly done by gold with emeralds or rubies or uncut diamonds. This will make the forehead beautiful and attracts people to look. Netri chutti is also available in pearl and kunthan model. In Tamilnadu mostly brides wear red stone or white stone Netri chutti
  4. 4. Jimki Mattal This will be weared in the ears. It is a kind of ear ring that has a drop. It is mostly bell shaped. It gives you a beautiful appearance. It is more appealing than any kind of studs. The jimiki can be hooked with the Mattel. Then it will be attached to the hair behind the hair. Together it looks great. Jimiki is available in pure gold, with pearls, rubies, emeralds, uncut diamonds and even in kunthan style. The latest trend is long jimiki’s.
  5. 5. Nose Ring Nose rings can be in different variety. A simple single stoned nose ring is known as Mooku Pottu. Some brides wear this in bigger size for marriage. Besari is most popular nose ring for weddings. It is a nose ring with eight stones. It can be diamonds or pearl. It can be also available in different shapes like lotus or swan. Some brides wear bullacku which is also a stoned nose ring with drops.
  6. 6. Necklace By the name, it is worn in the neck of the bride. In Tamilnadu, it is popularly known as kalatigai. It is normally created by stones whether in white or in red stones. It is available in Gold, diamond, Kunthan, emerald, ruby, pearl.
  7. 7. Kasu Malai This jewel is an ornament that have made of gold coins. This can be normally found in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka. This can be available with simple kasumalai or with pendent like peacock or lotus. This Malai or Aram is of different types like Manga malai which is made up of mango designs or Kodimalai which is made by golden leafs stung together to show the abundance of gold.These are normally in plain gold. Some use stones also.
  8. 8. Armlet (Vangi) Armlet or Vangi is to decorate the arms of the Tamil bride. It is also common with Andhra, Karnataka and Kerala brides. It is available in different shapes and size. It is used to tightly hold the hand of the Bride. The traditional Marriage Vangi, is with made up of gold lined with small rubies and pearls with the artistic deptication of gods. These commonly available with goddess Lakshmi with peacock or with floral arrangements. These days armlets are available with a single line.
  9. 9. Waist Belt (Ottiyanam) This is weared by the bride to hold their heavy silk saree tightly. It is normally worn around the hip. This belt is made up of gold with goddess Lakshmi in the sitting posture along with the decorated peacock or flowers. Or Kajalakshmi that is Goddess Lakshmi with elephants. Waist belts are also available with just floral designs. White stones with Peacock designs also available. A simple gold belt with big pendent is also available.
  10. 10. Bangles (Valayal) Since our hand do important things in our wedding, Bangles make them fabulous and beautiful. Almost every Tamil bride will wear bangles compulsory. It enhances her total personality. This is available with multiple patterns and designs. Bangles are considered very lucky. It is a wide range of designs it can be simply gold or with pearls, gems, sapphire or any colourful stone. It can be in white gold also. It can be broad or thin.
  11. 11. Anklet (Kolusu) Tamil brides normally do not wear anklets in gold since it is considered disrespect. They normally wear in silver. Iypon kolusu is available which look like gold. It is a combination of 5 metals. These days’ brides are preferring kunthan and ruby modelled anklets.
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